Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 7
An antique street is situated in the Jiang Hai City edge, here has very far distance from the town center, however here traffic are not less than the town center anything, the shop on this street is the large-scale antique and rare and precious goods exclusive agency, but outside of shop is situated the innumerable small stalls. These small stalls are the people most like, is that one year not to be open for business as for these shops, is open for business to eat one year of lord, they will also display their small stall in the entrance. This small stall is most likable, any thing has sells, but majority are to deceive people, there are the counterfeit goods, the genuine good thing is very few. The person who here sells the thing is also any people of all forms has, it is said here is the place that a government does not manage, but actually nobody dares to cause trouble here, because here has an Boss, everybody called his Wei Xue to be old, has him to assume anybody not to dare to cause trouble here. Once some people used here special condition to carry on the smuggling and trading here ****, but these people baseless disappeared finally. Xue had said here is a clean place.’ Taobao buys counterfeit goods that is very normal matter, if some people will want matter Xue Laoshi who will use here to be to violate the law not to appease absolutely, because will have Xue to assume personal command, therefore the government will not meddle to here. Here business does not have any tax. Naturally on this street has not needed to be worried to have existence of thief, the thief may not have that courage in Xue in the domain causes trouble. After the taxi driver delivered to Xia Tian this intersection sighed, left, in his opinion Xia Tian was also being that person of dream of riches, many big children arrived at this to mix, he thought to be a pity the person, he knew mixed innumerable of bankruptcy here. Some many people are holding here the idea of Taobao, but all loses everything finally. Here probably is a giant gambling establishment is the same, what here is different from the gambling establishment is so long as the people of some visions will not be deceived. Xia Tian has stepped into an antique street first step saw the endless huge crowds and path two sides these innumerable small stalls, although these stalls are small, but each has own specification, in each stall is suspending the different goods, moreover many shop owners are still calling. Qing Dynasty porcelain, bodhi, vase of Ming Dynasty, Qin Gu sword wait / etc.. The shout continuously, hears these hawking sounds, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, if these thing really things, then did not need to be placed outside these stalls, sold to the following shop directly, the price does not lower absolutely.

Even Lian Gaofang the fake price absolutely is not low. This also is really a good place.” Xia Tian when enters to open the X-Ray Vision eye to look to an antique street to the front. Green rays emit from the crowd, with is the same, in the genuine good thing that Xia Tian guesses because will accumulate over a long period of time will absorb spiritual energy that in the world will have to send out this green ray with the world same. Looked quickly that was Appraisal Master Xu Dechuan Grandfather comes.” Suddenly in the crowd has the People sound to shout, afterward all people went to Xia Tian the vision, this makes Xia Tian suddenly feel helpless, but he has realized immediately, these vision look at to the person is not he, but is his behind one person, an old man. An old man Chinese-style clothing, seems quite the Master style of 60-70 age, most has characteristics was on his chin kept a wisp of beard, he behind with four bodyguards, each seemed is very capable formidable. The step of old man is steady, these people are look at the old man who envies, moreover other people were divided into two to make way the path, only then Xia Tian also in that station. Boy, a bit faster gives Xu Grandfather to yield the way.” Nearby person shouts. Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to that person, but is directly stand forth, he manages the opposite party is any Grandfather, does not have any relations with him, he is goes shopping, this made him appear likes a crane among chickens. By the spacious path has stood person, so long as among nobody walks, because this is to the path that Xu Grandfather lets, but Xia Tian unexpectedly walks above, this time scene resembles Xu Grandfather is the Xia Tian personal servant is the same. Followed also slightly to stare in Xia Tian behind Xu Grandfather, has stopped the footsteps, he first time bumped into this situation, some unexpectedly people walks in front of him. Hey, hasn't the boy, seen this is Xu Grandfather road?” A Xu Grandfather behind bodyguard could not bear, went forward to block Xia Tian. Really is the boy of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, unexpectedly dares to walk in front of Xu Grandfather.” Does not know fellow who respects the elder, Xu Grandfather gets us to get rich.” Really is the young bull does not fear tiger, Xu Grandfather this a person of virtue and prestige person walks everybody to be willing to resign a road here, his unexpectedly also dares to pick ready-made.”

