Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 71

beauty, wallet also me, this matter.” Three people do not want to stir up trouble probably. Any wallet, I do not know.” Young girl innocent saying. Certainly is you, approached me except for your nobody a moment ago.” I have not taken, do not tarnish the good person.” The young girls argued vigorously. beauty, do not compel us, if you do not hand over, we may probably begin personally, if when the time comes searches, you may do not blame brothers several not to understand that showed tender affection.” „Do you want to do? My boyfriend here, he is very fierce.” The young girls pulled the arm of Xia Tian. Sees her action, three people went to Xia Tian the vision, sees Xia Tian is a person time, three people forwarded one step: Brat, do not mind others'business.” What you want is this.” Xia Tian has put out a blue black wallet from own bosom, when this wallet the young girl approached him a moment ago places on him. Sees the Xia Tian action, that beautiful female disappointed shaking the head of not far away. Really is you do.” Three people look at Xia Tian and young girl wickedly. Wallet has given you, are you how is it?” Xia Tian light saying. The young girls do not know when Xia Tian discovers the wallet, but saw that Xia Tian handed over the wallet, she knew to go bad, how this group of people possibly stressed the prestige. How is it? Now does the human testimony and material evidence, you want such to consider as finished?” Otherwise?” Xia Tian wanted one glass of liquor. You must do, I warned you, my boyfriend temperament was not good.” The young girls snatch the wine class in Xia Tian hand to drink directly. Is looking at the completely empty cup, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Snort, tonight you accompany us one in the evening, this matter.” Was person of cold snort one. My boyfriend in this, your unexpectedly dares such dissolutely to speak to me, I told you, my boyfriend was angry, met him to launch the autokinetic effect light wave to scare to death you.” Saying that the young girls exaggerate. Brat, knowing the limitation hurries to give me to leave, otherwise may not blame under several of us being vicious.” Is a that person looks wickedly to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian has not spoken, but wanted one glass of liquor. „Are you also a man, knows to drink, your woman had been bullied main house gate, you also drink.” The young girls snatched wine class one in Xia Tian hand to do. „Doesn't Sister Hong, with need us to pass?” Wait / Etc. looked.” That beautiful female light saying. Dues you pay.” Xia Tian looks to young girl tranquil saying. Hey, now, you were still worrying that these cups of tips, you were also too mean-spirited.” Young girl discontented saying. Brat, do you leave!” Is that person of head shouts to clear the way again. I will not roll, you teach me first.” Xia Tian turns the head to look that said to that person. Hateful, you dare to play me.” I only dally with the woman, does not dare the interest to the man.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. On, gave me to abandon him.” The two trample directly to Xia Tian, at this time Xia Tian sits there, has a liking to eradicate could not shunt. The Ah! neat pitiful yell sound transmits, but this is not Xia Tian, but is that two people, when two people must trample immediately to Xia Tian, their another leg was actually attacked, does splits directly. Intense ripping pain makes them feel egg broken place. Volume.” Was that person of head there, a moment ago possibly was the light reason, how he has not seen clearly Xia Tian to get rid. The young girl also stares, she does not have to think own side seems the fair and clear fellow only so is really fierce, she just wants to escape saw the Xia Tian Might appearance. Sister Hong, what to do?” Do not worry to have a look again.” The beautiful female sees the performance of Xia Tian is also surprised slightly.

You dare to hit my brother, do you know that who my father is.” Is that person of anger of head looks to Xia Tian, but he has not gone forward, that two people did not have the wound to arrive at Xia Tian a moment ago, his use is not big. This person of manner is quite rampant, obviously he is not first time speaks this words outside. Xia Tian shows a faint smile: That must ask your mother.” Hee hee!!” Xia Tian young girl cracks into a chuckle. This time is that talented person of head understands what is heard the meaning in Xia Tian words: Good, you are rampant enough, you are waiting to me.” Wait / Etc.!!” Xia Tian said suddenly. „Do you want to do?” That person looks vigilantly to Xia Tian. Takes away them.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Two who that person helps up the ground hurriedly, three people ran lamely the bar, here matter has not attracted many attention, because here light and music were too noisy. Saw that three people walked, the young girl shows a faint smile: Thanked.” Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian held the arm of young girl. „Do you want to do?” The young girls stare slightly. Tied the tip.” Xia Tian said. You so are how mean-spirited.” Young girls discontented looks to Xia Tian. I am not ripe with you.” Xia Tian said. in any case I have also worked as you ten minutes of girlfriend, insufficiently your tip.” Young girl some were not happy that oneself such big beauty gives him to work as such half-day girlfriend, please several glasses of liquor have not wanted. Your chest is too small, not suitable, when my girlfriend.” Xia Tian light saying. What? You said that my chest is small.” The young girls very draw out their chest intentionally.

Very, again very should not be 32 B.” Xia Tian has surveyed with the X-Ray Vision eye, is this digit. You.” The young girls look at Xia Tian indignantly, afterward she shows a faint smile: I knew, you cannot certainly eat the grape to dislike the racemic acid.” He he, how to think as you like.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You quickly walk, meets that person, if asked the person to retaliate you, what to do visited you.” The young girls stared Xia Tian one. „The time of coming out truly sufficed steadily, must go home.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, stands up. Sir, your tip.” She hands over.” Xia Tian said slowly walks toward outside. cheapskate, I hand over me to hand over.” The young girls have paid the tip, afterward followed Xia Tian. Your several get down.” The beautiful female shows a faint smile: Is a very interesting kid.” After Xia Tian went out of the bar, day was black, looked at the cell phone, early closed down, has saying that the electric quantity of this cell phone may anti- not use, two days sufficient have not had the electricity. cheapskate, where do you live in?” The young girls followed. Suburb.” Xia Tian replied. With does not need me to hit the fare to you with the point.” The young girls show a faint smile. Has no need, the wallet I have taken carry back.” Xia Tian shook the wallet in oneself hand.