Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 87

Zeng Ruo brought Xia Tian to go to the Jiang Hai City liveliest street to window-shop, the Zeng Ruo plan was Xia Tian buys several clothes, no matter what Xia Tian now is also the Zeng's Group special general manager. No matter which he now goes is an inexpensive sportswear, how this will have the imposing manner. Zeng Ruo brought Xia Tian to enter a shop, Zeng Ruo went advanced, after Xia Tian, went, Xia Tian did not know that this was any sign, in any case was one pile of English letters, went in the later shopping guide to go to warm entertainment Zeng Ruo, completely was neglected as for Xia Tian. Takes a quick look around can see that on Zeng Ruo has the aura of superior, moreover these clothes that on her wears are also the upscale clothes, these shopping guide gathering round Zeng Ruo. Here worked was so long, any person can spend, their eyes can look. Xia Tian stands in the entrance looks around, Zeng Ruo goes is the Xia Tian choice clothes. Nobody gathers round, Xia Tian can also have a look at will. Saw the when price of clothes the Xia Tian expression exaggerates extremely: I force to go, clothes are more than 8000.” Hey, do not paw, touches you to be possible unable to repay dirty.” A shopping guide saw that Xia Tian touches the clothing material of clothes to act to stop in that. Volume.” Xia Tian gawked slightly, has put down the clothes in hand. Is choosing the Zeng Ruo brow wrinkle of clothes, now in this shop only then she and Xia Tian two people, the person who then that shopping guide said certainly was Xia Tian. Zeng Ruo turn around walks toward that shopping guide: What clothes do not let touch, with the eye looked that knows is appropriate?” Excuse me, beauty, I was not am saying you.” That shopping guide answered hurriedly. Whom were you are saying?” Zeng Ruo vision ice-cold looks to that shopping guide. I was not am saying you, I was saying him.” The shopping guide has referred to Xia Tian, sees appearance Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of the shopping guide bullies the weak and fears the strong.

Why did you say him?” Zeng Ruo has worked as these many years leadership, the body has that type not to get angry from the imposing manner of prestige. I.” The shopping guide naturally understood, originally they are the same places. beauty, excuse me, she is newly arrived.” The shopkeeper ran over hurriedly, no matter what everyone can look, Zeng Ruo is not absolutely affable. Snort!” Zeng Ruo stared that shopping guide one, afterward pulls up Xia Tian to walk toward that shop in next door, person who street these upscale brands by, this for the convenience rich person, do not have money as for these will not enter. Saw that Zeng Ruo has not looked for trouble, that shopkeeper relaxed: Next time the eye will let loose, leaves always a nostril appearance upwards.” By person is inevitably affected in the person who their here works, they think that they entered in the upscale community, person who therefore does not have money regarding these, they are looking down upon radically. Shopkeeper, perhaps they radically on afford dress, a moment ago that female may intentionally install.” Saying that shopping guide is not convinced. Right shopkeeper, if is really rich man, why only then she puts on, moreover I have not seen that sign that on her has put on, perhaps is any tall Fang, or also radically is not the sign.” Another shopping guide echoes saying that they usually are this appearance, has the matter to help to speak mutually. „It is not right, I see the clothes that she had worn a moment ago probably, was I looked couple days ago the when program of fashion show saw, probably nation only then such, 300,000.” When opens the mouth to say in corner inside newly arrived shopping guide suddenly. What do you understand? Your newly arrived, has seen several upscale clothes, this year the A goods everywhere are.” That shopping guide reproved. Was good, do not quarrel, my a while passes by to have a look.” The brow wrinkle of shopkeeper, if is really the super client, this matter has troubled, perhaps when the time comes the position of this shopkeeper does not guarantee. The competitive power of this street is very big, these Boss are very superficially harmonious, but they competed themselves to sell many actually every day mutually. Once that female had bought the clothes of high price in next door a moment ago, then their Boss definitely meet first knows. After ten minutes.

Why you eat, how today to sell such few, the next door presented a super client, gives me to go with, that super client has bought 100,000 clothes.” Boss of head store made the phone call to the shopkeeper. After the shopkeeper hears the content of this telephone, the back has flowed out the sweat, she how that beauty that hopes to walk a moment ago is not that super client, but she just went out saw that a man and a woman, in the male hand is taking 78 bags. Ended.” The shopkeeper's first response ended, but this has not ended, a man and a woman moved toward another. After ten minutes. You were competent, nearby today's business so is why good, the difference of our family.” Boss made a call. After the shopkeeper goes out of the gate, sees with was the same a moment ago. This ended thoroughly.” The shopkeeper wishes one could one to kill. Also ten minutes. I go to the shop immediately.” Boss only said after these characters, has hung up the telephone. Dark green Heavens!, the earth, who can save me.” That shopkeeper face upwards the long and loud cry. Xia Tian turned into free porter now, Zeng Ruo is a shopping is simply crazy, sees buying that one like, oneself felt buying that Xia Tian can like, which clothes one Xia Tian looked, buys. Xia Tian understood at this time finally rich was willful is any meaning. Buys, buys, buys.” This is the Zeng Ruo shopping manner. Finally after one hour, the opportunity that Xia Tian obtained panting for breath, but the thing in his hand could not take, because this actually he takes motionless, because the thing were too many, he does not have that many.

Zeng Ruo cell phone sound. Hey, how?” Chief Zeng, the lotus flower water has had an accident, some people said after lotus flower water has disfigured one's face, came three people together.” How possible, the lotus flower water does not have the side effect.” Now the scene just stabilized, the reporter also came, the Jiang Hai City biggest cosmetics market was also encircled, these people want a view, the market wants us to hurry to act to solve, or stops with our cooperation.” Hateful, what's the matter.” I am not clear, Chief Zeng you come one.” Zeng Ruo has hung up the telephone, looks to Xia Tian. We pass.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. How you know that I do want to walk?” Zeng Ruo puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Heard.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „, Your hearing so will not be good.” Zeng Ruo surprised looks to Xia Tian, Xia Tian is away from her is three meters far, she has not opened manifestation.