Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 73

Xia Tian returns to the Ye Qingxue house in the evening directly, Ye Qingxue knows his college entrance examination, has not disturbed him, next morning, Xia Tian will continue to take a test. Takes a test altogether two days. Next day monitoring an exam with first day is the same, monitors an exam by Professor of seven famous universities together. This test relates to the Beijing reputation, therefore cannot allow them to be careless, the Xia Tian answer paper speed is still that quick. Last branch test time. I warned you, you did not need to make a show, do not have any leaving things to chance, you took a test we to examine test papers with the teachers of our seven universities immediately alternately, give your final score, if your this time has tested the low score, then the previous time matter was you cheats, we will consider the court you, you must in media front public apology.” Beijing Professor warned. SB.” Saying that Xia Tian does not lift. The test had ended quickly, after his test had ended, seven universities have scrutinized his examination paper under the attention of media together. Because this test just has the attention of media therefore publicly alternately to verify to his examination paper. The time of verification is one day, the place that many media will have examined test papers has encircled, the Xia Tian not slight anxiety of litigant. Previous time video attachment strip. The Beijing Professor manner was called arrogant, because of that three Professor, therefore the people in nation thinks that Beijing has the inside story, especially these recruit students especially, not like the public strict verification. But goes through the motions to enter. The influence of this matter is very big, therefore after that three Professor go back, temporarily had been suspended, in addition they create obstacles for the student, this matter does not affect compared with the first difference. If Beijing processing is not good, that will have very tremendous influence to the Beijing reputation, the good student all not to dare to go to Beijing.

If discovered that Xia Tian truly is cheats, then three Professor by the replace, they also will be met the incarnation for the just messenger, sees through an affair good Professor that the student has cheated. Therefore all in this examining test papers, to maintain fairly, examining test papers has examining test papers teachers of seven renowned universities together, is regarded the satellite TV live broadcast by Capital, reason that live broadcast, for sealed outside public opinion. Said matter that the examining test papers teacher was bought and so on. After Xia Tian took a test, saw in oneself hand on one pile of information, has older female cousin and Bing Xin elder sister's blessing SMS, SMS that Huo Lajiao must acknowledge as teacher, Zeng Ruo asked when he has SMS of time, chat SMS that Li Ying that rescued last night sends, last is Xu SMS. Xu, I am Xia Tian.” Brother Xia, you finally starting, the tomorrow's matter did you prepare?” This has anything to prepare, started directly is not good.” Brother Xia, A'San is not an average person, I know that you can select Martial Arts, but A'San skill that has also been equal, or you looked that your master has had free time, can go together.” Relax, Brother Xu, I, since promised you, certainly will not have the issue.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, he knows that the worry of Xu Grandfather is normal, once after all Xia Tian lost, his short remaining life almost does not guarantee, these for many years, Xu Family to suppress him, regardless of he will make anything to buy and sell will do the destruction. A'San becomes famous is quite early, Xu Grandfather with own eyes has also experienced the A'San skill, will therefore have this type to worry. Although Xia Tian in not clear present society to the graduation of Martial Arts, but before previous that Rank 2 Assassins dies, once said that he is Yellow Grade late stage, therefore Xia Tian also had certain understanding to own skill. That A'San skill he has seen, is similar to that Rank 2 Assassins strength, should not have itself fiercely. After Zeng Ruo and Li Ying returned to an information, Xia Tian again arrives at that bar that yesterday went, still sits in that position, he comes here is to adapt to here life by himself.

The father had told him, the genuine person of high skill can be divided into two types, one type is where regardless to does not have anybody or the matter can win his glory, this person as if likes a crane among chickens, another type is where regardless of arrives, fast mixes with here person is a deep pool, does not divide your me. The simple point said that makes any looks like anything. He did not have the opportunity before, does not have money to come to this place, does not have the time, now was different, he can come to here frequently, comes to turn into a here average person oneself. Came?” Yesterday that beautiful female. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. You are very strange.” The beautiful female looked at Xia Tian to say. Where blamed?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to the beautiful female, the eye unscrupulous is sizing up on the beautiful female. Eye is dishonest, always likes looking randomly, has the color center, but does not have the color balls probably.” The beautiful female shows a faint smile. Right, how is that the colored balls?” Xia Tian asked. You look in dance floor these people, sits in that side these people.” The beautiful female looked at the front person with the look, the person of dancing there pathfinding, the person who seeks for the goal runs back and forth in confusion before these women, often profiting at the expense of the state, sits the person there is leads the woman to come or, in this gangs up on, they and woman play the game there, plays the game, while profits at the expense of the state. These women clearly know that was profited, but might be confused by the spirit, they appeared very natural. Saw? That called the person of color center also colored balls.” Beautiful female light saying. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Hey, cheapskate, you came!” Xia Tian another side also came a beautiful young girl, the beautiful young girl took up the Xia Tian front liquor to drink directly.

You snatch my liquor to drink.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Said that you were cheapskate had not said was unfair to you.” The beautiful young girls were that beauty thief of yesterday. „.” Xia Tian has turned the head not to visit her, compares that beauty thief, is front the beautiful female is worther looking. Feeds, I am so ugly, you looked that does not look at my one eyes.” beauty thief discontented saying. Visits you not to have the meaning.” Saying that Xia Tian does not return. How not to have the meaning, in any case I was also beauty.” The beauty thief heard the Xia Tian words to be discontented. Your upper body is too small, does not have the quality of being worth looking.” „Was my upper body how small?” beauty thief intentionally very own upper body. Which beauty and do ugly girl you like looking at?” Snort, who knows that her really or false, perhaps poured water.” The beauty thief by a Xia Tian such saying was felt very does not have the face. The beautiful female hears the words of beauty thief, arrived at her front directly, took up her right hand to place own upper body: You try, really or poured water.”