Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 74

Volume.” The beauty thief stares slightly, a moment ago she just for spiteful, said. Sees the behavior of beautiful female, she knows own speaking incorrectly words, hurried apology: Elder sister, sorry, I am not that meaning.” You looked that the elder sister is so mean-spirited?” The beautiful female shows a faint smile. Xia Tian envies looks to the beauty thief, he hopes that that hand was own. Looks at anything to look that blames you.” The beauty thief stared Xia Tian one. David, gives me to come three cups of your characteristics.” The beautiful female was saying to onstage person. Sister Hong for these days good interest.” David starts to rock the wine class in oneself hand, he adjusts the liquor the way to be very special, likes playing some patterns. Quick, three glasses of good wines appear in the Xia Tian three people of front. „, Is quite fine.” The beauty thief looks surprisedly own front wine class, wine class inside has five colors, these color assortments in together as if the ray in dark night, resembles the rainbow to be the same. Xia Tian first time sees such attractive liquor, attractive some were not cruel enough to drink. Tastes, this is David is most adept.” Sister Hong holds up the wine class in oneself hand. Wait / Etc.!” The beauty thief shouts suddenly. Xia Tian and Sister Hong looked to her. We play a game.” The beauty thief proposed. What plays?” Sister Hong as if also came the interest. We play to bet the dice, gambling stake is the liquor in your hand, who won has been able to take away one cup how?” The beauty thief as if very much likes the liquor. Good, who can drink the liquor to look whose luck is good.” Sister Hong shows a faint smile, she also very satisfies this proposition.

Xia Tian has not voted, the opportunity did not have, now he does not agree also merely is 2 : 1, invalid. Sister Hong does not know where brought dice. Plays?” Sister Hong solicited the beauty thief's proposition, after all this was she raises. We compared with scratching the size, guess that wrong calculation loses, this swings me first, you guess.” The beauty thief shows a faint smile, afterward she rocks dice in the hand. You guess first.” Sister Hong very magnanimous saying. That guesses that is small.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he had seen with X-Ray Vision a moment ago, inside points are 134 points are small, how he still in wants to win Sister Hong, now Sister Hong unexpectedly makes him guess on own initiative first. I guess in a big way, bets the luck in any case, my luck has been very good.” Sister Hong natural saying. Guesses that I opened.” The beauty thief turned on the cup, above is 134 points is small: Is small, Xia Tian has won, the Sister Hong liquor is Xia Tian.” Wish the gambling to concede.” Sister Hong places Xia Tian front front liquor. Good, in receives I bet with you, I swing you to guess, so long as you guessed, my front liquor is your.” The beauty thief shows a faint smile. Has the strangeness, the first feeling of Xia Tian has the strangeness. The beauty thief shook the cup: Guesses.” Xia Tian saw with X-Ray Vision, inside is 456 points is big: Big.” I opened.” The beauty thief turned on the cup to have two dices directly: 9 points are small, you lost.” Em?” Xia Tian and Sister Hong simultaneously stare, is three dices is obviously right, how to turn into two, but is 9 points is truly small. This cup was my.” The beauty thief took away in front of Xia Tian one glass of liquor, he won Sister Hong that cup a moment ago.

We come again, but dice lost one, Sister Hong exchanges.” The beauty thief shows a faint smile. Sister Hong also brought a dice, in addition that two, altogether were three. You, if loses again, that cup on your hand must turn over to me.” beauty thief self-satisfied saying. Has not started, how you know that I can lose?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he looked to understand, Xia Tian guessed a moment ago in a big way, the beauty thief intentionally steals the dice, this causes the points of dice is small. That dice has not lost, but in her hands, if this Xia Tian also guesses in a big way, then she will again also steal one time, if Xia Tian guesses that is small, she will throw that dice in her, four dices are the big probability may want to be bigger. Guesses that is greatly is small.” The beauty thief shows a faint smile. That guesses that is small.” Xia Tian said. Good, I opened.” beauty thief in the flash has thrown the dice in hand. It seems like my luck is quite good, 234, nine points are small.” Xia Tian has taken carry back one cup the liquor. How is this possible?” The beauty thief stares slightly, she remembers obviously one threw the dice, that inside should be four dices is right, how to turn into three now. What has not to be right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to her. Right, comes again.” The beauty thief said hurriedly: This time I guess first.” Ok.” Xia Tian nodded. The beauty thief swung the dice in hand directly: I guess that is small.” I guessed excellently.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Opened.” The beauty thief turned on the cup, at this moment, a grain of dice has rolled into her hand.

It seems like my luck is really good, 345, 12 points are big.” That last glass of liquor of Xia Tian in front of the beauty thief also snatched, at this time in front of Xia Tian had three glasses of liquor, Sister Hong and beauty thief front one cup did not have. „It is not right.” beauty slightly peeped looked that grain of dice in own hand, this grain of dice here, why in the cup had three dices. You wait / etc., you definitely acted shamelessly.” The beauty thief looks at Xia Tian indignantly. How did I act shamelessly?” Xia Tian looks to the beauty thief. You acted shamelessly.” The beauty thief looks indignantly to Xia Tian, she can determine that definitely had fudged a moment ago, but the quantity of dice actually has not changed. This showed that certainly is Xia Tian attempted to pervert on the dice, first time took away one, second time taking away that sent back. You said actually which I acted shamelessly.” Xia Tian takes up one glass of liquor just about to drink. You have acted in any case shamelessly, you do not permit to drink, we come again.” The beauty thief the hand of Xia Tian, is not making her drink. You are occupying me to be cheap?” Xia Tian looked that said to the beauty thief. Bah bah! Who occupied you to be cheap, was not concerned about face.” The beauty thief has let loose the hand of Xia Tian. Xia Tian very happy drinks under. You also really drink.” The beauty thief has robbed one cup from Xia Tian directly, oneself also drank one cup, afterward the left hand snatched to Xia Tian another cup. When the beauty thief must snatch the liquor immediately, another hand snatched this glass of liquor.