Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 61

Oh, my wave corner lid, my arm elbow, my waist plate.” Huo Lajiao lies down on the ground is calling out pitifully, the owner on red race car walked. You are all right.” Oh, Eldest sister, the car(riage) how you drive, you will not drive, you hit the person.” Saying of Huo Lajiao exaggeration. Sorry, I have not seen roadside to have the person.” Oh mother, loved me, this matter tens of thousands dollars could not have been solved.” Huo Lajiao lion big opened mouth has turned around. Tens of thousands.” When the opposite party sees clearly the Huo Lajiao appearance stares slightly. Elder sister.” Huo Lajiao also stares, this person is not others, is Huo Wennu. Huo Lajiao!!” A Huo Wennu brow wrinkle. Huo Lajiao stands up hurriedly, turn around runs, but Huo Wennu held her. Good, Huo Lajiao, your long skill, unexpectedly came out to touch the porcelain to cheat out of money.” Huo Wennu looks that Huo Lajiao reproved. Elder sister, I made a mistake.” Huo Lajiao lowers the head to say. Sister Wen, what happened?” Ye Qingxue three people from vehicle. Master!!” Huo Lajiao saw Xia Tian time stares slightly. Volume!” Xia Tian also stares, Huo Lajiao unexpectedly is Huo Wennu Little Sister, that Huo Lajiao should richly be very right, reduced to coming out to touch the porcelain. „Did you know?” Huo Wennu asked. We are the schoolmates.” Xia Tian said. No, he is my master.” Huo Lajiao said hurriedly. I am not your master.” Xia Tian shook the head.

You are, because must learn Kungfu from you, I have left home, for your I have made such big sacrifice.” Huo Lajiao said. What then relates with me?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Huo Lajiao. Is you!!” Huo Wennu wicked looks at Xia Tian, she must by Xia Tian irritating. She felt that Xia Tian is her nemesis, so long as sees Xia Tian, her luck will go bad to the extreme. Sister Wen, this leaves the place that I live not to be far, we walked to be OK.” After Huo Wennu looked at Huo Lajiao, nodded: Also can only, you pay attention to the security like this.” Relax, has Xia Tian.” So long as Ye Qingxue walks with Xia Tian in the same place specially has the security sense. „Because there is his therefore me called you safety point.” Huo Lajiao stared Xia Tian one. Xia Tian felt one are very innocent, really lies down is also being hit, Huo Wennu genuinely dislikes him now, he will not bring upon oneself dully. Said goodbye to the Huo Wennu three people to walk toward Ye Qingxue residence. I am somewhat hungry.” Xia Tian said. You are hungry, you ate the thing.” Ye Qingxue said. Today after late serves food, has bumped into troublesome, among this eats the thing on a Xia Tian person there in low spirits, they absolutely do not have that mood. He truly has not eaten any thing, downstairs your family does not have the barbeque booth, we eat barbeque.” Bing Xin proposed. Also spoke for him including you.” Ye Qingxue said. Several people just arrived at that barbeque booth time saw an unexpected visitor. Qingxue, you came back finally, I waited for you to be very long.” Wang Nianlin has sat in the barbeque booth, here is the road which must be taken that Ye Qingxue goes home.

How is you, my previous time did not tell you me to have the boyfriend.” A Ye Qingxue delicate eyebrows wrinkle. You also said that is only the boyfriend, so long as you have not married, I have the opportunity.” Wang Nianlin pulled out the car(riage) key to place in front of Ye Qingxue from the pocket: I know that you did not have car(riage), this is I selects for you specially, is that.” Wang Nianlin with pointing at has referred to the left front is stopping the red BMW. I do not want.” Ye Qingxue direct rejection. Qingxue, after having the car(riage), you facilitated many, I looked a moment ago you were walk, such black day many dangers.” Wang Nianlin already saw the Ye Qingxue three people. Has Xia Tian, any danger will not have.” Ye Qingxue pulled the arm of Xia Tian. Wang Nianlin shifted the vision to Xia Tian, on this time Xia Tian put on these stall goods. Your car(riage)?” Wang Nianlin corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: Previous that is not will borrow.” „It is not borrows, is the friend.” Xia Tian light saying. That does not borrow, where does your father take a higher position?” Wang Nianlin asked again. Died.” Xia Tian is reading the menu on hand, is outlining with the pen. He he.” Wang Nianlin contemptuous smiles: What industry in family has?” Suburb has an one-story house.” Xia Tian outlined a moment later has been shouting to Boss: Boss, roasts these first.” Ha Ha, laughed at me, how your such person could be joined to Qingxue.” Wang Nianlin said with a smile loudly. This you said does not calculate.” Xia Tian looks up to Wang Nianlin. I have the car(riage), I can buy over a million car(riage) for her casually, can you?” Wang Nianlin looked that said to Xia Tian. She likes me, does not like you.”

My father is the manager of Wang pharmaceutical industry, holds the Wang pharmaceutical industry 17% stocks.” Wang Nianlin continues to say. She likes me, does not like you.” In my family has six sets of real estate, each set least has above 200 evenly.” Wang Nianlin said again. She likes me, does not like you.” Snort.” Wang Nianlin feels Xia Tian to be impervious, therefore turns the head to look to Ye Qingxue: Qingxue, this person cannot be joined to you, only then I can give you to be happy.” I like him, does not like you.” Ye Qingxue studies the Xia Tian appearance to say. Hee hee.” Bing Xin could not bear again, in her eyes Wang Nianlin probably is a played jokes upon monkey is the same. Wang Nianlin also felt that own situation is very awkward, looks the car(riage) key in own hand, places the Ye Qingxue front directly: „The thing that my Wang Nianlin sends out has not taken back.” I said me.” Wants, naturally wanted.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has taken up the key of BMW directly, saw that his action Ye Qingxue is very puzzled. He he, little brother, so long as you leave Qingxue, I can give you again a car(riage), or gives you to cash.” Wang Nianlin shows a faint smile, he thinks that Xia Tian is the person who likes money, otherwise cannot receive the key of BMW. Such good car(riage), did not want Bai Xia.” Xia Tian light saying. Little brother insightful.” Wang Nianlin nodded. Xia Tian looks the car(riage) key in own hand, then stands up, to behind walks, there has limp-leg to beg for food, looks at this person from the semblance pitifully. Saw that red BMW? Turned over to you.”