Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 56

Little Fei, don't you want to practice martial art? I teach you today.” Xia Tian planned that Professor Little Fei Martial Arts, gives him sleep Divine Art Professor, is Xia Tian wants to teach as for the Martial Arts style and Movement Technique, Little Fei is impossible to learn, wants to study Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to since childhood I Ching and Eight Trigrams, Finger of Consonance is understood the body of person, later can cultivation. So long as had Inner Strength, regardless of that any style is diligent. Many thanks master.” Gao Fei knelt on the ground has knocked three knocks to Xia Tian. Gets up, I can teach you not to be many, other must think after you, how to go to cultivation, I hope you to be able well diligently.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Master felt relieved that I will certainly try hard.” Regarding Gao Fei, the person who he most worships is Xia Tian, his idea are not many, only then, who is good to him, he is good to whom. He does not have mother without the father, Xia Tian is he most own person, therefore he has given Xia Tian his life. The Xia Tian learning mode is very simple, he must knock up Gao Fei first, this has the opportunity to enter the Advanced sleep, this is a way of being opportunistic, Gao Fei also together does with Xia Tian, although some acts he unable to complete, but he also in effort as far as possible. For example standing upside down single-handed taking off, single-handed finger of push-up wait / etc.. The Gao Fei will is really very formidable, just to half double-hour time his stamina completely has overdrawn, but he has not actually given up, but clenches teeth to continue to insist. Finally when a double-hour, Gao Fei could not stand again. Is listening to my words, how I said how you do.” Xia Tian saw the opportunity to be mature, started Professor Gao Fei Heaven Absolute Wake. Little Fei has not really disappointed the expectation of Xia Tian, although he has not entered to the Xia Tian that Advanced sleep condition, but also achieved has missed a scale compared with the Xia Tian sleep condition merely the moderate sleep. Can be able to see the Little Fei talent from this, his will is not only astonishing, the cultivation talent is also quite considerable. That night, where Xia Tian has not gone, he in carrying on cultivation, after stamina uses up, place of that ancient Buddhist Relic dantian will help him supplement, he goes off until the evening, cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake. Next morning, Xu has picked Gao Fei, just before leaving before , mechanism of under Xia Tian the Qing Yun (Clear Sky) dagger and that Rank 2 Assassins shoes has given Gao Fei. Xia Tian has not left, the Zeng Ruo matter has been solved, he nothing, the college entrance examination regarding him did not have what difficulty, these things in mind not to need to review in a short time, these things probably carve in his brain are the same. He had experimented, oneself present is the photographic memory.

cultivation, Xia Tian is not wanting to be opportunistic on cultivation this path, that can only entraps itself. You are my~ oh my big apple~. older female cousin, how?” Do not forget the people of evening's Basketball department to eat meal.” Has beauty?” All is big beauty.” I go.” You remember to me, you said that you are my boyfriend, do not reveal the secret.” Yeah, is this assignment.” After having hung up the telephone, Xia Tian continues cultivation, he is not willing to waste any cultivation time, his cultivation time is short, compared with others cultivation evening, therefore he must make up after the day after tomorrow effort. The necklace on neck has the reposing of father and mother, although it gloomily does not have the light now, with an ordinary stall goods appearance, but this is the father and mother to the relic that he leaves behind. The necklace has consumed up after he has cured the wound inside spiritual energy, what in the middle that bead hides is Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. Afternoon time, Yin Nie came. Today is my last day accompanies you to practice, I will leave Jiang Hai City tomorrow, you must be careful Quicksand.” Yin Nie light saying. Um, many thanks Master these days guidance.” Xia Tian is thanks of the heart, if not Yin Nie, his impossible society father's these types of Kungfu, impossible to live from the hand of Quicksand. As before is the Xia Tian attack, the Yin Nie defense, after two double-hour, Xia Tian cannot make Yin Nie move half step.

Yin Nie walked, next time will say goodbye has not known that is. Xia Tian have carried on cultivation, returns sometime from the evening in any case, although does not know that will go to many people, but there is beauty on the line. Three childhood, Xia Tian stopped own cultivation, after going to the grove in that small puddle to take a bath, changed clean clothes to go to the city, he little goes by car now, exercises his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. This Xue Chuan apologizes, naturally cannot in the inn, but Huo Wennu also refused to go to that upscale hotel. Therefore only looked for a middle-grade hotel, here environment is very good, and has the theater box. Xia Tian came early, other people have not come, he strolls in the nearby. Xia Tian, I in this.” Is older female cousin and Bing Xin. How you come is so early?” Ye Qingxue asked. Happen to had the time to come.” Xia Tian said. We go advanced, Sister Wen made the call to say her a moment ago immediately.” Three people entered the theater box. Several minutes later, Tang Yan and Xue Chuan also arrived, the person who this time comes are not many, Literature and Art Department is Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin comes, the Basketball department was they, as for Xia Tian was special figure. Sees Tang Yan time, the anticipation of Xia Tian whole face. Tang Yan naturally understands that Xia Tian is any meaning. Dear Husband.”

In this.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. Qingxue, you no matter also manages him, he is a womanizer outside all day like this, you did not fear that he followed others.” grievances between Tang Yan and Ye Qingxue already neutralize, this two competition Ye Qingxue magnanimous also makes Tang Yan be sincerely convinced. I cannot control him.” Ye Qingxue said is very simple. „The kiss concubine, I envies you really very much.” Xia Tian looked that said to Tang Yan. What envies my?” Tang Yan asked. Envies you are my kiss concubine, I envy.” Shameless!” Tang Yan has turned head. Has, you have a look white.” Xia Tian has revealed own tooth. Snort.” Tang Yan tender snort: too lazy to care for you.” Chatted anything to chat was so happy.” The gate of theater box opened, Huo Wennu arrived, but she is not one, but has brought two people, saw that in these two time rooms of people all people were shocked. Jianghai University first beauty Yun Miao. Sister beauty.” In the person eyes the eye of Xia Tian looked outside straight, however this time Xia Tian was actually using the X-Ray Vision eye to try whether to see through her clothes. Her unexpectedly also came, moreover comes with Huo Wennu together.