Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 84

Zeng Ruo looks that in micro letter group these management show a faint smile, they have a dream cannot think of that college entrance examination foremost person in the field their side, but she knows that Xia Tian likes the low key, therefore she will not make Xia Tian come out to do to represent. With anything supports school expense and living expenses anything will not disturb Xia Tian. Usually each college entrance examination foremost person in the field will subsidize by regional business, after such this student has graduated, must come this business to go to work. Xia Tian now is the Zeng's Group general manager, made these radically is not studious. Was good, you should also see these capable women in our company with me, they usually the travel on official business in land, except for the annual meeting today is most entire.” Zeng Ruo just wants to make in the company more people know Xia Tian while this opportunity. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian does not know, because he said that must register for Jianghai University, now the entire Jianghai University high level randomly has become one group. Chief, Vice-president, was in attendance with various major stockholders. The college entrance examination foremost person in the field gave up exempting Fetter of these well-known universities incurring, must register for Jianghai University. This regarding Jianghai University, but the greatest glory, they believe that this news will spread over entire China quickly, will then have more students to register for Jianghai University this year. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xia Tian, do you want to register for Jianghai University?” Naturally, you in Jianghai University, I must naturally go to Jianghai University.” I know that you were best to older female cousin, I helped you be specialized in the school report, what did you have to request?” No, you look at the office.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone. It seems like you turn into the busy man today.” Zeng Ruo looked that shows a faint smile to Xia Tian.

After Ye Qingxue has hung up the telephone, has dialed the telephone of oneself teacher directly, matter simple told her teacher, her teacher almost does not have the happy corona, after having made the telephone call, ran to the chief office. This time Xia Tian sat in conference room, in the conference room came more than 30 people, is the woman, uniform true thing. Looks at this crowd of uniform beauty, the mood that Xia Tian has not appreciated, because the vision of this group of people are unfriendly, in this conference room has a Xia Tian man now. The vision of these women neat looked to Xia Tian. This is one group of capable women. According to the science statistics, the common trait of capable woman is the marriage is unhappy, they have very strong vigilance regarding the man. „, I give everybody to introduce, these company new general managers, he can manage company any matter, this is the decision that company all shareholders discussed together.” Zeng Ruo coughed to capture gently everybody's attention. Chief Zeng, why our general managers is a man, we want to know how many turnout ratio of shareholders is, or simply is being your ticket approval power?” Immediately some people gave comment. Although this group of people do not have the stock in the company, but they are in the company the genuine backbone. Is unanimously passes.” Zeng Ruo facing this group of capable women time must be careful. Unanimously passes!!” When hears the Zeng Ruo words, those present stare slightly, they are very clear, Zeng Ruo will not lie with them, actually in front of that this man why makes all shareholders pass? After hearing unanimously passes, again also nobody continues to ask. I continued, he called Xia Tian, you called him Chief Xia to be good, discussed after the board of directors that he was in the company to handle anything, the matter that I handled he can do, I undoable matter he can also do.” Zeng Ruo such remarks, this group of capable women on thorough being shocked. They understood what is heard the meaning of Zeng Ruo, i.e. the Xia Tian right was bigger than this CEO right. This has to make them reexamine this man, in conference room an only man. Good, since Chief Zeng said that then I want to ask that Chief Xia, do you to the today's biggest news, how Jiang Hai City that college entrance examination foremost person in the field see?” One of them asked.

What sees? You have been looking.” Xia Tian light saying. Chief Xia, you in saying anything, today's front-page news is Jiang Hai City that college entrance examination foremost person in the field, since his examination grade broke the founding of the nation record, if makes him represent our products, or we fund his later school expense as well as the living expenses now, this to our company should be a good choice, right.” He is not willing to make anything to represent, will not want your money.” Xia Tian calm saying. How you know that he isn't willing to make our representing?” Because after any you, will know, do you have other issues.” Xia Tian looked that asked to the people. Chief Xia, we newly left emulsion now, produces according to the effect of snow lotus, you said that actually we should how promote this model of product?” These capable women as if to give Xia Tian demonstration of authority are common. Was good, these issues have the people of propaganda department to go to the control, later this minor matter do not ask your Chief Xia.” Zeng Ruo opened the mouth to ease the Xia Tian crisis. Heard Zeng Ruo saying that they were forced to give up, really so, these issues had the propaganda department to try to find the solution, the manager was only under decides generally. Xia Tian has to acknowledge that this group of capable women are not truly good to do, their heads specially are miraculous, moreover vigor that body does not concede, Xia Tian understands why finally the statistical results of these experts were that. Because this group of capable woman were the men, will not care about the feeling of oneself man. Therefore their marriages generally are unhappy. After returning to the Zeng Ruo office, Xia Tian relaxed finally. What has to feel?” Zeng Ruo looked that asked to Xia Tian. Quite tired, this group of women are quite all formidabe.” Xia Tian long expiration. Bites dīng! Sister Rou, that Wen Zhaohua came, now is in downstairs the company.” Telephone that has broadcast the onstage younger sister's voice.

I knew.” A Zeng Ruo brow wrinkle. Makes him come up, I come to be able he.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Our company has the cooperation with the Wen group, do not have the conflict with him as far as possible.” The Zeng Ruo reminder said. Relax, I have discretion.” Xia Tian nodded. You are my~ oh my big apple~. older female cousin, how?” What is called? Are you are very impatient.” Naturally did not have, older female cousin calls me, I happily also without enough time.” I called to tell your me reported to you am quite specialized.” „, What specialty is?” Advanced nursing.” What? nursing?”