Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 79

He he, Little Sister will not drink.” Sister Hong saw that the Lin Bingbing appearance shows a faint smile. Who said me unable.” Lin Bingbing suppressed to drink liquor in the cup. Hey, do you use such reluctantly.” Xia Tian sees the Lin Bingbing appearance, knows that she cannot drink, one glass of liquor get into the stomach, the entire face becomes ruddy, looks to have one point of beauty under this light. Snort.” Lin Bingbing light snort had turned the head. A bit faster roars, small Little Sister was jealous.” Sister Hong has caused a look to Xia Tian. Is jealous?” Xia Tian stares slightly, if Lin Bingbing can eat his vinegar to be good, she is elegantly beautiful the police to be colored, cold that became famous, Xia Tian had asked for advice. Young fool, the woman is jealous this.” Sister Hong selected has selected the forehead of Xia Tian. „Were you jealous really?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to Lin Bingbing. Go away.” Lin Bingbing has given back to a Xia Tian specialized rolling character. It seems like is all right.” Xia Tian hears this character time, knows that Lin Bingbing was all right. Your girlfriend temperament may poor.” Sister Hong shows a faint smile. „Her.” Xia Tian nodded. Who is your girlfriend, if you dare saying that again I am your girlfriend, I well repair your.” Lin Bingbing angry looks to Xia Tian, her cheek does not know is the air/Qi or drinks, the ruddy specialness is lovable. Hey, how today cheapskate, you come is so early.” The beauty thief just entered the bar to see Xia Tian. Saw that some women look for Xia Tian, Lin Bingbing is not very happy, although she does not know that her is not why happy. Is helps obviously, everywhere is actually a womanizer.” Lin Bingbing said in a low voice, sound small, only then she can hear. When the beauty thief arrives at the Xia Tian side stares slightly, Sister Hong she poured has also seen several times, but who side Xia Tian another beauty was, the attractiveness of this woman let be of woman feels to feel ashamed of one's inferiority similarly.

She has thought one have sufficed attractively, but saw front this female time she discovered that this world is very big. Sister Hong, she is a thief, Tiantian patronizes your here, you should repair her well.” Xia Tian saw beauty thief time said. Sister Hong, are you here Boss?” The beauty thief looks at Sister Hong surprisedly. Em.” Sister Hong nodded. „.” The beauty thief's first response wants to run away, but Sister Hong has remembered own appearance, even if ran away has been able to be what kind. Sits that if I want to catch you already to catch you.” Sister Hong shows a faint smile. Sorry, Sister Hong, I do not know that this bar is your.” beauty thief awkward saying. Now knew.” Sister Hong disguises serious saying. Knew.” The beauty thief mischievous spitting tongue. Well, liquor.” The beauty thief sees in front of Xia Tian that half glass of liquor, got rid to snatch directly came to drink under. Hey, that liquor he has drunk.” The Lin Bingbing reminder said. I know.” The beauty thief nodded. You also drink, your this called to kiss indirectly.” Lin Bingbing ill-humored saying. „Is that also what kind of?” beauty thief very natural saying. Snort.” Lin Bingbing anything does not think that turns the head to look to Xia Tian: Time was up, we walk.” Time.” Xia Tian answered.

I said that now walks.” Lin Bingbing said that turn around walks toward outside directly, Xia Tian has to follow. Sister Hong, what that female is who?” The beauty thief asked. Possibly is his girlfriend.” Sister Hong guessed. His unexpectedly had the girlfriend, was a pity.” The beauty thief regretted shaking the head. Lin Bingbing angrily went out of the bar, sees time extremely angry saying of Xia Tian: Later do not lead me to come to this place.” Volume.” How Xia Tian could not master Lin Bingbing is. Our reducing heat day KVT and other people go.” Lin Bingbing just about to walks, discovered where one do not know this KTV. In that side.” Xia Tian has referred to the left front. You so are how familiar with here, but also knew with here bar Boss, before visiting you, is not the good thing.” Lin Bingbing stared Xia Tian one to continue saying: Now is not.” How your anger suddenly becomes such greatly.” Xia Tian puzzled saying. Do not annoy me, I have drunk, was careful that I play the drunk to punch you.” Lin Bingbing more wants to be angry on exceed a moment ago, although she does not know why one are angry. They arrived at red day KVT, here is the red-light district, but the manager saw Lin Bingbing time is tactful has not arranged to accompany to compose a poem in response to one received other services to them, Xia Tian wants in one to wrap. The Lin Bingbing appearance attracted the attention of many person. „Do we stay in this?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. Naturally.” Xia Tian nodded. This KTV is so big, how we know that the missing front teeth appeared, how also to track him?” Lin Bingbing asked again.

Therefore I wanted this private room.” Xia Tian answered. Differently what does here have?” Lin Bingbing asked. This position can see all enters KTV inside person, so long as he presents me first to discover him.” Xia Tian answered. From this aspect, does your vision have that? Moreover comes and goes these many people.” A question of Lin Bingbing face. You sang the song, or too peaceful will have caused others' suspicion.” Xia Tian light saying. I cannot.” Lin Bingbing renounces said. Did not sing knocks it off, mission failed in any case did not have anything to relate with me.” Xia Tian face indifferent saying. Good, calculates that you suppress.” Lin Bingbing took up the microphone to start to request a song. When Lin Bingbing requests a song, the gate suddenly was opened, two young men have opened the door of theater box greedily, the vision looks to Lin Bingbing, afterward said: Excuse me, going astray room.” Although on the mouth said that meaning that but they as if have not left. You can walk.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. beauty, meets is fate, otherwise goes to there to sit?” They have disregarded Xia Tian directly. Go away.” Saying of Lin Bingbing coldly. „, The temperament is not whoops small, such attractively a little temperament is also right.” They not only have not walked, instead walked directly: You do not go not to relate, we accompany you to be also same in this.” You , if not walk, I must throw you.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying.