Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 67

Sees Dr. Guo time, Brother Xiaoma understood, originally was that Dr. Guo reported to the police, moreover his unexpectedly said that was kidnapped to Grandfather. Brother Xiaoma has raised own both hands. Now this situation, this is the wisest decision. Police comrade, I thinks that you have possibly misunderstood, here is to the Bureau Chief family.” Brother Xiaoma light saying, here, although came many police, but in has not set out the special police officer well. Has not misunderstood, we know that here is to the Bureau Chief family.” I to the Bureau Chief friend, am not the kidnapper.” Brother Xiaoma answered. We receive the warning, some people kidnap to the Bureau Chief father.” Has not been kidnapped to Grandfather now, if not believe that you can go in several people to have a look.” Brother Xiaoma looked that said to the opposite party. All right?” That police saw Dr. Guo. Police gentleman, you do not listen to him to talk nonsense, I to the Grandfather nursing doctor, this is my credential.” Dr. Guo has put out own credential and work proof. Sees the credential in his hand, these police naturally do not dare to look down upon, to family that is a respected family, business world or the political circle have extraordinary figure, they may unable to take on the event of any mistake. Catches first to me him, your several clash to me, remembers must protect well to the Grandfather security.” Brother Xiaoma has not revolted, was brought by two police, afterward six police have crashed in directly, when these six police clash, they were shocked. Little brother, you drinks tea.” To Grandfather was Xia Tian but actually one cup of tea, in the room in other people at various line of its duties, which this likely were also kidnapped, was clearly entertaining the honored guest. Good tea.” Xia Tian drank tea to say. This.” Entrance several police have laid down the (spear|gun) in oneself hand, suddenly feels helpless. Or you also sit down to drink, the flavor of this tea is very good.” Xia Tian looks up to that several police.

To gentleman, this what's the matter? We received the warning saying that you were kidnapped.” Nonsense, you looked that my where has the kidnapped appearance.” What reported to the police was your Dr. nursing.” He had already been dismissed by me, possibly is to retaliate, the practical joke that therefore plays.” Good, to the gentleman, disturbed.” That several police turn around leave. Manager, we were played, inside nobody kidnaps radically.” What?” That police inspector turns the head to look to Dr. Guo. Police gentleman, should not be hoodwinked by their statements of only one of the parties, credential that person has not practiced medicine, but he actually treats an illness to the venerable in inside, this is in itself illegal, he is a swindler.” Dr. Guo answered hurriedly. Manager, inside nobody is seeing a doctor radically, is entertaining the guest to the venerable.” Good, your unexpectedly dares to report the false alarm.” Manager angry shouting of that local police station: Catches to me him.” Can let loose me.” Brother Xiaoma shows a faint smile. Sir, excuse me.” That police inspector apologized personally. Has not related, you are the responsibility are also.” Brother Xiaoma has not felt embarrassed them. Hasn't treated an illness? This is impossible, I saw a moment ago obviously.” Dr. Guo shouts loudly. Takes away to me him.”

Rapidness that this group of police come, goes also quick, they are neighbor the person of local police station, heard that has kidnapping to the Bureau Chief family, therefore set out all military strength in institute directly. Grandfather, your sickness?” Brother Xiaoma saw that was Grandfather probably is young to the first feeling of Grandfather. Also looked including you, I also think a moment ago my sickness entire was good.” Shows a faint smile to Grandfather, Xia Tian pulled out the needle a moment ago time, he felt that own whole person changed young, could not feel the pain completely. Little Tian, your unexpectedly is so fierce.” Brother Xiaoma inconceivable looks to Xia Tian. Where is so mysterious, this is the contrast gradient is quite just big, the first treatment can have this misconception, tonight Grandfather will possibly have diarrhea.” Xia Tian answered. Having diarrhea?” Right, discharges in within the body mixed qualitative best way to have diarrhea, the Grandfather antibody was activated, oneself can discharge the pathological change in within the body.” Really was too thanks you.” Was Xia Tian has filled to the brim one cup of tea to Grandfather. Grandfather, said that now thanks also early, I take every other three days to give you acupuncture one time, after for one month, your body.” That must trouble the little brother.” To Grandfather respectful saying. Grandfather you were really too polite, you were my brother's Senior, naturally was also my Senior, these were I should do.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „, Present youngster free from arrogance and rashness can have your such demeanor also is really rare.” Said to the Grandfather appreciation. Grandfather, since your sickness did not have what to obstruct greatly, we first walked.” Brother Xiaoma stands up, the preparation leaves. Worries, today eats in this.” Said to Grandfather hurriedly. Grandfather, what later the opportunity are many are.” The Brother Xiaoma rejection said. Such being the case, I do not force, this small gadget places my this to be also useless, gives to the little brother.” Will be loaded with the brocade box of silver needle to give Xia Tian to Grandfather.

„It is not good, this was too precious.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Splendid steed is common, but Bole is not common, this thing places here just regards ornaments, only will then not bury in your hands its elegant demeanor.” Grandfather light saying. „It is not good, Grandfather, this thing I cannot want, this thing regarding a doctor said that absolutely is the priceless treasure.” Xia Tian knows this set of Bian Que Divine Needles, if takes away the auction, perhaps that price can be astronomical figures. „The little brother you looks down upon me.” Kept a serious look saying to Grandfather. Little Tian, receives the thing, you also need to treat the Grandfather sickness with it in any case.” Brother Xiaoma urged. Good, that many thanks Grandfather good intent.” Xia Tian nodded to receive that box. They left to the villa of family. Little Tian, you have helped my busy.” Brother Xiaoma excited looks at Xia Tian. You are I most own elder brother.” Xia Tian had not said that but expressed own meaning. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Hey.” I am Lin Bingbing.” „The police spend the elder sister, did you think me?” Thinks that your big end of ghost, I have the matter to need you to help.” You where, I immediately.”