Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 82

Looks at front these small flower bud silk, the nosebleed that Xia Tian just stopped nearly once more spouts. older female cousin they want my life.” Xia Tian suppresses own eye, was not looked by oneself. Xia Tian, you how.” Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin two females shouting that worries about outside. I am all right.” Xia Tian responded: older female cousin, the weather was cold, you put on clothes.” Xia Tian really does not dare to look again, otherwise he is afraid oneself excessive loss of blood dead, the clothes that older female cousin and Bing Xin wear truly suffice to celebrate, but that red tight-fitting clothing also all showed they two statures. They two statures may be very good, looks at their two X-Ray Vision eyes to be able opening cannot help but. Such hot day throws over any clothes, the words that you are all right hurry, your Bing Xin elder sister goes to the kitchen personally to the compassion supper that you make.” Ye Qingxue to is shouting. Dies dies.” Xia Tian clenched teeth to walk directly. Xia Tian comes out, two females have replaced the leotard, that leotard they just to give a Xia Tian pleasant surprise a moment ago. Their two have both changed skirt. Has saying that the woman wears the skirt is a princess, two princesses were slim and graceful, are pretty. The meal almost prepared, about ten minutes, Bing Xin remaining also left the pot, eight dishes, each one were the color fragrance are complete. Really delicious, is the Bing Xin cook stick.” The Ye Qingxue praise said. Em, Bing Xin elder sister's craftsmanship is truly good.” Xia Tian has eaten one, flavor being much better that makes compared with the outside hotel. Xia Tian, has remembered, later asks the wife to look for Bing Xin this, on the main hall, can go to the kitchen.” Ye Qingxue sweet smiles. Qingxue, has your food.” Bing Xin has clamped a bulk meat to Ye Qingxue. You are want to shut my mouth.” Ye Qingxue looks the meat in own bowl said.

„The Bing Xin elder sister's cook is truly wonderful, like older female cousin, will not cook the instant noodles, moreover can boil sticks.” Xia Tian recalled that initially with Ye Qingxue stayed together when scene. At that time Ye Qingxue did not say one will prepare food, then has bought two packages of instant noodles, finally watched the television time the surface forgetting, the instant noodles has stuck. You shut up to me.” Ye Qingxue vision cut-throat looks at Xia Tian to say. This is a stain in Ye Qingxue life. Instant noodles boiled stick.” The corners of the mouth of Bing Xin twitch, she wants to smile, but also fears the Ye Qingxue vitality, therefore does not dare to smile. Saw that the Bing Xin expression he was angry: You, irritated me.” Direct turn around that the Ye Qingxue air/Qi results in returned to own room. Qingxue, waits for me.” Bing Xin pursued. After Xia Tian finished eating, went back own room, Bing Xin came out to tidy up the thing, then gave Xia Tian to send a fruit, was Bing Xin specially is Xia Tian prepares. In the evening Xia Tian starts cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake, realizes the dawn. Next morning he will receive the Zeng Ruo call, making him go to company, after Xia Tian is two females bought the breakfast, walks toward Zeng's Group. Chief Xia is good.” The entrance security greeted with Xia Tian. Volume, later like this, I a little can not bear.” Xia Tian does not like being such said. Good, Chief Xia.” Told you to leave such calls.” Yes.”

After entering the office, these people get up to greet with Xia Tian, although their some people have not seen Xia Tian, but Zeng Ruo had told them in meeting, the company has a General Manager Advanced. He is Chief Xia, is quite young.” Moreover is good to lead, a little meaning of cream puff.” You do not know that I heard Chief Xia is not the cream puff, but is an extremely aggressive man.” In the Zeng Ruo company the excess of Yin and shortage of Yang, these women most like listening was these Eight Trigrams, moreover they also liked discussing these Eight Trigrams. He, if my boyfriend were good, I did not need to sit exhaust oneself here.” What you do not have a look at your long, works to have the development well.” Xia Tian nodded to these person of 11 waving, he does not like such scene really very much: It seems like and Sister Rou said that like this after me, does not dare to come to the company.” Came to the Zeng Ruo office, Zeng Ruo had not arrived, but on the table had one bunch to be colored. Xia Tian takes the label in high-flying firecracker attached to a reed stalk. Dear supple, you are the lights in that dark night, has lit the path of my life.’ The inscription is to love your magnificent. moron.” Xia Tian will spend to throw in the trash can directly. Thump!! Comes.” Xia Tian sat in the Zeng Ruo position. Chief Zeng, this is the market of latest issue.” Wore the female of uniform to walk, saw Xia Tian time gawked slightly: „Who are you?”

„, I am the Sister Rou friend.” Xia Tian light saying. The opposite party hears is the Zeng Ruo friend knit the brows, the report in hand does not know that should place here to take away. Report puts this.” Xia Tian saw the thoughts of female. Em, good.” The females nodded, will report that has placed on the Zeng Ruo desk, afterward turn around leaves, when she gets to the entrance has returned: „After I waited for Chief Zeng to come, came again.” She will report that also directly took away. Saw that her action Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this woman was also too vigilant, will also move heedlessly the Zeng Ruo thing to be inadequate. The females just walked less than two minutes to walk. Is unfair to Chief Xia, I think that you are.” Saying of female apology. Thinks that I pursue your Chief Zeng these rascal is right?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Excuse me, Chief Xia.” The females apologized again. Was good, was good, other Chief Xia is long, Chief Xia short, looked that your appearance you are also very repugnant these person right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the female. Em, before this person were many, but majority were blocked by the security outside, but some had the right to have the potential said that looked for Chief Zeng to discuss the business, some also directly rushed, therefore I will misunderstand.” The females nodded. „, This.” Xia Tian nodded, so, Zeng Ruo is in itself not truly old, long also attractive, makings superior, will be Zeng's Group CEO, the person of pursue will definitely not be short. Moreover recently also person who called Wen Zhaohua, this person it is said was the dandy who Jiang Hai City became famous, his manner was very overbearing, couple days ago also security hitting.” The females answered. Wen Zhaohua.” Xia Tian has remembered this name.