Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 72

When you take away.” The young girls look at Xia Tian surprisedly, her unexpectedly does not know when Xia Tian is takes the wallet, this is her shame, oneself is a thief, finally wallet unexpectedly took by Xia Tian in the bewildered situation. „Before coming out.” Xia Tian said. Has not thought that is Senior.” The young girls show a faint smile. Uncle, is that two people.” moda foka, whose TM does not know my Zhu Liang, unexpectedly links my nephews to dare to hit.” Zhu Liang led 56 people sway to walk. The group are enormous and powerful, the nostril faces upwards. „The small B bastard, you ended, my uncle came.” Was that person of head looks at Xia Tian a moment ago wickedly, he had an accident a moment ago gives his father to telephone, his father's temperament was more irritable, gave his uncle to telephone directly, his uncle was Zhu Liang, Zhu Liang happen to, therefore has caught up directly. I told you, my uncle called Zhu Liang, others asked him to shine the elder brother, no matter the underworld gang moon's orbit had the person.” Let alone.” Zhu Liang has drawn him. Why did not say that I told you, my uncle has not feared anyone.” I let you let alone.” Zhu Liang drew directly him behind. „Can I walk?” Xia Tian expression ice-cold looks at Zhu Liang. Ok, Ok, please walk.” Zhu Liang respectful saying, a moment ago when saw Xia Tian, he was one cold, how he dares to annoy this big god. Saw that Xia Tian he felt his arm also hurts. „It is not good, the uncle, cannot ask him to leave, a moment ago was he.” . moda foka, father speaks you not to listen, your several gave me to draw him.” Zhu Liang maliciously has knocked it off that person behind, along with the following dew smile looks at Xia Tian: You invited.” Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to Zhu Liang, turn around leaves. „Who you are, why he fears you.” The young girls size up Xia Tian curiously. Does not know.” Xia Tian is disinclined to pay attention to her.

You so are how dull.” The young girls saunter in the Xia Tian side. „Do you want to go home with me? I am not the good person.” Xia Tian vision on the body of young girl unscrupulous sizes up. „Do you want to do? Do not come.” The young girls have covered their chest, keeps retreat. With, me is strong J you.” The Xia Tian color narrows the eyes was saying to young girl. Not with not with.” The females turn the head to leave, just before leaving before , has made an ugly face to Xia Tian. This street is almost bar and KTV also has the massage shop, this place the fathers had told him in childhood, but he does not understand that at that time is any meaning, now finally understands. Here every day has different people to come and go, there are different matter occurrences. Some people trade here, some people discussed the business here , some people here enjoyments in groups. „Who you are, lets loose me.” Lets loose you? When elder brother several suffice to let loose you crisply.” Several people towed to knock it off a alley deep place a female who entrained. Lets loose me quickly.” Seals to me her mouth, avoid meets the misdemeanor.” I said that simply fills to instill to him is not better.” Father likes this revolt, plays has any meaning of fainting.” Help, help.” The females shout hurriedly, but her mouth was inserted immediately, how regardless of she makes an effort unable to work loose these people, tears unwilling flows off from her corner of the eye. Regardless of any reason, cannot make the woman cry.” What person?” That several people hear some people to speak, turned head hurriedly, saw an thin and weak youth. Brat, do not mind others'business, is careful your poor life.”

I do not want to mind others'business, but I cannot look at the woman to cry.” Youth light saying. Your is TM courts death.” One of them has turned around, has put out a cutting tool with a spring device from the pocket, he shook shaking in the hand the knife intentionally. „To kill my person to be many, does not care about many one.” That person the cutting tool with a spring device thorn in hand to the youth, saw the cutting tool with a spring device youth who directly punctures shows a faint smile, two fingers stretch out, when blade distance youth one centimeter the blade did not have the means advance slightest again. Em? This is how possible.” Regardless of how that person makes an effort again to puncture the slightest the blade. Bang! A youth foot trampled above that person of belly, trampled him to directly in the place, saw such scene, behind that several people also all flushed to the youth. Bang! Bang! Bang! Four people looked like human pyramid same overlapping in the same place. The females fell into the hopeless situation a moment ago, she once thinks one ended, oneself retained these many years virgin's bodies to by these people spoiling, thinks here time she wants to cry really very much. But when she despairs, a dashing youth appeared, actually although she does not know fairy tale inside put on airs gracefully, but she knows that front man absolutely also probably lead compared with the put on airs. The fire of hope lights once more. Quick, these hooligan were overthrown by the youth. „Are you all right?” The voice of youth is very gentle. Hum!! The females grasp the youth directly, has cried, she too has been afraid, all were too scary. Was all right.” The youth have patted the show back of female gently. Hum!! The females cannot stop their tears.

Where is your family at? I deliver you to go back.” The voice of youth is warm, the bosom is warmer, making her not hate to leave. The females have stopped the sob gradually. I live in the Jianghai University dormitory.” The females are sobbing. „Are you Jianghai University student?” The youth stare slightly. Em.” The females nodded. I deliver you to go back first.” The youth have hit a hiring, the female has been gripping the hand of youth all the way. The youth have delivered to dormitory the female. I called Li Ying, what did you call?” The females do not abandon loosened the hand of youth. I called Xia Tian.” The youth are not others, is Xia Tian. Can give me your mobile number?” Li Ying is somewhat embarrassed, but aroused the courage. „.” Xia Tian told Li Ying own telephone number. Is the close-down.” Li Ying has dialed the Xia Tian cell phone. Did not have the electricity.” Xia Tian light saying. Today too thanks you, another day I will ask you to eat meal.” Li Ying was happier. Good, you come up.” Xia Tian nodded. No, I want to look that you walk first.” Li Ying some do not abandon. Good.” Xia Tian turn around leaves, can see from the attire of female, the female is not the child of wealthy families, moreover when was gripping the hand of Xia Tian a moment ago very makes an effort, it seems like it is heavy that frightens.