Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 8

Compares in the Xia Tian here this time Jiang Hai City big hospital. Director Li, how?” Mr. Xu, we absolutely do not have means that Young Master Xu linked for a half minute unable to insist, we to he checked the time he even draws in inspecting the room.” Director Li at this time is also very helpless. Was prescribed medicine?” We had analyzed, trace that has not prescribed medicine, moreover now Young Master Xu did not have what thing to arrange, a afternoon his body weight already thin ten jin (0.5 kg), words that such gets down, his whole person will die.” Director Li has thought solution that can try to find, but cannot find out to be sick. Ten jin (0.5 kg)? This wants the deceased person.” Xu Qinghua is the Xu Shaocong father, he only then a Xu Shaocong such son, although the son only will usually cause trouble outside, but does he make money to do? Now the son turns into this suddenly, how he can not worry. Master, we had asked the young master a moment ago, he today in school and one student who called Xia Tian had the contradiction, later after that student added that careful having diarrhea.” Xu Residence Butler already inquired, has asked the Xu Shaocong matter process. „Did person send?” Xu Qinghua satisfied nod. Embarked, I make A'San lead two people to go.” Xu Residence Butler emphasized A'San specially, this A'San is not the average person, retired Special Force, it is said that has carried out dozens large-scale mission people, has obtained the class two merit citation, but afterward the left leg was injured, is forced to retire from the armed services. Xu Qinghua happen to had rescued this A'San life, therefore these years A'San is Xu Family has risked one's life, this was also a Xu Qinghua proudest matter. Has A'San to get rid he most to feel relieved. This time Xia Tian does not know one stared, buys the ancient Buddhist Relic his mood to be specially good. The ancient Buddhist Relic matter he listened to the father saying that High Monk that only then obtained enlightenment passed away can be concise Buddhist Relic, but ancient Buddhist Relic appeared in the legend. It is said after the Ancient God Buddha passed away , that moment of the evil of to cleanse world, Buddhist Relic appeared will vanish in the horizon falls into the Nine Provinces earth. Person of the brilliant ray in society, Xia Tian thinks before this is only the father to the fairy story that he told, but has not thought that this thing unexpectedly existed, then the strong ray, Xia Tian knows one have not misread absolutely.

Snort, the things of 500 dollars also felt all right before me say richly.” Xu Grandfather cold snort, his first time had been provoked, moreover is a less than 20 boy. I listened to the person saying that a moment ago you are Appraisal Master?” Xia Tian looks suddenly to this Xu Grandfather, although he does not want to stir up trouble, but this Xu Grandfather has not let off his meaning probably. Right, on this antique street, what person there is not to know my Xu Dechuan?” Xu Grandfather proud saying, his reputation on this street is very resounding, this is also his proud capital, he is in the Jiang Hai City four respected families the Xu Family person, but his young time wants to play all the time to like playing with these antiques, therefore the industry of family fell in his elder brother hand finally. He had striven, what a pity finally failed, afterward his elder brother died, the financial group of family also fell in the hand of his nephew Xu Qinghua, Xu Qinghua will call expenses him every month, but that money regarding entire Xu Family that simply was a drop in the bucket. Therefore he sets firm resolve to recapture the industry in family, but why does he go to spell with Xu Qinghua? That is money and influence, wants to obtain the best means of money and influence is here. These years he had enough prestige and status. How I and do you compete with one?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this old fogy interesting . Moreover the status here is very probably high, this after him has the use very much. „Compared with me, compared with what?” Xu Grandfather feels suddenly very funnily. Was better than you most adept skill, you select five here things, I discover from five all am not the goods of antique, so long as same I lost mistakenly.” Xia Tian is looked that who looks for the antique the skill to be stronger. Ha Ha, the boy, you are showing off meager skills before an expert, what to do if you did lose?” Xu Grandfather laughs was saying. „Do I lose? I will not live am leaving here.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: If you lost, that helped the thing of glancing I bought me to look.” Really does not know the immensity of heaven and earth.” Xu Grandfather disdains looked at Xia Tian: I have won words, I do not need you dead, but I want you to give me the life.” Xu Dechuan felt that front boy is very interesting, this also reminded him of Xu Qinghua A'San, perhaps this was a heaven-sent opportunity, if he also obtained one looks like A'San that type dead the loyal subordinate, absolutely was a big harvest, this competed with him is the steady victory, he must by the instrument on 100% discovered the genuine antique and treasure. Otherwise he had already gotten rich, his success ratio only then about 10%, because tall Fang and treasure confuse falsehood with the truth sufficiently, so long as in other words he discovers a genuine antique, then makes that boy guess that in any event that boy is impossible to guess. Was simple as for that real antique, he went to a shop to be good taking advantage of one casually, his Xu Dechuan this face had.

