Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 60

Zhu Liang this time has brought more than ten individuals, these people are Zhu Liang the person who called from the native place, he was a country dweller, but ignored a proper occupation at home, therefore ran to mix, just started to mix anything did not have, afterward in an accidental chance he solid a developer Wang elder brother. He helped the developer process the people of several resistance relocations, since then he obtained this developer's recognition, therefore he called to help itself Li San and the others from the native place, they got rid are always very very ruthless, helping that developer solve many matters. Now their this group of person altogether several people, although the person are not many, however mixes is good. Two points of Zhu Liang attention are, is ruthless enough, is loyal, therefore he heard after Li San had been hit, immediately has caught up. Several people pull out various types of weapons from the bosom, has fired into Xia Tian directly. Stop!!” At this moment the entrance place presented one person, this person seems over 20 years old is, is less than 30. You who you.” Zhu Liang looks that person said. Who I am unimportant, more importantly you disturbed me to eat meal.” That person of unemotionally looks at Zhu Liang. I told you, do not mind others'business, I called Zhu Liang, the underworld gang moon's orbit to have my person.” Zhu Liang identifies one's role when first coming on stage. I manage you am any bright.” That person of impolite saying. You with whom.” Zhu Liang walked one step to that person, his behind these little brothers also wicked looks to that person, appearance that momentarily gets rid of greatly. Feeds!” Xia Tian lazily saying in theater box: I said that your this group of person heads are sick, you give your person to revenge.” The Xia Tian words capture immediately the attention of people, including entrance that person is also same. Xia Tian, your head is sick, you must these to chop you exactly, you are popular highly talented.” Huo Wennu stared Xia Tian one, saw that Zhu Liang these people must deal with entrance that person, when the time comes she can also find the opportunity to call to call the person, but Xia Tian attracted the attention of these people in this time unexpectedly. Xia Tian?” Entrance that person hears this name time stares slightly, afterward careful sizes up Xia Tian to come, on face one happy. Brat, I planned makes you live a meeting, since you court death, I help you.” Zhu Liang wicked looks to Xia Tian.

I remember that I had said probably makes you stop is right.” That person moves toward Zhu Liang step by step. Mother, today how these many people anxiously courting death.” Zhu Liang looked that scolded to that person. You discussed people's faults as one pleases in a moment ago are your person is right!” Saying that person of unemotionally. Right.” Zhu Liang disdains looked at that person of one. He he.” That person shows a faint smile. What do you smile?” Zhu Liang puzzled asking. Opened in the gate of this time next door theater box, went out of 45 people from the theater box, these person each people are the suit and dress shoes. Zhu Liang, your skill was really bigger and bigger, you also dares to offend including my honored guest.” One of them looks to Zhu Liang light saying. Wang elder brother, you how in this.” Saw that time Zhu Liang of this person stares slightly, this person is not others, is his Boss, he also closes right up against this developer to have today. Several of us are ask horse the elder brother to eat meal today, has not thought that was given to disturb by you.” That developer said. I do not know Wang the elder brother you also in this.” Zhu Liang knew that Wang elder brother's behind that three people, just like Wang the elder brother, are the developers that became famous, he only knows one offended the wrong person, can by person that their four big shots please eat meal absolutely be the honored guest. He has a dream cannot think that them big figure like Wang the elder brother will come to this small place to eat meal. Horse elder brother, I apologized to you for him, you looked that this matter such did pass how is it?” Wang the elder brother asked favor for Zhu Liang, no matter what Zhu Liang was also his person, since the Zhu Liang ability he has been very satisfied. I give you today a face, making them hurry to leave.” horse the elder brother nodded. Has not gone.” Wang the elder brother to Zhu Liang several people enabled a look, Zhu Liang and the others to leave hurriedly, before Zhu Liang left, stared Xia Tian one wickedly.

horse elder brother several people also went back their theater box, just before leaving before , nodded to Xia Tian. In the theater box returned to normal, but they all people besides Xia Tian did not have the appetite. Sister Wen, or this, which day I invite today.” Tang Yan saw people that not comfortable feeling proposition said. Good.” Huo Wennu today simply was as depressed as the extreme, her in any case was also the young lady of fire, but unexpectedly such several hooligan did not handle continually, finally the identifying one's role when first coming on stage opposite party simply did not know. This face lost to grandmother family. Xue Chuan pays discovery money some people have handed over, he asked that is who hands over, the service person does not know that the opposite party said is the Xia Tian friend. You think so me to do, I do not know that is.” Xia Tian saw that the vision of people answered. Said goodbye to the people, Yun Miao and spirit walks alone, Xue Chuan drives, he is responsible for delivering Tang Yan to go back, Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue stay together, Xia Tian also plans to return to there to go today, therefore drives to send back their three by Huo Wennu directly. Huo Lajiao today was depressed to the extreme. Because study the Kungfu matter loudly quarrelled with the grandfather at home, was reproven by the father maliciously, she leaves home angrily directly, this does not walk importantly, on her has not had money. Planned seeks help with Xia Tian, but Xia Tian has hung directly up her telephone. Dead Master, smelly Master.” I cursed you to eat meal to support, drank water to choke, the speech choked, walked to kill.” Starved to death I, must think that means made a money.” Huo Lajiao sits in the nearby is very no use, the telephone has made her close down, she do not go home, only if the grandfather promises her to make her study Kungfu.

How can make a money to spend the tweed? Or robs?” „It is not good, is not good, I such unarmed robs, who will fear me.” Otherwise goes begging.” „It is not good, first did not say can probably come many, my this clothes not like.” What to do should?” Had.” Huo Lajiao intentionally chaotic, the clothes that the hair makes rip open several openings to stand near the [say / way]. This car(riage) is not good, too broken, looks not like the rich man.” This is not good.” Waited for probably more than ten about minutes, she finally at present one bright. Red race car, this car(riage) little said that also 1,000,000-2,000,000, this was rich.” Huo Lajiao is not waiting for before the red candle crossroad, the red race car saw the time deceleration of red candle gradually, Huo Lajiao has seized the opportunity, when the car(riage) soon stopped, directly flushed, fitted out by the appearance that the car(riage) knocked down. Brought in money.” Huo Lajiao innermost feelings one happy.