Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 62

Tramp whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian. Gives me?” You want, did not want me to give others.” Wants, naturally wants.” Did not drive away me to regret.” The tramps have stood directly, right, he was stands, other that limp-leg was false, he lay in a horse bottle gourd covers, that leg placed in the sewer, therefore looked from the semblance probably is lame a leg. Hears the Xia Tian words, he dashed results in runs to that red BMW. After returning to own position, the Wang Nianlin complexion is pale. SB.” Xia Tian did not lift said. You were scolding anyone.” Wang Nianlin wicked looks at Xia Tian. You think that casual person I will call him SB? I give you face to call you SB.” Xia Tian serious saying. Good, you are very good.” Wang Nianlin angry looks at Xia Tian. Does not know that person can drive.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good, calculates that you suppress.” Wang Nianlin pursues hurriedly to the beggar. That beggar noticed that some people pursue, boarded directly, started the vehicle, stepped on the accelerator, the vehicle flushes away forward. Red candle.” Wang Nianlin shouts loudly. The speed of vehicle is fast. Listens to Bang one, hit 45 car(riage)s to stop. Ai ya mother, my car(riage).” Feeling own head of Wang Nianlin was big.

Saw that front that a series of car(riage) Wang Nianlin scolded loudly: Xia Tian, you harmed to be miserable I.” Vehicle is my, credential is also my, driving is actually not I, the insurance could not control, these car(riage)s also I compensated.” Wang Nianlin looks that a series of good car(riage) to have cannot say painstakingly, this beggar really will also hit, selects the car(riage) to hit specially. Wang Nianlin this was harmed by you miserably.” Ye Qingxue looked that shows a faint smile to Xia Tian. Wang Nianlin looks that the front accident picked up phone to call the trailer, this time he was owes in a big way, the face lost, money has also compensated, the key was the terrible business must have, looks at front pile of mess, he does not manage directly. In a nearby bar. Wang Nianlin is drinking the alcohol to drown one's sorrows, today was really too depressed. Bright elder brother, drinks one, after brothers, may count on you.” Is the brothers, you shine the elder brother I to mix these many years in the society, underworld gang moon's orbit which does not give me the face.” That is, but the bright elder brother's reputation is resounding.” , The wine class in bright elder brother hand was hit on the ground. moda foka, you are blind.” A little brother looks at that person in a threatening manner. How you spoke.” That person just about to apologizes, hears this saying temperament also to come up, he behind that table of 45 people have stood. How, wants to fight?” That 45 people also all walk up. Bang, Zhu Liang took up oneself front beverage bottle pounding maliciously directly in that person of head, beverage bottle has been split up, his behind that several hooligan also instantaneously got rid. Several rounds get down, that five people are covered with cuts and bruises. Mother, did not know that the bright elder brother is.” Bright elder brother, I made a mistake.” Go away.” Zhu Liang does not want to stir up trouble here, this Boss he also knew.

Was drinking the alcohol to drown one's sorrows Wang Nianlin to note here situation, Zhu Liang very ruthless he all saw a moment ago, thinks that matter, his anger has come up, he moved toward Wang Nianlin directly. Bright elder brother?” How?” Zhu Liang looks up to Wang Nianlin. Wang Nianlin has put out 20,000 Qian Pai from own package directly on the table: Helps me tidy up a person, after the matter becomes, I again to you 30,000.” What person?” Zhu Liang asked that this matter he did not have little does, but he must first know that who the opposite party was, maybe any Bureau Chief son, young master anything of mayor, he courted death. This you do not need to ask that he in the barbeque booth of outside not far away, which person I one will tell you are.” Wang Nianlin light saying. Good.” Zhu Liang hears in the barbeque booth eats meal, that definitely was not big figure. 50,000 dollars teach a person, this is a bulk bargain. „The barbeque flavor is good.” Xia Tian likes barbeque of this roadside stall. Must say that delicious words, is northeast barbeque is most delicious, there barbeque taste is authentic.” Bing Xin same is tasting delicacy barbeque with Xia Tian there. Ye Qingxue actually only ate has roasted the vegetable. Her appetite was not big, moreover she does not like this type of junk food. „Have you also gone to Northeast?” Xia Tian asked. Em, my family there.” Bing Xin nodded. How you ran such far place to go to school.” Xia Tian eats while said. I do not like family's that group of people.” Bing Xin replied. Said that you are leave home.” Xia Tian said. Is.” Bing Xin had not denied.

Brat, is really the enemies often cross each other's path, has not thought that here can also bump into you.” Zhu Liang leads four little brothers to walk to Xia Tian this, a moment ago Wang Nianlin when the distant place told he must deal with that person, he has recognized Xia Tian. He must cope with Xia Tian, has not thought that now some unexpectedly also people draw cash to him, this simply with giving in vain is the same. Who are you?” Xia Tian asked. Several hours do not see, did you install not to know me?” Zhu Liang coldly looks at Xia Tian. Brat, offended us to shine the elder brother, you gave up any idea of today was leaving here.” hooligan is shouting to Xia Tian. „.” Xia Tian is suddenly enlighted: I thought that you were that fall in the latrine pit three hours, was salvaged , was not only all right also ran while rubbed that person who the mouth made a belch was right.” „The small B bastard, you offended the wrong person.” Zhu Liang was waving to behind several people. Wang Nianlin corners of the mouth that distant place watched the fun slightly one slanting: Dares to offend me, is this fate.” Four little brothers take up plastic stool to pound to Xia Tian, does not start loathsome, neat. Xia Tian has put down the label in hand, turns head is a fist, hit directly on a person of face, the formidable strength hit to fly that person, afterward was a foot tramples in another person, that person also knocked down two. Em?” Zhu Liang saw that such scene stares slightly, he has not thought that the opposite party gets rid so to be also decisive. Has not looked, you have real skill.” Zhu Liang has taken up beverage bottle, humanities few that here eats meal, saw such scene other people already hid distant. You have real skill, fall the person who there comes up also to make a belch not to be really many.” Xia Tian sighed. You court death.” The bright elder brother brandishes beverage bottle in hand to pound directly to Xia Tian. , Beverage bottle has broken to pieces, but beverage bottle does not hit in the head of Xia Tian, but hits in the head of Zhu Liang, on this time Zhu Liang has flowed out the blood, inconceivable of whole face. Ka! The first feeling of Zhu Liang was own right arm broke, the second feeling hurt.