Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 63
„, Broke.” Zhu Liang has sent out a pitiful yell. Excuse me, making your body asymmetrical.” Saying of Xia Tian apology. Ka! The first feeling of Zhu Liang was own left arm also broke, second feeling too TM hurt. „, Also broke.” Zhu Liang is a pitiful yell. Pain?” Xia Tian looks to Zhu Liang, present Zhu Liang did not have the big brother type again, on the ground, several other little brothers also mutually supported by the arm weak, does not dare to forward. Pain.” Zhu Liang frightened looks at Xia Tian. „It is not silly.” Xia Tian light saying. Sir, I asked you, you have put me.” The Zhu Liang entreaty said. Qian Pei, later can leave.” Xia Tian took up to roast the string to continue to eat. The Zhu Liang little brother goes forward to help up Zhu Liang hurriedly, pulled out one stack of money to place on the table from the pocket, then escaped. Zhu Liang knows one have planted, wants to make a money, now the business has pounded dry, the arm had also broken off by the opposite party, he must quickly look for a hospital to treat. Wang Nianlin saw here situation, just started he is still thinking how one will ridicule Xia Tian, but he discovered that he has made a mistake, a Xia Tian matter does not have, these people who he finds were actually overthrown by Xia Tian. Waste, is the waste.” Wang Nianlin pursues to Zhu Liang: Matter has not handled, money must return me.” He circles Zhu Liang that one pursued intentionally, in order to avoid being seen by Ye Qingxue, thinks Zhu Liang is the person who he finds, after pursuing for about ten minutes, finally overtook Zhu Liang: Your this crowd of waste, this minor matter does well, quickly does not lose money.” moda foka, your also feeling all right manages me to ask for money, my this wound has not asked for money from you, you teach him to me.” Zhu Liang in the fit of temper, has not been thinking that at this time Wang Nianlin also found fault, he happen to exited with Wang Nianlin. Pitiful Wang Nianlin like this became the Zhu Liang undeserved target of anger.

Do not make me see you again.” Before Zhu Liang just before leaving, trampled two feet on the body of Wang Nianlin. Wang Nianlin felt that today was own tragedy day, has scratched the bloodstain of mouth: Xia Tian, the bright elder brother, I will not let off your.” How you so much like fighting now.” Ye Qingxue discontented looks to Xia Tian. I do not have, is they looks to hit.” Xia Tian shook the head. I showed that these people truly should hit.” Bing Xin stands in Xia Tian this. I more and more suspected now you unrequited loved Xia Tian, you have been speaking for him.” Ye Qingxue stared Bing Xin one. Where has, I somewhat am curious to him.” Bing Xin lowered the head. This barbeque mainly does is Xia Tian, Bing Xin will not have eaten many, Ye Qingxue has not eaten basically, eats the thing later three people to walk toward the Ye Qingxue house. After returning to own room, Xia Tian lay on the bed, older female cousin and Bing Xin took a bath in the bathroom. After a while. Thump! Came.” Xia Tian opened own door. I come to deliver fruit tray to you.” On Bing Xin has worn pink night clothes, the night clothes are quite conservative that. „, Thanks.” Xia Tian received the fruit tray. What you guess in me to put on is what?” Bing Xin mischievous smiles. Anything has not put on.” Xia Tian lazily saying.

It seems like I guess right, you have worn the X-Ray Vision eyeglasses, or is you like Superman such, has the X-Ray Vision eye, is right.” Bing Xin excited looks at Xia Tian. Eldest sister, your science fiction film saw.” Xia Tian speechless. How you know that in me hasn't put on?” Asking that Bing Xin is not convinced. Your leaking point, did not believe you to look.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to the chest of Bing Xin, there bulge truly a dot. „, rascal.” Bing Xin turn around escapes. Strange, delivers to make me look, added my rascal.” Xia Tian has closed the door. Lies on the bed, Xia Tian fell asleep quickly, the Heaven Absolute Wake most major function is the sleep is good, next morning will get up to be refreshing. After Xia Tian exited to run a step, was two females buys the breakfast. Soon the college entrance examination, Xia Tian decided a school. Hey, walks to go to school, with does not need me to deliver you one.” Xia Tian passenger vehicle opened own glass, person official Xu Shaocong and Wen Ya that inside sits, the Wen Ya present appearance style was different from before completely. A beforehand Wen Ya simplicity, however present she actually puts on elegantly, from top to bottom is the name brand, the appearance is also very beautiful. Is very energetic, it seems like it was gets better.” Xia Tian continues to jog. Xia Tian, or you board, goes by car to be possible compared with the feeling of walking.” Slantingly the Wen Ya corners of the mouth one disdains looks to Xia Tian, in her eyes Xia Tian looks like a comedian clown, beforehand she truly felt that has been to good of Xia Tian, the time that but she contacts with Xu Shaocong grew, she understands that is actually rich is good. Walking security, drives to be very easy to have an accident.” Xia Tian knows before Wen Ya is not, that Wen Ya that knows. All right, the money in my family is a lot, cultivates.” Saying of Xu Shaocong taunt: I walked the poor devil first.” Attention security.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Dang!! Followed, the Xu Shaocong car(riage) followed. What's the matter? The brake is not how easy-to-use.” Xu Shaocong depressed saying, was good because of him had not accelerated a moment ago, otherwise the poor life really had the danger. Walking security.” Xia Tian shook the head to continue to run forward. Hateful, hateful.” Xu Shaocong saw that the Xia Tian self-satisfied appearance was angry. Do not be angry, waits to look at my well air/Qi to classroom he.” On the face of Wen Ya presented very ruthless. After arriving at classroom, Xu Shaocong and Wen Ya also arrived, Huo Lajiao has not come, should be closed the confinement by Huo Wennu, Xu Shaocong saw that in the Xia Tian time look has been full of the anger, he called the trailer to drag away the car(riage) a moment ago, has compensated others money, school that finally takes taxi. Sees Wen Ya time, the female students in classroom on own initiative made way, before compares that several female students who is better with Wen Ya is also hides is very far. Oh feeds, this is not Xia Tian.” Very saying of Wen Ya exaggeration, probably a moment ago she bumped into is not Xia Tian is the same. Xia Tian has not paid attention to Wen Ya, he does not know that actually Wen Ya must play any trick. How more to mix was worse, body that clothes have put on for three years, does not know that bought newly, or I bought one for you, no matter what before you were also me , the boyfriend was not.” Wen Ya loud saying, in entire classroom all people can hear. Treasure, gives you money, my most atmosphere.” Xu Shaocong took out one stack of money to give to Wen Ya. Many thanks husband.” Wen Ya has kissed one on the face of Xu Shaocong. Fish looks for the fish and shrimp to look for the shrimp, the toad and frog really most matches.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.