Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 6
Before the Xia Tian insight is several times, presents disdaining and taunt that in these person of vision has are received in his eyes, he can understand the meanings of these people. The clothes that on one wears are some cheap clothes, cannot afford here cell phone in these person of eyes. I want to buy a function quite entire cell phone.” Xia Tian must graduate immediately, the function entire point cell phone will have very big use. „The function entire cell phone has, does not know that what price you do want? I can give you to introduce one.” The manner of female shop employee is very good, moreover on the face is maintaining the sweet smiling face. The female shop employee is the intern, on the clothes is also hanging the sign, since she arrived here , has not made any achievement, because those buy the cell phone will be robbed by other people. Buys about 5800 money cell phones.” Xia Tian 5800 dollars, he had not planned to stay behind a moment ago, simply directly buys a good cell phone to consider as finished. 5800?” The female shop employee stares slightly, just started her not to think that Xia Tian will buy the cell phone, she is just plans to train her marketing capacity, but has not thought that Xia Tian opens mouth must buy 5800 cell phones. Other these shop employees also hear the digit that Xia Tian said that immediately stares, afterward old some female shop employees as if in turning hostile general, on the face has piled up with the smiling face, but that matter thick cosmetics and can clamp the wrinkle of dead mosquito to betray her age. This schoolmate, I come to introduce that for you a model of cell phone, guarantees you to satisfy.” Smiling face that an old female shop employee face curries favor with, when she arrives in front of Xia Tian Xia Tian sees clearly these people with a pockmarked face on her face. Troubles you to hide the distant point? Your face was the same with Mount Everest, frightens me.” Xia Tian most repugnant is this person, before visited him to be small, the clothes that wore disdains to respond him poor, now heard him to buy such expensive cell phone also to stand. You. Your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me, do you know that who I am.” The anger of old woman has come up immediately, when she has received this bullying, moreover unexpectedly was also said the face is Mount Everest. Nearby these people have cast the vision of pitying to Xia Tian, but this woman a neighbor tyrant, this said her actually fiercely, but is her cohabitant, that is figure that nearby several streets became famous, the person delivers the nickname Biao elder brother, it is said had once killed people, was sentenced for ten years, in the two years comes out. This old woman already quick 50, but usually dresses up oneself is the same with 30 years old, scratches very thick pink / white, here sells person nobody of cell phone to dare to offend her, usually has to buy the person of cell phone she to come up to butt, is gaining one, everybody is also swallows an insult. But today this high-school student unexpectedly dares to say her. Young fellow, you are waiting to me, the waiting a while old lady has dug up your skin.” The old woman said that put out cell phone to dial a number. Master, 5800 enough have bought a kidney five, you have simply bought a kidney five to be good.” Huo Lajiao has not gone to look at that old woman from start to the present, in her eyes this old woman does not match her to get rid.

Kidney five?” Xia Tian naturally has heard this cell phone, it is said some people to buy this cell phone own kidney selling, from then on this cell phone was called the kidney five: Good, it, beauty you helped me go, this was money, I went to that side to make up the card first.” Practises the female shop employee then to respond that received money to give Xia Tian to operate the machine hurriedly. Master, you, if wants the cell phone, I can buy one for you, so long as you open the mouth, any cell phone I buy for you, considered my acknowledging as teacher to spend.” Huo Lajiao follows behind to say in Xia Tian. I do not want others' money.” Xia Tian looked at Huo Lajiao: Moreover I had not said that receives you.” Master, how are you willing to receive me for the disciple?” Huo Lajiao jumps shakes in Xia Tian. Meets me to teach you two moves, when learned to say again, moreover I must observe you.” Xia Tian made up the card, was simple, is taking the ID card in the past on OK, that practice female shop employee also five brought the kidney, after Xia Tian put the card, tries is very convenient. Kidney five outward appearance or the function be confidential his beforehand Nokia brick player, his beforehand cell phone except for can meet to telephone, sends beyond the information the most major function is anti- pounds. After having bought the cell phone, Xia Tian must leave, at this moment the entrance presented them, one of them the upper body, the body mark the shoulder dragon, the hair had been only shaving a Caliper, the eyelid without a fold, the small eye, the big belly probably is Mi Laifo is the same. Young tiger elder brother, you may calculate, if you did not come me to by this little bastard playing.” The old woman draws swinging that Biao elder brother's arm is keeping, the upper body is rubbing Biao elder brother's arm. Mother, dares to dally with my woman, live is impatient.” Biao elder brother's voice is not small, this throat made the surrounding person look to him. Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, the vision looks to the old woman. Whom did little bastard call?” Some Xia Tian most repugnant people insulted his father and mother, although he has not seen mother since childhood, but he knows that mother definitely had any reason to be forced to leave his. Little bastard called you.” The old woman just said that responded: Young tiger elder brother, you had a look, this little animal is bullying me.” Whom did little animal call?” Xia Tian opens the mouth once more. Little animal called you.” Old woman climate straight stamps the feet: Oh, Biao the elder brother, you may probably take responsibility for me.”

