Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 58

You are my~ oh my big apple~. Hey.” Master, do not hang, I am Huo Lajiao.” „, Is you, what matter?” Master do you have the time in the evening? I want to make you to eat meal together, have the matter to ask you.” Does not have the time.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone. „!” Sat Xue Chuan in corner coughs to say gently: Today this food to give the leaf Section Head apology, previous time I said that is I am not truly right.” Hears the Xue Chuan words, everybody thinks today here goal. Thump!! Comes.” Excuse me, has disturbed, several can change a theater box?” The manager in hotel opened the door of theater box. Why must trade, we have not eaten.” Xue Chuan frowns saying that this reserves a room is in this hotel is best. Really was too embarrassed, some people mentioned by name to want this room.” Told him some people not to end.” Xue Chuan said. Really is embarrassed, that several people are not the friendly stubble, we cannot offend, do you stretch the rules one downward?” Sister Wen, we change a room.” Ye Qingxue could see that the opposite party really has the difficulty. They are not affable, am I affable?” Huo Wennu general time will not stir up trouble absolutely, once she stirred up trouble, that is really not considered as that the matter, but was the news.

Grinding chirp doing? This room I wanted.” Four hooligan walked from the theater box. Li elder brother, I was consulting, you waited a while slightly.” Hotel manager respectful saying. Discussed **.” The Li San words just said that half saw several females in room, these females belong to the bringing disaster on the nation and people role, regardless of any person saw is impossible to keep cool. These many beauty, I have not misread.” Third Brother, I also saw.” Side Li San yellow-haired saying. Third Brother, these absolutely are Top Grade in Top Grade, the big star so is unattractive.” Another green Mao said. Coughing Li San coughed gently: That, they did not use, we and they ate together were good, this food calculates that I invited.” What thing are you?” The Huo Wennu temperament is not good. Whoops, has not looked, the temperament is very big.” The Li San vision sizes up on Huo Wennu, has to acknowledge that Huo Wennu is beauty. Looks at anything to look that was careful I dig your eyeball.” Huo Wennu saw that opposite party that naked vision is angrily rebuking. My Li San was not frightened in a big way, you can try, if you have that ability, I let off you, if no, you must accompanying tonight well I.” Li San is not the affable lord, reason that the hotel manager such feared that he is because he has hit several groups of people in this hotel, starting is the black that became famous. Although has gone in several, but quick came out. This hotel is he most likes coming, gradually the staff in hotel knew him, these people also very feared his. I must tear to pieces your this to open mouth today.” Huo Wennu indignant saying, nobody dares such to speak to her from infancy to maturity. Hits kisses, scolding is the love, you come.” The Li San rascal said extremely. Good.” Huo Wennu has put out the telephone directly, she was angry. „To report to the police?” Li San sees these many beauty with great difficulty, how possibly such to give up, once the police came, he must walk.

Li San goes forward to snatch the cell phone in Huo Wennu hand to throw on the ground directly. Your also my cell phone.” Huo Wennu is not the warning, but calls to call the person. Li elder brother, noisily should not be big matter, I called them to change a room immediately.” The hotel manager knows that this Li elder brother's temperament, two just put couple days ago from inside, that called a craziness, was fearless, but was because offended Li San, was entered the hospital directly, moreover does not dare to retaliate. Relax, I am the good resident who presents the male law enforcement, so long as makes them accompany me to eat meal, this matter.” Li San light saying. Do not be too wild.” Xue Chuan has stood directly, just started him to look that Huo Wennu gets rid not to speak, because he knows the Huo Wennu back influence, but the Huo Wennu cell phone was snatched now, that Huo Wennu cannot call the person. The opposite party is so wild, he naturally must stand. Whoops, has not thought in these people also to have belt.” Li San ponders looks to Xue Chuan. Xue Chuan has knocked it off Huo Wennu behind, his is very high, stands head and shoulders above others compared with Li San, seems the imposing manner is not low. Today is we comes first, this theater box we will not let, will not accompany you to drink.” Xue Chuan coldly looks to Li San. Huo Wennu looked at Xia Tian saying: „Are you also a man, at this time did not stand.” You were not good.” Xia Tian saying reluctantly. You. You are not a man.” Huo Wennu indignant saying. You have not looked at my body, how you know me male.” Li San then sees in the room also the male, but saw that Xia Tian has not stood, satisfied nod, changes Xue Chuan the vision afterward: I, if can make them accompany me to drink?” You try.” Xue Chuan forwarded one step. Li San shows a faint smile, afterward a foot trampled on the belly of Xue Chuan, a Xue Chuan abdomen pain stooped, Li San took up the stool to hit directly above the back of Xue Chuan, got down deftly ruthless. Xue Chuan!!” Tang Yan and Huo Wennu run over hurriedly the examination.

Snort, head length big of enough, but insufficiently hits.” Li San black that starts is became famous. Li elder brother, Li elder brother, this I invites today, is good, you stretch the rules, do not lower oneself to the same level with them.” The hotel manager noticed that some people were overthrown go forward to console hurriedly. „It is not good, today was the absolute monarch comes not to be easy-to-use.” Li San said overbearingly. You will certainly regret.” Huo Wennu wicked looked to Li San, Xue Chuan has stood difficultly, his physical quality was very good, otherwise that may want his half to assign a moment ago all of a sudden. Can who father regrets not to live.” Li San said. Needs to help?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile to look to Huo Wennu. Likes helping.” Huo Wennu stared Xia Tian one. That is considers as finished.” Xia Tian light saying. You.” Xia Tian, do not feel embarrassed Sister Wen, Sister Wen is usually very good to me.” Ye Qingxue knows fierce of Xia Tian. Good, since you spoke, I naturally must act accordingly.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward moved toward that hooligan step by step. Brat, you look to frustrate.” Li San looks at Xia Tian to say. What did you say?” You twisted exactly crookedly.” Li San wicked saying.