The surrounding person is discontented looks to Xia Tian, Appraisal Master Xu Dechuan in an antique street absolutely is becoming famous big figure, he knows various dynasty the antiques, knew that different treasure, can help everybody scene free appraisal, moreover Xu Grandfather will come also free to choose three people to wash three treasures for them each time here. Then makes Xu Grandfather so a person of virtue and prestige. The Xia Tian vision locked in a stall, switched through, saw Xia Tian to leave the middle this road, that bodyguard has not said anything, everybody also thinks that this new person definitely had discovered he should not walk makes way here. That bodyguard has not felt embarrassed the Xia Tian matter also to be appreciated by the people. Worthily is Xu Grandfather bodyguard, the quality is very high, has not felt embarrassed that boy.” Yes, Xu Grandfather bodyguard definitely is the process is selective, not only the skill is better, but must understand the politeness.” A moment ago that boy also was really disrespectful, if Xu Grandfather, because this matter vitality left, that these people on the scene must peel him exactly.” Xu Grandfather hears the sound as if ten shares that the surrounding these people appreciate to receive, the stride walks above the street, the surrounding shop owner also sets out to greet with Xu Grandfather, the Xu Grandfather slight bow responded to the people. How does this thing sell?” Xia Tian saw a fish-shape jade pendant, this jade pendant very plain semblance looked that probably is a toy of child is ordinary, sees to have on the customer, that vendor on the face has stacked the smiling face immediately. Young fellow good vision, in my this stall to be most valuable on this thing, it is the western region day deep pool jade carving, the jade body jet black leakproof gloss, the low key does not lose the atmosphere, moreover year to year wears the role that this jade may play strongs and healthy body.” The vendors noticed with great difficulty is easily swindled, naturally started to say incessantly, by his experience, front boy was first time comes to here absolutely, moreover was a anything motionless kid. The money of this person should better gain. This jade how much money?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask. I thought that your heart is honest, 8000, 8000 sold you, if this others, will be short of 10,000 me not to sell absolutely.” The vendors open the mouth are 8000, he does not think that front this boy can put out 8000 Qian to come, wants 8000 to be good to bargain for later. 8000 were also too expensive a point, I was a high-school student, absolutely did not have that much money.” Xia Tian coordinates the vendor.

At this moment Xu Grandfather has anchored the footsteps, the vision looked to the jade in Xia Tian hand, smiling of then disdained, his eyes can look that jade was 20 money ornaments that on the avenue sold, here also can only deceive likely is Xia Tian such dumb kid. Although has seen through, but he had not explained that but stands there is waiting for watching the fun, Xia Tian walked a moment ago in front of him, has made him not be feeling well , if not he to maintain own demeanor, already assigned the person to teach this boy well. Now looked that this boy was swindled, he naturally cannot come up to advise. That vendor saw Xu Grandfather smiling face cold sweat fashion, he knows that his thing naturally could not escape from Xu Grandfather discernment, he only asks Xu Grandfather not to see through him now. Boss, 200 how is it? I know this jade is false.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, said in a low voice. The vendor nature knows the own expression betrayed itself, but he opens the mouth to raise prices: Little brother is really the fierce look, but this jade pendant was short of 500 not to be absolutely good, otherwise you went to several other homes to have a look again.” Good, 500 500, but these small stones very well looked that considers the gift to give to me.” Xia Tian has referred to several stones on hand, these stones very ordinary, absolutely does not have any value, the vendor suspends it here also is just because it is attractive. Little brother was really happy, finalized.” After Xia Tian 500 cashes have given the vendor, that several stones has loaded into the pocket. Xu Grandfather showed a faint smile to arrive at side Xia Tian saying: Young fellow, your age and story mixed here also tenderly, the accessories of 20 dollars can also sell 500, the boy who perhaps also only then your this yellow mouth slave child has not drawn back will buy.” „? Right.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, a right hand loosen, the jade pendant fell directly on the ground, fell instantaneously crushes, this Xu Grandfather also slightly gawked. Why, you already know is false?” Xu Grandfather puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Rich, is willful.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the treasure has succeeded in obtaining, then this jade pendant did not have any use, in these small stone braved very strong golden ray a moment ago, this rays and other differences, other treasures were the green rays, this on behalf was being in these goods includes many years of accumulation spiritual energy. But this yellow luminescence only then a possibility, was his father had told him Buddhist Relic, but can have such strong ray to show that this Buddhist Relic might is ancient Buddhist Relic.