Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 69

Xia Tian such pulls Lin Bingbing to move toward that gambling establishment that Xu said. This so-called gambling establishment in fact is just an ordinary basement, the entrance has several people to sit there chats. Does?” Seeing Xia Tian must go , one of them has stood. I am Xu introduce.” Xia Tian said. „Who is she?” That person looks to Xia Tian Lin Bingbing. Naturally was my girlfriend.” The Xia Tian left hand extends, hugged Lin Bingbing directly in the bosom, Lin Bingbing just about to revolts has remembered today's mission, therefore gave up own plan, but she was maliciously has twisted on Xia Tian. Anything is the pain is being joyful, Xia Tian now is. After entering this basement, here looks like the storehouse is the same, continued to go forward, opened a leaf of iron gate, opened this iron gate time, heard inside loud noise, in all directions was fishy. „Did you have money?” Xia Tian looks to Lin Bingbing. „Do you want to do?” Lin Bingbing vigilant looks to Xia Tian. With.” „It is not good, this is not the government money, is I personal.” Lin Bingbing shook the head to say. Relax, lost has calculated my, has won person of half.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Means what he says.” Lin Bingbing spends the 2000 dollars in oneself wallet only remaining. Held up the hand of Lin Bingbing, Xia Tian moved toward nearby one table, this table was to bet the dice, guessed the size or the points, if only guessed the size, once met the leopard to sweep the decks. This is most common slighting the law, is simplest. After the bankers swung the dice, other people Qian Ya. „Do you like being greatly young?” Xia Tian looks to Lin Bingbing.

I do not understand this.” Lin Bingbing shook the head. „Do you press.” Banker impatient saying. Naturally has pressed, my wife said the pressure to be little a moment ago, my pressure is small.” Xia Tian Qian Reng on small. Opens, 1245 points are small.” „Did this win?” Lin Bingbing surprised looks at the money in Xia Tian hand. Walks, I get you to play other.” Xia Tian draws Lin Bingbing to walk toward other tables. We are not play.” Lin Bingbing said in a low voice. „To find the person, listens my.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, arrived at a playing cards table again, this slighting the law difficulty on the high spot, was buys the village slightly or buys idly, can work as the idle family, can press Zhuang Jia ying idling family to win. You look at a fading looks like of that person face, the whole face is the perspiration, the leg and foot trembles, looks is the losing money life, we are pressing steady to win money to him.” Xia Tian is the Lin Bingbing explanation said. You said probably is really same.” Lin Bingbing does not believe the superstition. The female in gambling establishment are not many, in this small gambling establishment does not have that Advanced girl, does not have the special service, here women are others take to bring, their common traits absolutely and lead the person who she comes are not the husbands and wives. So long as the normal people were not the head make donkey kicking absolutely will not lead oneself wife to enter the gambling establishment. After the X-Ray Vision eye has swept these playing cards, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the drop of this person truly faded the family. He does idly, we buy Zhuang Ying.” Xia Tian has all pressed 4000 in hand. Doesn't remain?” Lin Bingbing worries looks to Xia Tian, if lost, this money may all not have. The quick sign sent, with is the same, Zhuang Jia who Xia Tian saw won. 4000 changed 8000.

On opposite that person of forehead cold sweat directing current. Continues to detain. 8000 change 16,000, 16,000 change 32,000. At this time the Xia Tian opposite that person could not sit still finally, because his money all lost all. Saw that he walks to outside, Xia Tian followed. „The real TM back, one has not won, usury that what to do this may, money be to borrow, if cannot return.” Depends on three innermost feelings one coldly, money that he borrows may be the usury, is planned to get back money, but all builds in now. The usury is one month one, where he when the time comes goes to raise money. More is more depressed, he has put out a cigarette, but unexpectedly does not have the fire. Hasn't brought the fire? I have.” Many thanks.” Depends on three to look up to this person, he knew that this person, this person a moment ago has won. I heard news that you know?” This person Xia Tian. „Who are you?” Depends on three vigilantly looks to Xia Tian. I want to know a news of person, if you can tell me, these money turned over to you.” In the Xia Tian hand is taking 30,000 dollars, won in inside a moment ago, he just entered the gambling establishment time used the vision to take a fast look around the entire gambling establishment, to seek for one seemed like the person of know-it-all. Afterward he had locked this person. Good, you said that is who?” Depends on 31 to steal the money in Xia Tian hand. Do not deceive me, otherwise I will not let off your, I can you 30,000, can spend 30,000 to find the person to tidy up you.” Xia Tian installed the gangster appearance, he understands this person most feared was the police.

Know-it-all who I depend on three in this piece am to become famous, who you told me were good, I guaranteed the news the accuracy.” Depends on three to strike one's chest the guarantee saying that he heard the Xia Tian words to know Xia Tian was not police, therefore he did not need to be afraid anything. Missing front teeth Wang Gang.” Missing front teeth?” Depends three hear this name time slightly stares: „Aren't you police?” „Have you seen the 18-year-old police? Your head made the donkey kicking!” Saying that the Xia Tian local ruffian has been mad. After depending three have sized up Xia Tian nodded, regardless of looks at Xia Tian from any place likely is not police: „Before the missing front teeth, is ordinary hooligan, three years ago he knew probably any big brother, from then on he becomes is different, gets rid very naturally, where arrives at probably very rich appearance.” You know that now where he is at?” Xia Tian asked. I do not know where he lives, but I know that his per week day late could reducing heat day KTV, inside had a matchmaker is his old friend, this matter only then I know.” Depends on three to say in a low voice. On Sunday, good, money turned over to you, if your news were true, money you can spend casually.” Xia Tian said that draws Lin Bingbing to walk toward the distant place. Left the range of gambling establishment, Lin Bingbing could not bear again, has all changed on that clothes. You have the means.” The Lin Bingbing praise said. You can kiss me.” Xia Tian collects the face forward. Matter has not gotten through, you started to take undeserved credit, did not have the gate.” Lin Bingbing to retreat one step. You said also right, good, waits for me to accompany you to go to that hot day KTV Sunday night together.” Xia Tian anticipates looks to Lin Bingbing.