Biao the elder brother facial color is callous, after the strong body shook one next, moved toward Xia Tian: My Biao elder brother's woman you also dares to bully, really courts death.” Huo Lajiao, I only hit one time, you favored, looked that went back itself to perceive through meditation.” Xia Tian and Biao elder brother's stature differs one time, but Xia Tian does not have the meaning of retreat, simultaneously forwarded one step. At this moment Biao an elder brother foot trampled to Xia Tian, his skill lay in first with own appearance deterrent opposite party, later own sound can also bring the fear to the opposite party, finally suddenly a foot came to be caught off guard to the opposite party. This repertoire he is every shot hits the target never lets slip. Biao an elder brother's foot arrives in front of Xia Tian time some people have not been cruel enough to look that has lowered the head, but Xia Tian actually moved, the right hand holds, the right foot trampled instantaneously above Biao elder brother's left leg. Biao elder brother that tall and strong body was thrown directly by Xia Tian behind, has happen to hit in the gate of selling area. Master, was too fierce.” Huo Lajiao excited saying. Young tiger elder brother!!” The old woman runs up to Biao elder brother's front hurriedly. Mother, you also dares to hit back.” Biao the elder brother has stood difficultly, that had made his several grinding bleed a moment ago, but the issue is not big, Biao the elder brother knows one cannot recognize instigated that he usually does not have any work, raises by this old woman his, if he such recognized has instigated, after that who gave back to his money to spend. You are my~ oh my big apple~. The Xia Tian cell phone has made a sound, this ting was the practice female shop employee helped him download a moment ago. Hey, older female cousin.” My cell phone lost in the past, my this was just bought, the card also just made up.” In the evening, can go?” Good, you send to me the address.”

When Xia Tian telephones Biao the elder brother has as if seized the opportunity, a foot tramples once more to Xia Tian, the both feet shoulder of Xia Tian hit forward directly on the left shoulder of opposite party, simultaneously the right foot kicked once more above Biao elder brother's left leg, the both feet lost the balanced young tiger elder brother to be hit to fly by Xia Tian directly, departed two meters to pound in the ground. Master, you were too graceful.” Huo Lajiao incomparable excitement. „, All right, in the evening sees.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, simultaneously looked at one to lie down in the young tiger elder brother of ground walks directly. Master, wait / etc. I, wait for me.” Huo Lajiao followed vivaciously. With me, I have not let you look a moment ago that two has incurred, goes back to practice much, if you with me, I never will be receiving you to be the apprentice.” Xia Tian warned, his anything Kungfu, a moment ago that two moves were not in the morning will come from Old Fan there plagiarize actually. After Huo Lajiao hears the Xia Tian words , can only leave. Xia Tian hit a rental car to walk toward a Jiang Hai City most famous antique street directly, there was one of the Jiang Hai City most famous places, had many antiques and strange gadget there, there was also one of the Taobao places, it is said some people once spent less than 100 dollars to buy an antique there, finally has sold over a million high prices. This matter occurred frequently, therefore has also put on a veil of mystery to here, more people want to make a wealth here. Actually Xia Tian knows that these luck good person majority are here shop owner hype, but to let more people came to here to spend, but he must go to there to have a look, after all he had the X-Ray Vision eye now, happen to have a look at itself to get so far as several types of true treasure. Because had the person who wants to try one's luck therefore to let on this street, regardless has the person, will never lack in this world daydreams the person who and wants to attain without effort. Reason that Xia Tian comes to here is because tonight is older female cousin birthday Party, he before this matter forgetting, older female cousin came the telephone to give him to scold a moment ago well, therefore he decides to buy a good thing to treat as the birthday present to send to older female cousin here. Most main is older female cousin unexpectedly is pretended by oneself is her boyfriend, this made him worry.