Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 66

Xia Tian could see that this to Brother Xiaoma has very big help to the business of Grandfather, if he has cured to Grandfather, then will thank Brother Xiaoma to Bureau Chief to Grandfather. I have, in my family has hidden one set of treasure, is the ancestor hands down from generation to generation.” Walks toward own bedroom to Grandfather turn around. Quick, walked from own bedroom to Grandfather, in the hand is taking a brocade box, sees this brocade box time, Xia Tian knows what in installs is far from every. Grandfather, you cannot make him do, who knows that he is on Jianghu these deceives.” Acts to stop to Grandfather that Dr. nursing. I am voluntary.” To Grandfather, although first time sees Xia Tian, but he believes the Xia Tian ability. „It is not good, is not absolutely good, if he if gives you marking needle, I reported to the police.” Threatens to say to Grandfather family's Dr. nursing that he to Dr. nursing of family, is responsible for looking after every day to Grandfather, he does not allow the stranger to treat an illness to Grandfather absolutely. He is having rich wages every month. He does not allow some people to eliminate his work, now starts to believe that to Grandfather unexpectedly a bystander, did not say first this boy can cure to Grandfather, this boy has created to threaten to oneself. If made this boy cure to the Grandfather sickness, then own rice bowl must lose, if could not cure, died oneself rice bowl to lose to Grandfather, although to Grandfather now only then 1-2 years of life, but these 1-2 years enough he has gained one. Dr. Guo, what do you mean? This family anything time started you to take responsibility.” To Grandfather discontented looks to that Dr. nursing. Grandfather, you have misunderstood, I consider for your security.” Dr. Guo explained hurriedly afterward looks to Xia Tian: „Do you have your hospital or the clinic?” No.” Xia Tian light saying. „Do you have credential of practicing medicine?” Dr. Guo asked again. No.” Xia Tian said.

Why your anything has not given Grandfather to treat an illness, I suspected that now you are deceive, I must report to the police.” Dr. Guo has put out own telephone. Xia Tian looks at action helpless shaking the head of this person. „Is Dr. Guo, you doing, is I makes Brother Xia treat an illness to me.” To Grandfather brow tight wrinkle. „It is not good, I am your Dr. nursing, I do not allow such a person of unknown origin to treat an illness to you.” Dr. Guo stops intensely. You went too far.” Grandfather shouted angrily: Starting today you were dismissed.” Volume!” Hears the Grandfather words, Dr. Guo stares slightly, afterward continues saying: Grandfather, I look to Bureau Chief, even if the dismissal also needs to speak to Bureau Chief, moreover I am protecting your security, I want to Bureau Chief here, he also to support my.” Fart, I am his father, this family is I decides.” Lost one's temper to Grandfather. Grandfather, I looked that with greeted to Bureau Chief.” Brother Xiaoma looked that said to Grandfather, he believes Xia Tian, so long as Xia Tian said can be good, that absolutely can be good, but treats an illness this aspect is the most advanced science and technology is impossible to achieve 100% success ratios, once has any accident to Grandfather, Xia Tian may probably meet with a disaster. He does not want to harm Xia Tian because of his business. It seems like I the temperament was too recently good for these years.” One looks to the Grandfather facial color coldly to Dr. Guo: You are walk, did I call people to throw you?” Hears the Grandfather words, surroundings these servant and insurance walked safely. Good, I walk.” Dr. Guo stared Xia Tian one wickedly. Xia little brother, matter was really too embarrassed.” To Grandfather looked that said to Xia Tian.

Grandfather, this matter should with say one to Bureau Chief, my younger brother is not a doctor, if presents the words of any accident.” Originally you are worried about this, I leave behind correspondence first, if has any accident, with Xia little brother not any relations.” Has written a written agreement to Grandfather. Can start.” Xia Tian opens the box, 12 with the silver needle keep flat in the box, just opened the box the time, Xia Tian felt that in the taste has headed on, 12 are ordinary with needle each as if intelligential. Bian Que Divine Needles!!” Xia Tian surprised looks at these 12 silver needles in box. Little brother good eye, but this is not true Bian Que Divine Needles, true Bian Que Divine Needles cannot deposit now, this is Bian Que's posterity feeds for dozens years according to the ancient book record Kaifeng.” To Grandfather light saying. Really is the good treasure, had its assistance, I believe that most one month I can cure your sickness.” Xia Tian confident saying. One month!” To Grandfather at present one bright. Almost, the sickness in your within the body, although are many, but in the final analysis because of disappearance of body vigor, causing the body unable to resist voluntarily outside gets sick, so long as I activate the cell of your within the body, your can recover voluntarily.” The Xia Tian method of treatment with the difference of hospital, the hospital treats an illness can only the weakening human body antibody in gradually, but Xia Tian can actually the antibody strengthen of person, resist the illness voluntarily. In the room all people have all turned very quiet, Brother Xiaoma is also same. Saw only the silver needle as if to live in the Xia Tian hand generally, just liked the spirit snake leaves the hole, afterward fast insertion to the forehead of Grandfather, altogether 12 silver needles, Xia Tian cautious and solemn inserted in turn to the back of Grandfather. All these look like, be only less than two minutes have been completed, however this time Xia Tian whole body sweat, in gulps are panting for breath. You are all right.” Brother Xiaoma ran hurriedly goes to support Xia Tian.

All right, but was too tired.” Xia Tian felt that two minutes trained for three hours more tired than him. Saw that sits in that motionlessly to Grandfather, nobody dares to disturb. This.” Brother Xiaoma saw to the appearance doubts of Grandfather looks to Xia Tian. Relax, in the effect compared with expectation was also better, waits for ten minutes to be good.” Xia Tian sat on the sofa, place of that ancient Buddhist Relic dantian had supplemented energy that he consumed. Room exceptionally peaceful, nobody dares to disturb to Grandfather. „The person in room is listening, you let loose the hostage immediately, hands over the arms.” Outside the villa has broadcast the sound of police vehicle. These police are up to mischief, probably here has the highway robber to be the same.” Brother Xiaoma stands up toward outside walks. Raises hand, otherwise our to open fire.” Police comrade, is he, his also partner in inside.” Dr. Guo follows to say in behind of police.