Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 89

The Xia Tian sound is vigorous, has pressed these noises all of a sudden. Here what's the matter?” These police are Brother Xiaoma look, Xia Tian before coming to have greeted with Brother Xiaoma, Brother Xiaoma believes that Xia Tian has certainly the full assurance, therefore called itself the friend in police station. The Brother Xiaoma friend hears is the forgery case, naturally personally led. Police comrade, you can inspect the behind first these reporters really or false, if I have not guessed that wrong, they should not have any credential.” Xia Tian light saying, he had seen with X-Ray Vision, these people radically not with reporter related credential. You gave my past, if, did not carry off to me.” That police leader shouted to clear the way loudly. You cannot do, we are the citizens, we enjoy the free right.” We have not violated the law, why to look up us.” Cannot look up.” After these reporters hear the Xia Tian words, shouts loudly, they naturally were not the reporters, which went to look for these many reporters at once, therefore the Wen Zhaohua subordinate looked for one group of minor character. Coordinates the police to handle a case is the duty that each citizen should do, if who does not coordinate, takes down their ID cards to me, after going back, if looks up is not the reporter, defers to the crime of fraud to grasp.” Hears his words, the voices of these reporters vanished. After five minutes. Head, looked up, one was the student journalist, other was false.” Good, all the belt goes back to record the oral confession.” After these reporters were grasped, the person of market entrance has been short immediately. These just lived it up and minor character also hiding of frontline propaganda must, is afraid itself also to be involved, several hundred dollars, they do not want to involve, at the worst money does not want.

Suddenly, scene on only remaining four people, three litigants and Wen Zhaohua. Wen Zhaohua has not thought that the matter will develop this, moreover A'Biao unexpectedly looks to him is the figurants, a reporter, is the student journalist. Is good is spends the high price to invite because of present these three litigants, moreover their three also can only brace oneself to continue to install, if not install to represent, that their three are cheats is the big crime. I remember that your three said among you did not know completely right.” Xia Tian looked that disfigures one's face female to three. Right, we did not know.” You buy the cosmetics I to understand on the same day, but why your appraisal is one day comes out, moreover is hospital time comes out.” Xia Tian looked that asked to three females. Hears the Xia Tian words, they looked at their appraisal, they had not discovered that their appraisal truly together do, because is false appraisal that a person makes. That has anything, perhaps is by chance.” Wen Zhaohua answered. Good, I think for the time being this is by chance.” Xia Tian moved toward three females directly, arrives in front of the first obese female time: „Did you say the whelk on your face to use the product of this company to have right?” Yes, has used that lotus flower emulsion and water turns into this.” But before I had found your several pictures a moment ago, I discovered that you in seven years on the face are this, can you explain?” Xia Tian has lifted the picture, all people look clearly, truly is this female . Moreover the whelk on her face not many. Catches to me her, these pictures also together carry off.” I have made a mistake, is he, was he makes one to give me money I to do.” The obese women's hand points at Wen Zhaohua to say. Catches her, has not thought that she is a swindler, she was making false accusations.” Wen Zhaohua shouts hurriedly. Mr. Wen, you should give us an explanation.” That police leader looked that asked to Wen Zhaohua.

This groundless words you can also believe that I am public figure, you want to explain that can find my attorney.” Wen Zhaohua argued for oneself. Xia Tian arrived at second to disfigure one's face in front of the female: beauty, your red painted-face color.” Volume!” That female stares slightly, touches own face with the hand, truly fell the color, originally was she worried a moment ago, saw that female was seized is a little also afraid, therefore perspired. This is also good, grasps to me.” I was compelled, they said that I did not agree does not make my younger brother go to school.” That female shouts loudly. Went to Police Department to say.” Xia Tian showed a faint smile, moved toward the third female, this female was that disfigures one's face, on the face all was the scar, sees Xia Tian moved toward the third female time, the heart of Wen Zhaohua mentioned the throat. That disfigures one's face on the female face is the sweat. I have made a mistake, I was compelled, the scar on my face is false, I leniency to those who confess.” The third female really could not bear, all ripped directly these scar on own face, originally the scar on her face made intentionally. Scar can also counterfeit, it seems like your case and survey report is also false, has all grasped to me.” Congratulated the brother to have achievements.” Brother Xiaoma shows a faint smile. Many thanks the brothers, had time I to treat.” Saying that police smile. Yeah, pressed you, wound such seriously can also come to here to window-shop, has bumped by chance also into such matter, was really too skillful.” Xia Tian looks at Wen Zhaohua to show a faint smile, his behind these people are also to Wen Zhaohua roll one's eyes that keeps. Good, you are waiting to me.” Wen Zhaohua wicked looks at Xia Tian. I am waiting.” Xia Tian light saying. The Wen Zhaohua complexion dark reddish purple, turn around leaves directly.

Just left the market, Wen Zhaohua has dialed a number. A'Biao, your TM is a waste, the full waste, you later have many leave far to me.” Scolded later Wen Zhaohua to hang up the telephone directly. I will certainly not let off your.” Zeng Ruo has followed in Xia Tian behind, but she had not said to the last few words from the opening. Xia Tian said that makes him solve, Zeng Ruo is still thinking that actually Xia Tian must how solve, but she has not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly solution good of such, even if she acts, is impossible to achieve Xia Tian this. Brother Xiaoma, Brother Xu, many thanks you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. With my polite anything, I walked first, has the matter to call me.” Brother Xiaoma has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. Did not use with me politely, my life was you rescues.” Xu Grandfather shows a faint smile. They walked later Xia Tian to look to Zeng Ruo: How the matter of market do you plan to process?” You are so competent, naturally must listen your.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. That carries on a large-scale activity, happen to can also play the role of propaganda, the activity place is three days later this market Boss all markets, the content is any person who has purchased that two models of products has the opportunity to extract 500,000 awards, the award is public, the winner publicizes.” Xia Tian proposed.