Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 77

Sees such looks familiar.” A Lord Fanzhuang brow wrinkle, Xia Tian Kungfu makes him look like looks familiar, but actually he could not have remembered where to see. Xia Tian under foot Movement Technique is faintly recognizable, as if immortal swims general, double refers to is also singularly varied goes to the A'San point. Saw Xia Tian double refers, A'San felt one have no place to hide, therefore he chose has spelled hardly, the right foot kicked directly, the goal Xia Tian wrist|skill, he believes that regardless of Xia Tian wanted to do, so long as saw own, definitely will choose to fend, otherwise his wrist|skill will directly be kicked by an own foot. You were swindled.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward the arm sinks, the wrist|skill came a 90 degrees curve, double referred to direct above the calf of A'San. Ah! A'San pain shouted one lightly. A'San!!” Xu Qinghua anxious looks to A'San. I am all right.” A'San single Tui retreat one step, he felt a moment ago his calf as if lulled is the same, a needle pain, but the pain vanished now. Leg high and low many Kungfu.” Xia Tian a moment ago that if attacks on the average person leg, the leg of that opposite party almost abandoned. In your hand Kungfu is also good, I underestimated you.” A'San shook own right leg, afterward expression ice-cold saying: You did not have the opportunity, because I was angry.” You try.” Xia Tian stands there, the imposing manner is not weak in A'San. A'San corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, both feet makes an effort to step in ground, ground unexpectedly had trod out one by him the pit. A'San wanted the realistic skill finally.” Xu Qinghua nodded to continue saying: It seems like this martial arts contest should to end.” Xu Qinghua understood the A'San ability, at least he has not seen A'San to defeat. Bang! A A'San foot kicked above the both arms of Xia Tian, if a moment ago were not Xia Tian responds quickly, perhaps that foot has kicked his bone. Big strength.” Xia Tian has flung waving the arms about. Then just started.” The A'San both feet as if confuses trace step to be the same, which leg making Xia Tian unable to find out him to leave next time.

Quick, the A'San attack speed is fast, and strength is big. Xia Tian Movement Technique is marvelous. As soon as they attack defend, A'San occupied completely the winning side. Be careful.” The Xu Dechuan complexion is not good, now everyone can see Xia Tian is inferior. Little Fei has gotten hold of own fist, he very hates himself now, hating oneself not to make every effort to succeed, if enough, can protect Master, he does not have the father not to have mother since childhood, Master is first to he such good person. He once pledged one live for their Master for a lifetime. But now sees Master to have difficult, he actually can only look here, cannot add on any busy. Hits back, how to know to hide, a moment ago do not bet the life with me?” A'San is provoking Xia Tian. Xia Tian, you is a coward, you have hidden how.” Xu Shaocong adds inflammatory details there. I had already said that if not Quicksand, you are any thing.” The Xu Qinghua ridicule said. Their three sang a duet in that to force the Xia Tian frontage and A'San spelled hardly. Since you want to spell hardly, I such as you hope.” Xia Tian footsteps, changes to draw back to enter, the right hand double refers to the direct point to A'San, is only the flash, the imposing manner of his whole person had the huge change. A'San saw that Xia Tian does not hide, the direct foot kicks to Xia Tian. Ka!. The double direction of Xia Tian in the A'San ankle place, the ankle of that sound A'San broke the sound. Ka!

This time was the joint of A'San breaks. Ka! This time was the entire leg passed out. What?” Xu Family fathers and sons whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian, all occur was too quick, just A'San was also having the distinct superiority, was in such flash, the body of A'San but actually. Do not meet the tough head-on with toughness?” Double direction of Xia Tian on another leg of A'San. Ka! If your two legs have abandoned, you also do have other other skills?” Xia Tian double refers to the joint on A'San leg selects completely broken. You have killed me.” A'San to the present does not understand that actually the body of Xia Tian had anything to change a moment ago, that flash he felt that is the blank, he only saw the opening and result. That passes through him not to remember completely. The Xu Family fathers and sons definitely are unable to accept the present scene, opposite Xu Grandfather is liking of face. I do not kill you, I want to take a look at you am if escapes chasing down of personal enemy.” Xia Tian shook the head. Result was very obvious, then Mr. Xu do not forget the initial gambling stake, from now henceforth you did not permit to feel embarrassed Xu, otherwise do not blame my Fan Zhuifeng to do without sparing anyone's sensibilities.” Lord Fanzhuang looked that said to Xu Qinghua. Xu Qinghua nod of silently, he anything cannot say now. Looks at A'San to lie down in the form of ground, he felt that his life must end, his can make in a big way Xu Family, part is the A'San merit, but A'San turned into this appearance now. Then before him these personal enemies may not let off him. These year of A'San have paid for him, but actually ends up to turn out finally so is out, held the body of A'San, Xu Qinghua left Greenwood Villa directly.

Before Xu Shaocong just before leaving, stared Xia Tian one wickedly. „It was good, Brother Xia, you were too fierce, A'San is not your match.” Xu grabs arm excited saying of Xia Tian. I already told you to feel relieved.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Master.” Little Fei worries looks at Xia Tian. Relax, your Master I am very fierce.” Xia Tian has patted the shoulder of Little Fei. Your does Taiji Fist learn from whom?” Lord Fanzhuang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Be honest with you, I accidental a chance in the park learned, I called him Old Fan, he also made me have the time Greenwood Villa to visit him.” Xia Tian answered. „, Is my family old man, but he returned to Beijing.” Lord Fanzhuang nodded. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Where you are, doesn't promise me to accompany me to look for that missing front teeth today?” Is the police spends the elder sister, which you, me look for you now.” Good, you come.” After Lin Bingbing told the Xia Tian address, has hung up the telephone.