Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 59

The Xia Tian direct foot trampled on the belly of Li San, afterward took up the stool to hit above the back of Li San, the movement hit exactly the same of Xue Chuan with Li San a moment ago, what was just different, the stool had not gone bad a moment ago, now the entire stool powder puts up. Third Brother!!” That three little brothers hold Li San hurriedly. Xia Tian this may be heavy all of a sudden, Li San feels own dorsal burning hurting, if that Xia Tian were hitting the high spot a moment ago, he has fainted. What did you say a moment ago? Also.” Xia Tian takes a stool to sit above conveniently. Little bastard, you dare to hit me.” Li San has stood difficultly, he felt that his body must disperse puts up. Bang! Xia Tian stood up is a backless stool hits above his back. A Ah! pitiful yell sends out from the Li San mouth. Third Brother!!” Several hooligan all kept off in Li San front. Said again.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Leads me to walk.” Li San felt one could not support, although that is in the hotel the spare blockhead small backless stool, but hits in is really also sore. Three hooligan carry away by force Li San directly, the manager in that hotel looked silly, Li San here is a tyrant, usually little has not bullied the person, sometimes also sexually harasses the waitress, everybody feels indignant but not daring to speak out, but today unexpectedly looks like by such one thin and small student making into this. Huo Wennu and Tang Yan look at the Xia Tian look are very strange, a moment ago looked like Li San that or threatened, unexpectedly was so simple by Xia Tian solving. Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin have been unalarmed by strange sights. On the face of Yun Miao is very difficult to see other expression, is that cold, spirit has the interest actually very much looks.

You are all right.” Tang Yan looked that asked to Xue Chuan. All right.” Xue Chuan shook the head, he has not thought that the opposite party gets rid that quickly, therefore suffered a loss. Can serve a meal? I was hungry.” Xia Tian looked that asked to that manager. Volume, good, good, immediately comes.” The managers then responded that ran hurriedly. Huo Wennu picks up the ground the cell phone, afterward has dialed a number. Looks up one gangster that to me called Li San, I do not want to see him again.” Huo Wennu has hung up the telephone, the words that although she spoke are very simple, but these people in room understand meaning that these words represent. Huo Wennu was angry, that Li San auspicious day to the end, because he offended should not the person of offending. A moment ago was a small interlude, hopes that do not affect your mood.” Huo Wennu light saying. Does not affect, a bit faster served food is good.” Xia Tian Little Tian has not eaten the thing, somewhat was really hungry. You also felt all right saying that since you were so fierce, why didn't get rid a moment ago directly?” Huo Wennu extremely angry looks to Xia Tian, if Xia Tian gets rid earlier, Xue Chuan did not use by that all of a sudden, she will not be mad this. I think that you are very fierce.” Xia Tian serious saying. Was good, Sister Wen, matter passed.” Ye Qingxue goes forward to mediate. Idol elder brother, you are quite fierce.” Spirit worship looks at Xia Tian. All vegetables have come quickly up, reason that this hotel the business is so hot is because the vegetable of his family has the characteristics very much, the flavor is delicious . Moreover the component of vegetable also buys fully, some people come with admiration frequently.

matter hope has not affected everybody's mood, this first glass of liquor I respect leaf Section Head, the beforehand matter is I am not right.” Xue Chuan is also a straightforward person, to is right, wrong is wrong. Before he threatened Ye Qingxue as his father, this was not the honored matter, was actually afterward Ye Qingxue did not agree that his Literature and Art Department will not be what kind. Has not related, passed.” Ye Qingxue showed a faint smile, drinks this glass of liquor. Second glass of liquor respect Sister Huo, this time put to trouble to you.” Xue Chuan said again. Em.” Huo Wennu does not have the smalltalk, nodded to drink to start the liquor. Third glass of liquor respect Mr. Xia Tian, my Xue Chuan this whole life has not admired anyone, you are one.” A Xue Chuan this person lofty character, especially in Basketball this aspect, which even if the star in CBA does not have to make him admire, only then makes him lose truly is sincerely convinced the talented person to make him admire. I do not drink, was too difficult to drink.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian, do you like not giving others the face?” Huo Wennu more looked that Xia Tian is less pleasing to the eyes. I drink for him.” Sits takes the Xia Tian front liquor to drink directly in Bing Xin that side Xia Tian had not spoken. Her action makes those present stare, what person is she Xia Tian? Why must keep off the liquor for Xia Tian. Bang! The gate of theater box was trampled. Bright elder brother, is they, was they have injured the Third Brother.” That green wool that this person a moment ago ran away. Dares to hit my Zhu Liang brothers, really sufficed exactly.” Is of head bald wicked looks at these people in room, saw that these beauty in room he also stares, but quick returned to normal.

I am the person of fire, knowing the limitation leave to me.” Huo Wennu is angry today very much. I manage you am fire or Shui, my Zhu Liang comes out to mix such for a long time has not feared anyone, father helps the developer put down matter these year of anything people to see, never knows that knows the limitation is any meaning.” Zhu Liang touches own head with own left hand, his left hand does not have the pinky, is chops. How today to bump into these many mountain artilleries.” Huo Wennu has not incurred with this group of people , the influence of fire is nobody dares to annoy in Jiang Hai City that absolutely, but this group of hooligan do not know fire from the start. Sees Huo Wennu to pull out the telephone, green wool goes forward to snatch hurriedly: „To report to the police, does not have the gate.” You are SB, old lady never reported to the police.” Huo Wennu angry shouting. The matter in theater box has brought in the people of many watching the fun, but does not have the person who dares to report to the police, this Zhu Liang is not an average person, that is the very ruthless role that became famous, he leads Li San this group of people to help the developer handle matters specially. Black that starts to become famous, before they when this ate meal has hit the person, afterward had a service person to report to the police secretly, the police came to take away them, finally next day they were put, the service person leg of that warning was broken by these people. From then on, nearby all hotels, so long as saw that their this group of people eat meal, that absolutely does not have anybody to dare to annoy, Zhu Liang and reputation of Li San this group of people all by hitting. However they also merely are some hooligan of social lowest level, otherwise impossible Lian Huojia not to have heard. Who Er'gou, is injures small three?” Zhu Liang is not willing to lower oneself to the same level with the woman, he here to kill the chicken today startles the monkey, making others know that their brothers are not affable. He, is he makes into such Third Brother.” The green wool with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian. In your several same places, broke to me his leg.” Zhu Liang was waving to behind person.