Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 86

Your elder brother?” Zeng Ruo stares slightly, she knew that Xia Tian for a long time, has not known Xia Tian has an elder brother, she remembers before Xia Tian, said should in this world already few family members. Is my righteousness brother, he is the time father who I am young picks, afterward left, I found couple days ago his.” Xia Tian is very deep with the Brother Xiaoma sentiment. „, I also really must see.” Zeng Ruo had seen Xia Tian older female cousin, naturally must see the Xia Tian elder brother, after all relations between she and Xia Tian are not ordinary. Xia Tian has dialed the Brother Xiaoma telephone directly. Brother Xiaoma, should see a doctor to Grandfather today, I directly on the past.” Good, I also pass immediately, happen to I have prepared some tonics.” When the time comes sees.” Xia Tian has not raised Zeng Ruo, this also wants to give a Brother Xiaoma pleasant surprise, although Zeng Ruo now is not her girlfriend, but in his Zeng Ruo at heart is his woman. Zeng Ruo is Xia Tian drives personally, when Zeng Ruo arrives at the destination the vehicle she also stares. She has not thought place unexpectedly that Xia Tian must come is a villa. This villa looked that from outside is not cheap, although the Zeng Ruo money also suffices to buy this villa, but such her property almost will also pull out spatially. „Won't your elder brother live in this?” Zeng Ruo doubts looked to Xia Tian, a boy who his father picked grows up had a Freshman villa such, this may be shocking. Naturally, I did not come this am treat an illness to this master.” Xia Tian answered. „Will you also treat an illness?” Zeng Ruo discovered that he with more felt Xia Tian that Xia Tian contacts is more mystical, can make her feel each time surprised. Xia Tian looks like a treasure chest is the same, are it can be said that many A dream, you forever do not know that under him will put out anything.

„.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. They enter the time security not slight stop of villa, moreover gives back to the Xia Tian salute, saw such treatment, Zeng Ruo had doubts, actually Xia Tian was anything relates with the master in this villa. Arrives in the villa time, Brother Xiaoma arrived. Well, Zeng Ruo.” Little Ma surprised looks at Zeng Ruo. Brother Xiaoma, do you know Sister Rou?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Brother Xiaoma. Has seen, has seen at a charity auction meeting.” Brother Xiaoma nodded. „, I thought that you were Ma Yongzhen.” Zeng Ruo remembers the Brother Xiaoma name, Senior that because this name knows very well according to some everybody is exactly the same. Ma Yongzhen!!” On the Xia Tian forehead has revealed the heavy line. To Grandfather hears this name the time also slightly stares, because this name has seen in drama series. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ma Yongzhen, you called Ma Yongzhen, no wonder you did not tell me your name.” Xia Tian almost smiled to spurt, he knew that Brother Xiaoma was so long, Brother Xiaoma always did not say one called anything, how regardless of Xia Tian asked. Knows that you will smile, therefore I have not told you.” Brother Xiaoma usually with person human relations time always did not say that own given name, that charity auction meeting time he spent the high price to pat an oil painting, can therefore read out his name. Was right, Xia Tian, how can you with Zeng Ruo in the same place?” Brother Xiaoma has also heard Zeng Ruo, is a capable woman. You said Sister Rou, she is my.” Xia Tian just spoke of here to see the Zeng Ruo that warning look: She is my good elder sister, right, good elder sister.” Sees the way of Xia Tian speech, Brother Xiaoma shows a faint smile, has not made perfectly clear, Zeng Ruo was also a helplessness of face, Xia Tian said that others did not suspect was strange.

„Did Grandfather, prepare?” Xia Tian has put out Bian Que Divine Needles. Already prepared.” To Grandfather is energetic. The Xia Tian acupuncture such as moving clouds and flowing water is ordinary, he has used Bian Que Divine Needles, this use previous time uses to be smoother, moreover he has also promoted regarding the comprehension of acupuncture. The true skill cannot learn on written completely, must take many smelting trials to be good. After the treatment ended, to always felt that own was also healthy, but previous time is not obvious. How is it that Xia Tian, the test tests?” Left after the villa of family, Brother Xiaoma asked. „.” Xia Tian nodded. If needs me to help, calls me.” The meaning of Brother Xiaoma is very simple, if tests was not ideal, which university wanting to tell him that he will help to process. Good.” Xia Tian had not explained. In hospital. I must retaliate, I must retaliate, I will certainly not let off that brat.” Wen Zhaohua angry shouting, who he is, he is one of the Jianghai four young masters, made into like this, if he retaliation not maliciously, which his face also toward puts. Today's face calculated to lose completely, was thrown from the building. Looks on wound on own face and hand, Wen Zhaohua was angrier. „It is not good, I must retaliate them, Zeng Ruo that cheap person, if I Tiantian will not gather round her to transfer for Zeng's Group.” Wen Zhaohua saw that any thing falls any thing.

Good, Zeng Ruo, since you are not concerned about face, that do not blame me being cruel and merciless.” Wen Zhaohua has dialed a telephone number directly. I am Wen Zhaohua, the notice marketing department, temporarily stops all cooperation with Zeng's Group.” Words that but we such make are contrary.” moda foka, does not know that who I am? How I make you do, you were listening to me.” After Wen Zhaohua has hung up the telephone, has dialed another telephone. A'Biao, helping me handle a matter, Zeng's Group did not come out new snow lotus water? You help well my noisy one noisy, remember, must be greatly noisy.” Wen Zhaohua had confessed after several, has hung up the telephone. Hung up the telephone later Wen Zhaohua mood to be finally better. However saw that own hospital ward his anger has also come up, oneself are any status, unexpectedly links an intensive care unit not to have, he came a moment ago time wants the intensive care unit, but doctor unexpectedly said that did not have. This may make his temperament come up, calls the leader in hospital directly, was the intensive care unit was scarce recently, truly did not have, moreover these present lives to critically ill, he now is only the minor wound. Hears their reasons, Wen Zhaohua flies into a rage directly, in a patient with oneself hospital ward has all hit these. The leader in hospital noticed that such aspect did not have the means to have this hospital ward to live to him finally alone. Zeng Ruo, you cannot escape from my palm.” Wen Zhaohua immoral smiles.