Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 64
You said that who is the toad.” Wen Ya indignant looks at Xia Tian. Who acknowledged that is.” Xia Tian saw that front this just likes stranger general Wen Ya light saying. Your not urination photo you, you have a look at you to calculate that any thing, can work as my boyfriend that has been you can show off matter for a lifetime.” Wen Ya wicked saying. „The story of person and toad, this has anything to be good to show off.” Xia Tian shook the head. You are the toad, depends on you also to match with me places on a par, you have a look at you more to mix are worse, look at that poor and pedantic type that you put on, a girlfriend could not find.” The Wen Ya ridicule said. I do not have the girlfriend, only then concubine.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha, you, but also the concubine, you raises the concubine with anything, even if you have, definitely was also you by Zhu Bajie his aunt supporting.” Wen Ya laughs was saying. „Compared with her, you are very ugly.” Saying that Xia Tian unemotionally. You said that I am ugly? Also matched to say me to be ugly depending on you, perhaps your this whole life has not seen the woman who I was more attractive.” Wen Ya does not truncate looks to Xia Tian. Tiantian sees.” Xia Tian truly every day can see beauty, although Wen Ya long is also good, words that but compared with Ye Qingxue and the others, that has no way to compare simply. Ha Ha, but also Tiantian sees, you have a dream, if you knew that I eats the bowel movement compared with I also pretty woman.” Wen Ya laughs was saying that she as if heard any funny joke to be common. That several people who Xia Tian knows she is not clear. Thump!! Excuse me, I look for Xia Tian.” The entrance presented big beauty, the female is elegant, the appearance and makings are Top Grade in Top Grade, even if these big stars in television does not have her to be attractive. Sees this female time, all people stare, but Wen Ya pulled out a palm of the hand to be the same probably maliciously, regardless of any people could see that she does not have the means compared with entrance that person, even if she does not have the courage to face up to that beauty of entrance. The eye of Xu Shaocong looked straight, the entrance woman was really too pretty.

The student in classroom all very tacit looked to Wen Ya, she just said that Xia Tian was impossible to know compared with she also attractive female student, otherwise ate the bowel movement, has not thought that the direct entrance presented such a woman. When Xia Tian standing up slowly, walked toward entrance, passed by the Wen Ya side: Do not eat too.” The Wen Ya complexion is pale. „Who are you?” Xia Tian looks in front of own the strange female. „Who I am unimportant, you have a look at you to know this thing.” The females have put out a toy small red horse. Sees this toy small red horse time, the Xia Tian whole person was shocked, how this thing he possibly did not know. Follows me.” The females looked that said to Xia Tian. Happen to came in this time Xia Tian teacher in charge. Xia Tian, happen to I must look for you, here has your admission card for entrance examination.” Many thanks the teacher, I have the matter, first walked.” Xia Tian received the admission card for entrance examination heel the female to walk toward outside. After stepping Mercedes-Benz, Xia Tian left the school with the female. Looks the small red horse in own hand, Xia Tian has filled with the anticipation at heart, 10 years, he 10 years had not seen Brother Xiaoma, this small red horse initially he gave Brother Xiaoma. Brother Xiaoma is his sworn brothers, is child who his father picks, at that time the Brother Xiaoma whole body was the wound, was his father has cured the Brother Xiaoma wound. Brother Xiaoma in his family lived for one year later leaves, from then on he again has not seen Brother Xiaoma. Since the father died, he family member in this world is not many, besides Young Aunt, older female cousin, mother who that has not met on remaining Brother Xiaoma, they played in childhood together, some people bully him, Brother Xiaoma revenges for him, some people hit them, Brother Xiaoma is Xia Tian blocks all injuries.

In Xia Tian at heart, Brother Xiaoma is own blood brother. Where he innumerable asked father Brother Xiaoma to go , the father has shaken the head. The vehicle started to a familiar place, that hotel that he ate meal yesterday. The females brought Xia Tian to the next door of yesterday's that theater box, opened the door time, Xia Tian saw an acquaintance, was that horse elder brother who yesterday drove away Xu Liang. horse elder brother, Brother Xiaoma. Brother Xiaoma?” Xia Tian doubts looks to the opposite party. Little Tian.” Brother Xiaoma shows a faint smile. Really is you, is really you.” Hears this name Xia Tian excited saying. Ten years, your long looked like the adoptive father more and more.” Brother Xiaoma grasped Xia Tian, this is the hug of brothers. Brother Xiaoma, I miss you.” Xia Tian excited saying, that female sat in the Brother Xiaoma side. Gives you to introduce, she is your sister-in-law Huayi.” Brother Xiaoma said goes to school to look for Xia Tian that beauty. Sister-in-law is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Tiantian hear of your Brother Xiaoma said you, has not thought that your unexpectedly is so young.” Huayi is the Brother Xiaoma girlfriend, is the Brother Xiaoma assistant. Brother Xiaoma compared with Xia Tian seven years old, should be 25 years old greatly this year , compared with him, Xia Tian is not truly big. „Did Brother Xiaoma, actually your years do.” Xia Tian looked that asked to Brother Xiaoma.

Returned to one's old home to handle something, I noticed yesterday your first I recognized you to come, you and adoptive father long really looked like.” Brother Xiaoma light saying. Your change was also too big, the whole person besides the eye changed.” Xia Tian remembers that the Brother Xiaoma childhood appearance, differed with present Brother Xiaoma too. Brothers two more chatted is happier, exceed chatted the words more, hears Xia Tian saying that the father died, Brother Xiaoma was very sad, afterward made Xia Tian live with him together, but Xia Tian rejected. Adoptive father did not make me remember my road in the past, therefore I had not gone back to look for you.” Brother Xiaoma initially in the Xia Tian family lived, only knows that here was Jiang Hai City, besides this, his anything does not know. Father always so.” Xia Tian has been unalarmed by strange sights, a father friend does not have, no person goes to his home to drop around. Your telephone.” Huayi has given Brother Xiaoma the telephone. Hey, to Bureau Chief.” Little Ma, my father uarthritis has violated, in the family nobody, I handles matters outside now is too busy to leave, can you help me meet my father.” Does not have the issue, my this in the past.” That troubled you.” After having hung up the telephone, Brother Xiaoma stands up: Brother, accompanies me to walk one.” Good.” Xia Tian nodded. You help me prepare a tonic, this is to the Bureau Chief father.” Brother Xiaoma to Huayi gentle saying.