Xia Tian sat in same place waiting, but Xu Grandfather was looks for five gambler's characters, the surrounding person heard that Xu Grandfather must bet to guess the antique with the person, encircled over a hundred people all of a sudden. Xu Dechuan does not know own today how, how with this child bar on, but he is actually very earnest, has selected a small gadget in an antique store, then had to look for several simulations antiques, he antique that used the naked eye unable to distinguish. Several casual the small thing that buys from stall, these people looked that is Xu Grandfather must not receive money, but Xu Dechuan everyone has thrown 200 dollars. Boy, the thing brought, you examine to examine.” Xu Grandfather behind bodyguard takes five things to place in front of above a Xia Tian square table. The surroundings have heard many discussion sounds immediately, majority in saying Xia Tian acted recklessly, unexpectedly dares with Xu Grandfather compared with the experimental treasure, Xu Grandfather, but Appraisal Master on antique street. Sets the topic by him, coming out that Xia Tian is impossible to guess. The five treasure on table separately is a wooden box, a big porcelain insulator, a tray, a glittering and translucent carving stone also has a bracelet. Looks at five treasure on table, Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye. How is it? The boys, want to admit defeat now already without enough time.” Xu Grandfather traces own beard, touches own beard to represent him to have victory in the hand each time. Xia Tian took up the wooden box to throw to Xu Dechuan first directly: Really.” Good, calculates that you have won, this is Qing Dynasty Empress Cixi has used the vanity case.” Xu Grandfather has not acted shamelessly, this relates to his reputation, although he knows that Xia Tian possibly was tries one's luck has bumped into, but he actually has no alternative but to recognize. At this time in the crowd some people started saying that Xia Tian dog Shi transported, ignorant to one and so on words. Xia Tian has not gone to the words that paid attention to these people to speak, has taken up once more that bowpot, saw that Xia Tian took up time Xu Dechuan of this bowpot to show a faint smile, if not know that beforehand this thing was fake, he could not see the truth, simulation that made was really too high. He does not believe Xia Tian can see this thing the truth, Xia Tian certainly guesses when the time comes that real, the gambling house finished. After Xia Tian takes up the vase, shows a faint smile: Xu Grandfather, if I guessed goods really am fake, was I damages has not related?”

That is natural, fake, I can also repay.” Xu Grandfather words just said. , The vase fell on the ground, saw that Xia Tian action those present were shocked, no matter what a moment ago that vase who looked is a good thing, surrounding immediately presented the regretting sound and imprecations. Xia Tian has not paid attention to these people, picked up the piece of fragment of ground, character Fang Quzi that on the fragment wrote has made, saw time all people who these characters know Xia Tian guessed right. Who is Fang Quzi? That is to counterfeit Master that became famous, to counterfeit that it is said that he makes from the semblance looked that cannot look is to counterfeit, must depend upon the instrument to inspect. „Does Fang Quzi make?” Xu Dechuan saw these characters time he also stares: „Is this possible? Actually you how guess correctly.” Xu Dechuan surprised is not because Xia Tian has guessed right once more, because Xia Tian unexpectedly has seen through Fang Quzi to counterfeit fake, if appraisal divides the rank, then general can be divided into five, but he should be able to be considered as on is third-class, as for Fang Quzi fake it is said only then five and other Appraisal Expert can look, if Xia Tian looked at this moment ago is really fake, he may really bump into Expert. At this moment Xia Tian has destroyed the tray, has revealed inside trace, saw that this people naturally know Xia Tian has guessed right, Xu Dechuan was shocked at this time thoroughly. Saw only Xia Tian still to step on a foot the stone on the ground, everybody naturally understood his meaning, this was also fake, saw that Xia Tian has taken up final goods, was that bracelet. Wait / Etc., the young fellow, calculates that you have won, you want anything, although said.” Xu Dechuan has not made Xia Tian guess that last treasure, because he had decided that must become friends with this boy. If there is a help of Xia Tian, perhaps his plan also really can succeed. „, That many thanks Xu Grandfather, this bracelet I very have liked, it.” Xia Tian looks the necklace in own hand shows a faint smile.