Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 88

Zeng Ruo a little suspected really Xia Tian is an earthman, he came from the star, is having ESP that. However was quick she to write off this idea, initially Xia Tian to save her has also been hit, the words from star definitely was capable of that the time stopped being right, was he cannot. In Jiang Hai City biggest cosmetics market. Was this lotus flower water and lotus flower emulsion harms this my face, you had a look at my face.” This female body is obese, one meter five head, more than 160 jin (0.5 kg), the face Shangkeng pit pocket, the whelk covered the entire face. Your that also called miserably, I then called miserably, my this disfigured one's face.” This female face is black red, her skin color originally should be black, as for red part with allergy exactly the same. You also felt all right saying that your called to disfigure one's face, I then called to disfigure one's face.” On the face of this female is the scar, every large or small very scary. Everybody, excuse me, the person in factory came, they will give you an answer.” Boss of market acts to mediate, these people take in this market the receipt of cosmetics, moreover was yesterday's receipts. You must give the consumer an answer.” Right, this is bad business, how this type of cosmetics possibly through appraisal of country, definitely went through the motions.” Boss of market must be responsible, he sells this type the product that itself does not have the false certificate is encouraging the crime.” These reporters shout in behind. Hello, I am the lotus flower water and lotus flower emulsion factory, here I can promise that this company has not gone to any back door, all quality testing are to conform to the national standards, moreover these two product our people are also using, has not had this situation.” You are lying, this is our lab results, in the result showed that we are because these two models of products disfigure one's face.” Has saying that Kungfu of these people really get down are many. This type of thing beforehand prepares to come . Moreover the cosmetics were also yesterday bought, their management abilities were very strong. What's all this about?” An obese body appears before the people, his hand is tying the arms the bandage, understood at a glance that is a sick person. Sees his time everybody in the question, did his hand also use the cosmetics to be bad?

You are Young Master Wen.” In the crowd the person shouts suddenly. Young Master Wen, he is Young Master Wen, was too graceful.” Several female also shouts. Young Master Wen, you, but big figure, you must take responsibility for us.” Three females also shout. Scene too empty boasting, saw here, the Zeng's Group person naturally yes what's the matter, certainly is the ghost who he did, had a look at him these figurants who spent to look, performing skill also too empty boasting. Saw Wen Zhaohua this appearance can also say was too graceful. Market Boss is also very helpless, he naturally knows Wen Zhaohua, the present all are obvious, Wen Zhaohua comes to the people of Wen group. This is matter between your Zeng's Group and Wen Family, I hope that you can a bit faster solve, moreover I hope that your Chief Zeng can give me a satisfactory processing mode.” Boss turn around of market left this place is apt to get into trouble. He is the Zeng's Group super client, entire Jiang Hai City he has 17 cosmetics shops, he is also one of the Zeng's Group maximum customers. Everybody could rest assured that today I happen to passed by here, that natural helm sees does not put down lends a hand in emergency, I will take responsibility for you.” A Wen Zhaohua just incarnation appearance. Wen Shaotai was graceful.” Wen Shaotai was aggressive.” Wen Shaocai is real man.” That several people females shouted a moment ago once more. The appearance that Wen Zhaohua ten shares receive, he has given a perfect score in the innermost feelings to A'Biao, this scene truly sufficed to cause a stir, and has hired these people actresses, their commendations were in place too. Let Wen Zhaohua have a self-satisfied feeling.

You quickly give us a view, here is a reporter, I must expose you.” Whole face whelk that woman shouts loudly. Zeng's Group, what Manager Xia don't you have? Let him come out to give everybody to explain that if today does not give them an explanation, my Wen Zhaohua will be will not let off your Zeng's Group absolutely.” Wen Zhaohua loud saying. „Do you look for me?” The Xia Tian sound devil seems to be common, presents in Wen Zhaohua. Wen Zhaohua feels own neck coolly latter one: What person?” What's wrong? Just quite a while didn't see does not know me?” Xia Tian looked at bandage on Wen Zhaohua. Is you.” Saw that Xia Tian that just liked the devil look, Wen Zhaohua retreat cannot help but one step. He, he is the Zeng's Group special general manager.” Wen Zhaohua shouts one suddenly, the attention on the scene all captured the past people. You are the general manager in that injuring someone factory, you must give me today a view.” Right, must to us a view, because of your this model of products, we disfigure one's face.” That several disfigured one's face the female directly to clash to Xia Tian, the person who the following these reporters and watched the fun also forward walked. You said you are because used this model of product to disfigure one's face right?” Xia Tian has a liking for that three women to say. Right.” I read a receipt a moment ago, you were yesterday bought the cosmetics was right?” Xia Tian asked again. Right, used for day to disfigure one's face.” Your medical certificates are also today do right?” Xia Tian continues to ask.

Just attained.” Your three understanding?” Xia Tian asked. Did not know that our three did not know.” Behind these reporters, you determined that is the reporters is right?” Xia Tian looks to the following crowd. Naturally, we are the reporters, we have the right to propagandize this illegal deal.” These People sounds shout. All cannot move.” Outside of market presented large quantities of police. We heard that here has collective cheating.” Large quantities of police walked, Brother Xiaoma and Xu also follow in behind of police. This is thing that you want.” A Xu Laojiang envelope has handed over in the hand of Xia Tian. „Do you want to do? Does your bureaucratic businessman collude, wants to destroy evidence?” That the woman of three disfiguring one's face shouts loudly. We want the rights protection, we cannot make them bully the person.” Behind these reporters also loudly shout. „Is your this is doing? Do not think that you are the police can make an arrest carelessly, today my Wen Zhaohua here, must uphold the justice for them.” Wen Zhaohua stands before these police shouts loudly. TM shuts up to me.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout suddenly, entire market region all peaceful.