Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 85
Heard the nursing two characters time Xia Tian to hoodwink thoroughly, grown man studied nursing, after older female cousin this was afraid itself, could not find the wife and work, protected in this class high the female student is most, moreover now male nursing is few, later the work competitive power was not big. But the university in the five years really must mix up with one group of female students. Thinks that here Xia Tian as if really had been surrounded by the happiness, but does this meet is really lucky in love? „Did you report tall Hu?” Zeng Ruo is also the whole face surprised looks at Xia Tian. Is my older female cousin helps me report.” Xia Tian currently has cannot say painstakingly, early knows that did not make older female cousin help itself report, this also Taikeng. Your older female cousin is good to you.” Zeng Ruo nodded. After Ye Qingxue happily has gone bad the Xia Tian specialized report came up , the department heads and teachers of nursing department, the college entrance examination foremost person in the field came own specialty they naturally is happy, the directors and teachers of other department also can only sigh. Thump!! Come.” Small supple, is I.” An obese man walked from entrance, on the face has piled up with the fat, a charming smile of face. Xia Tian has sized up his one eyes carefully, head one meter seven, about 200 cattys in weight. Well, you are any thing.” Wen Zhaohua looks to Xia Tian. I only know that you are not a thing.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You are not the thing.” Wen Zhaohua facial color one cold. Good, you is a thing, what thing are you?” Xia Tian seems to be ordinary in the ponder. Wen Zhaohua, do you actually want to do? I warned you, called me Zeng Ruo or Chief Zeng is good, do not call other names.” Saying that Zeng Ruo unemotionally. Small supple, should not be angry.” Wen Zhaohua gentle saying. Your ear is probably blind, did not tell you not to make you call!” Xia Tian discontented saying.

You are the child of which family, the Sir speak, the child do not interrupt.” Wen Zhaohua stared Xia Tian one. Wen Zhaohua, please speak the limelight, he is our company specially general manager, manager company all things, including me.” Before Zeng Ruo the Xia Tian position, has added on a specialness. Special general manager?” Wen Zhaohua whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian, he really cannot see Xia Tian to have any extraordinary place. Small supple, you are deceive certainly my is right.” Wen Zhaohua shows a faint smile. Thump!! Comes.” Zeng Ruo, this is the report of current quarter.” The female who delivers the report a moment ago that saw Xia Tian time greeted on own initiative: Chief Xia is good.” Will report after having given Zeng Ruo, the female left the Zeng Ruo office directly. How I do not know that Jiang Hai City also has your this figure.” Wen Zhaohua has sized up Xia Tian up and down, he can look, young of Xia Tian, is the rising star who these two years comes out, but in Jiang Hai City he had not heard that has Xia Family this family. „I am who has the relations with you?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Wen Zhaohua. „, The boy, the speech is very whoops crazy.” Wen Zhaohua wildly has usually been used, but unexpectedly has bumped into one today and he is equally crazy. „If not look in the Sister Rou face, I already threw you.” Xia Tian light saying. Throws me? Ha Ha, you try.” Wen Zhaohua has laughed suddenly, he heard in his life probably the biggest joke, so was exactly big he first time to hear some people saying that must throw him. Xia Tian badly bad smiles, saw that Xia Tian the smiling face Zeng Ruo knows the unfortunate matter must occur. Bang! The glass of Zeng Ruo office has completely crushed, the obese form appeared in the office district together. Such big sound was attracting in the person vision of work these immediately, this fatty nobody does not know, he is of Wen Zhaohua Jianghai four young masters.

Zeng's Group these staff know Wen Zhaohua, because Wen Zhaohua will come Zeng's Group every day, moreover sound each time is very big, his manner is very wild. Is supercilious, if who offends him, he face to face will attack brutally. In Zeng's Group had 13 people injured by him, moreover in these people also three are the women. I have not misread, that person is Wen Zhaohua.” I also saw, the glass of Chief Zeng office also broke to pieces.” His was thrown.” In office these women surprised looks at Wen Zhaohua, other management also walked from the office, such big sound attracted everybody. Yeah, the glass spoiled.” Xia Tian walked from the Zeng Ruo office, the right hand mentioned Wen Zhaohua directly. Right, mentioned, the Wen Zhaohua more than 200 jin (0.5 kg) body weights like this were proposed by a Xia Tian hand, saw the Xia Tian action, in the entire office has broken out the warm applause. Seething discontent among the people. The Xia Tian behavior enforces justice on behalf of Heaven without doubt. Chief Xia, Chief Xia.” In the office has resounded everybody's cheers, these management that met a moment ago also surprised looks at Xia Tian. The Wen Zhaohua matter they have also heard. In the Jiang Hai City Wen Zhaohua reputation may absolutely be very resounding, but their Chief Xia unexpectedly gives to hit him today. After Xia Tian mentioned Wen Zhaohua, walked when toward outside, arrived at the entrance of elevator, the elevator presses 1, later has thrown into Wen Zhaohua the elevator, he behind followed a troop woman, they came out to watch the fun. Chief Xia, Chief Xia.” In these woman excited shouting of company.

Comes back to me, has not gotten off work.” Zeng Ruo shouts loudly. Saw Zeng Ruo to come out, these people in company returned to their post: You quickly tidy up here, the glass also exchange.” I have the matter, first walked, today my is happy, in the afternoon the company collective has a vacation.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. Heard in the Zeng Ruo words office to transmit one piece to cheer once more. Zeng Ruo today's is truly happy, although hit Wen Zhao this is a very troublesome matter, man but who liked for over, this was in itself a happiness. Starting today, Xia Tian became the puts on airs of Zeng's Group inside these women. Sunlight, charming, is the high-ranking, and enough aggressive. You, but also really can annoy troublesome.” Zeng Ruo helpless shaking the head. He is not troublesome, can only be quite heavy trash.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. I can guarantee that he can be absolutely greatly troublesome.” Zeng Ruo does not think that Wen Zhaohua eating such Freshman in vain will owe. So long as you were not robbed by others, any matter is not troublesome.” Xia Tian mischievous saying. Little smart-aleck.” Zeng Ruo excited smiles. Sister Rou, my something must manage, you also together go with me, I my brother introduced that knew to you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.