Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 81

Comes.” Xia Tian shouted, in KTV the sound is too loud, did not shout that cannot hear. Hello, Sir, this is your fruit tray.” After the servers open the door, more than ten servers follow on the heels, in their hands takes is the fruit trays, eats also has to drink. I have not wanted these things.” Xia Tian said. Is others delivers, money has handed over.” That server respectful saying. The fruit tray and eats was really too many, on the table could not put down, finally the server has moved in a table. Saw front bunch of things, Lin Bingbing soon by the thunder but actually, she has not thought that Xia Tian face unexpectedly was so big, the opposite party has sent these many things. After the servers put down the thing, all left. Your face is really big.” Looks at these things on table, Lin Bingbing helpless shaking the head. Eats, is in any case free.” Xia Tian very happy takes up a watermelon. Knows to eat, do not forget our proper business.” The Lin Bingbing reminder said. Naturally, I have not looked that person went upstairs a moment ago.” Xia Tian eats while said. Went upstairs? When, I how had not discovered.” Lin Bingbing doubts looks to Xia Tian. Delivered the time that person of fruit tray just to go upstairs a moment ago.” Xia Tian answered. „Don't we use with?” Lin Bingbing asked. With does, he must come out in any case, when the time comes again with on line.” Xia Tian like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds, sees anything to eat anything. Freeloader, your ancestors certainly was the Zhu Bajie reincarnation.” Lin Bingbing sees the Xia Tian table manners, she completely could not eat.

Lin Bingbing has not sung again, but has looked at Xia Tian to eat, should some people not look for trouble after the matter again, then they did not need to be worried to cause others' suspicion. Finally in Xia Tian has eaten about half double-hour, he has put down the thing in hand. „Did you eat to the full?” Lin Bingbing looked that asked to Xia Tian. No, but he came out.” Xia Tian scratched the hand to walk toward outside, Lin Bingbing also followed. Sees Xia Tian to come out, these servers of corridor appear specially respectful, Xia Tian went out of KTV directly, Lin Bingbing. The woman on this street is as numerous as the hairs of an ox, any beauty also has, but pretty and makings top like Lin Bingbing does not have, Lin Bingbing walked on the avenue attracted the attention of countless person. Xia Tian holds the hand of Lin Bingbing to walk toward front directly, Lin Bingbing wants to break free from the hand of Xia Tian, how regardless of she makes an effort not to cast off, moreover she has not dared to make noise, is afraid the exposed status. The missing front teeth walk frivolously, obviously was did not know a moment ago with that lover many times. Xia Tian truly admires this person, a half hour can also come several times. They track, but Xia Tian with is not near, but maintains a distance of street, several Lin Bingbing think that with losing, wanted to pursue, but was blocked by Xia Tian. That person has walked, finally went to a cafe. Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing also entered cafe, the position distance missing front teeth that but they sit are very far. With him sits together who that person is?” Lin Bingbing does not dare to stare at the opposite party to look, is afraid exposed, therefore can only ask Xia Tian. Is Islander.” Xia Tian light saying. Islander? It seems like my mission has completed, you know that what they were discussing?” Lin Bingbing asked.

I am looking.” Xia Tian has been looking at their shapes of the mouth with the split vision, distinguishes them to be discussing anything, that Islander said a fluent China language, they were talking. After five minutes. We walk.” Xia Tian stands up. After leaving the cafe. What were they discussing?” Lin Bingbing asked. Three days later Jiang Hai City will ship in a cultural relic, concrete was any they had not said that but they must get rid to that cultural relic.” Telling that Xia Tian will see has given Lin Bingbing. Robs the cultural relic, big case.” Lin Bingbing excited saying. This chapter of your mission completed.” Xia Tian looked that said to Lin Bingbing. Thank you.” Lin Bingbing shows a faint smile. Thanked me to end? Did not reach an agreement must kiss my one?” The Xia Tian color narrows the eyes looks at Lin Bingbing. No, I was said at that time you helped me say first again, is right.” Lin Bingbing early deliberate seems to be same, absolutely did not have the ponder to say. By Xia Tian formidable Spiritual Force naturally remembers that then these words, oneself can only confess had bad luck: Good, must make you comply next time face to face.” After saying goodbye to Lin Bingbing, Xia Tian has made a phone call to older female cousin, afterward takes taxi residence. older female cousin has issued the dead order, if has not gone back today, older female cousin must get angry. Opens the door time, present picture Xia Tian to control.

In entire room dazzling, if not the door that he opens, he even suspected own going astray others, this must marry. Wishes you to test good achievements.” When the Xia Tian god, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin jumped. Saw when their wear Xia Tian has flowed out the nosebleed directly. A red leotard, in the upper body anything has not put on, irritable, the scene was exciting too, the nostril of Xia Tian starts whirlwind blood immediately, young is good, the blood of nostril blowout probably is the running water is the same, does not ask for money. Red leotard they two statures perfect shows, Xia Tian can guarantee that he definitely had not had to older female cousin before any improper ambition, the present scene he has roared does not live. „, How like this, a bit faster hematischesis.” Two females noticed that the Xia Tian appearance runs over to help Xia Tian stop bleeding hurriedly, but they worried, the leotard has slid on the skin of Xia Tian, that feeling. Two females are busy at work like this, Xia Tian nosebleed class is more serious. Thinks that my Xia Tian first illustrious name, finally is the class nosebleed class dies unexpectedly.” In Xia Tian heart a feeling. What to do can this? Or hits 120.” Ye Qingxue anxious saying. Does not use, I go to washroom, immediately good.” Xia Tian ran directly to the washroom, here picture was too beautiful, he does not dare to look. After running in the washroom, Xia Tian twists the cold water the water cock, after cold water flushing well, the anger fell finally, but he turned the head to see the small flower bud silk. Is older female cousin and Bing Xin elder sister's small flower bud silk. Oh I have urged to go faster.”