Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 80

Ha Ha, you is a student, depends on you also to dare to me such to speak.” They look at the vision to Xia Tian, in their eyes Xia Tian is just a kid. A moment ago outside they were attracted by the Lin Bingbing appearance, therefore they will pretend the going astray room to come to say something to smooth things over. Pretty the female like Lin Bingbing is not Xia Tian this kid can be joined to radically. Idle talk are really many.” Xia Tian stands up directly, moves toward them. Oh, kid, your also a little idea how.” They naturally cannot fear a Xia Tian such child. Bang! A fist, Xia Tian has only used a fist, one of them directly knocks down, that person has not sent out including the cry that but actually. What?” Another person saw that own companion unexpectedly had been overthrown by the enemy all of a sudden, whole face surprised looks at Xia Tian. Bang! Xia Tian is a fist, another person knocks down, threw the theater box them afterward, the service person of corridor hid distant, the server went forward to examine their situations hurriedly. Why you get rid that heavily, did not fear that causes others' suspicion?” Lin Bingbing discontented saying. I over helping you.” Xia Tian ill-humored saying. You do not need to make into such them, one will trouble must have.” Lin Bingbing continues saying: You think that actually one should how process troublesome these.” Relax, has me, you can start to sing.” Xia Tian light saying. The time of the present being to enjoy, had the excuse to make the elegantly beautiful police spend to sing with great difficulty to oneself, how Xia Tian will miss. All for mission.” Lin Bingbing was persuading itself. If for mission, she will not sing for this repugnant fellow, oneself is a policewoman, unexpectedly to others, when accompanied to sing, moreover Xia Tian this repugnant fellow. But for the exposed status she only cannot comply reluctantly.

Lin Bingbing long such greatly comes KTV to make mission besides previous and Xia Tian, has not come to this place, but the song she truly will sing. Hears the Lin Bingbing singing sound, Xia Tian stares slightly, he has not thought Lin Bingbing sang so was also of pleasant to hear. Xia Tian more listens more fascinated. Quick, Lin Bingbing sang. Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed. I sang was coarse you not to need to sigh.” Lin Bingbing discontented saying. Was a pity.” Xia Tian shook the head. What to be a pity?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. You, if must go to be a singer, that simply is the super big singer, when the police did work beneath one's ability.” Xia Tian said. Nonsense.” Although Lin Bingbing on the mouth said that but the innermost feelings are actually one happy. Bang! The gate of theater box was trampled. Elder Brother Bao, is he.” The person who a moment ago that two hit called the helper. Mother, whose TM dares to hit my brother.” The Elder Brother Bao nostril walked upwards, his first sees is Lin Bingbing, saw that the Lin Bingbing time whole person was shocked. Too attractive, too TM was attractive, this is the feeling of his innermost feelings. beauty he saw, what was so beautiful was first seeing. beauty, do you name?” Elder Brother Bao complexion looks to Lin Bingbing.

Elder Brother Bao, hits my person in that side.” The hit that person has referred to the Xia Tian position. Wait a minute, has not seen me to pick up the little girl.” Elder Brother Bao shoves open that person. Hey, quickly has solved them.” Lin Bingbing looked that said to Xia Tian, at this time Elder Brother Bao also looked at the vision to Xia Tian, when he saw when Xia Tian first feels somewhat looks familiar, when second the whole person was shocked. Present person he is clear, the matter in previous Emperor KTV he has a vivid memory now, thinks that then scene his sweat flowed, moreover what was most fearful was Liu Dui also dies because of him. Thus it can be seen his behind actually some big energies. Such fearful person this whole life does not want to see the second time, but he truly saw today, moreover oneself present is asks him to trouble, had sexually harassed a moment ago also his girlfriend. „The small B bastard, you ended, my Elder Brother Bao came, you wait for death, today I not only need abandon you, but must snatch your girlfriend.” That person of incomparably rampant saying, hears his words, Elder Brother Bao at heart thump. You also really should punch.” Xia Tian light saying. You have not seen clearly the situation, I told you, today the father bullies you.” That person of manner is more rampant. Really is owes to punch.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Do I owe to punch? Can you I be what kind of?” That person of disdaining looks to Xia Tian. !! A clear palm of the hand sound, that person is covering own face, his had been slapped a moment ago, but hits his is not Xia Tian, but is his Elder Brother Bao: Elder Brother Bao, this.” Your TM truly owes to punch.” Elder Brother Bao has given him a palm of the hand. Elder Brother Bao, is he bullies me.” That person innocent looks to Elder Brother Bao. „Did he bully you? You made him bully are not good.” Elder Brother Bao comes up is a series of palms of the hand, followed to look in their behind people silly. They are tidy up the person in this room obviously, but now Elder Brother Bao unexpectedly own person hitting.

Elder brother, you looked that I such am you to satisfy?” Elder Brother Bao has been showing the bright smiling face to Xia Tian. You leave.” Saying that Xia Tian unemotionally. Good, my this leave, this leave, the elder brother, the sister-in-law you plays slowly.” Elder Brother Bao trampled that person, later led them to go out of the theater box. Just went out of Elder Brother Bao long expiration of theater box, a moment ago was really too dangerous, he saw being out of Liu Dui, killed him not to dare to provoke this plague god. T moda foka, you will open an eye to me next time, the father this time are almost killed by you.” Elder Brother Bao trampled a foot in that person: Your several make the bar give me to deliver the fruit tray toward inside, delivers to eat.” Good.” A little brother runs hurriedly to bar. In the theater box, Lin Bingbing looked silly, she thinks Xia Tian will also get rid to fight, but has not thought that his unexpectedly defeating the enemy without fighting, ran away in fear that any Elder Brother Bao directly, before walking, called her sister-in-law. „Did you know a moment ago that person?” Lin Bingbing curious asking. Before has punched.” Xia Tian said. How you always like fighting, I warned that your today's matter calculates you hit for mission, if makes me discover that you usually fight, I will catch absolutely you.” Lin Bingbing warned. „To be able with you in the same place, the place does not matter.” Xia Tian complexion looks at Lin Bingbing. Thump!! Some people have sounded the gate of theater box.