Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 9
This bracelet?” Xu Grandfather stares immediately, has been mistaken, was this bracelet what treasure inadequate? Xia Tian has not spoken, broke by biting own finger to lower a drop of blood above, bracelet instantaneous sending out had bled the red ray, saw this ray of light glow time presented all people all shocked. Blood Jade Stone. Little brother, this bracelet, 1 million I wanted.” A nearby shop owner steps onto to say. Old Kang, this is your is not right, Blood Jade Stone you give 1 million, I leave 2 million.” Another shop owner also walked, the Blood Jade Stone rare very treasure, valuably does not have the city. This is an entire string Blood Jade Stone bracelet, the origin is not absolutely simple. Excuse me, I do not sell.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, walks toward the street, should leave here time. Xu Grandfather saw that Xia Tian went out of an antique street also to follow, his behind four bodyguards were also follow: This little brother does not know that you do name?” I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. Does not know that the little brother does think highly of my Xu Dechuan, how we become friends.” Xu Dechuan saw the hope on the body of Xia Tian, the appraising treasure ability that he dares definitely a moment ago to display absolutely is not the luck, which Master disciple he certainly is. Before Xia Tian, did not know about this Jiang Hai City, does not have to think after one, will contact any big figure, but he knows now, since he obtained this after the X-Ray Vision eye, he discovered the entire world changes is different, moreover a lot he must track down the answer. Actually did mother go to where? Why the father never makes him ask, moreover father's death is also very suspicious, his Lian father's remains had not even seen that was cremated, is Young Aunt helps the father vertical stele. If cannot look up by his strength that anything, but if adds on this Appraisal Master Xu Dechuan, that assurance on Freshman some, after all the Xu Dechuan personal connection be much more than him.

Later looks up to be also short troublesome. Naturally, has been able to become with Xu Master the friend is most honored.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he had decided that must become friends with this Xu Master, but copes with this wily old fox, he must keep a mind. Little brother you folded the ghost really I, your appraising treasure rank arrived at the Master level, I before you were true showing off meager skills before an expert.” Xu Grandfather cups one hand in the other across the chest slightly: Does not know that the little brother does name?” I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. Originally is Xia the little brother, does not know that revered master is which?” Xu Grandfather wants to know that who Xia Tian behind that person is, can teach the Xia Tian such fierce disciple, that absolutely is antique most extraordinary Master. The Xia Tian present appraising treasure ability has been able appraisal to leave Fang Quzi to counterfeit fake, then the later achievement absolutely is limitless. At this moment a Land Rover car(riage) front stopped in Xia Tian and the others, antique street here is quite remote, although street inside person are many, but outside the street few people pass through. Sees this Land Rover car(riage) Xu Dechuan knitting the brows head. The vehicle door opens, three wear the person of black clothed to go down from the vehicle, one of them walks lamely, is a cripple, his hair is very short, although the body puts on is the black clothed, but is different from other two's western-style clothes, what his body puts on is sportswear, on the clothes and pants does not have any fancy decoration, military big end of leather shoes scratch is black and bright. Saw time Xia Tian behind Xu Dechuan retreat of these three people cannot help but several steps, but his behind four bodyguards were stand his front. After that leg lame black-clothed person vision took a fast look around Xu Dechuan one, then has put the body of Xia Tian the vision: „Are you Xia Tian? Follows me.” Follows you, who are you?” Xia Tian is not the fool, the future is bad he to look.

He called A'San, was the personal bodyguard of Xu Family Patriarch Xu Qinghua.” Xia Tian behind Xu Dechuan said in a low voice that the A'San skill he is very clear. Xu Dechuan, here your matter, you have not should better not to meddle, otherwise do not blame my A'San not to show due respect for the feelings.” A'San walks to go forward to come to see to Xu Dechuan, although he does not fear Xu Dechuan, but if Xu Dechuan will meddle the matter becomes very troublesome. A'San, do not think that has Xu Qinghua to support you to be so dissolute with me, I am the Xu Qinghua biological uncle.” Xu Dechuan walks up to look at A'San saying that he is very clear, Xia Tian is not the average person, Xia Tian has certainly extraordinary big figure, now Xia Tian has difficult, words that he stands, then he and Xia Tian relations also consolidated. Although A'San is very fierce, but Xia Tian behind big figure will certainly not be afraid A'San. A'San behind that two black-clothed person directly walk toward Xia Tian, but the Xu Dechuan four subordinates also arrived at Xia Tian front, the war have been ready to be set off, at this moment A'San walked up: You look were good, if you begin to lose a lot of time.” In your four same places, do not despise him, he is not an average person.” The Xu Dechuan brow tight wrinkle, others do not understand A'San, but he actually very much understands A'San. Xu Qinghua can hold on to this Patriarch this to have very big relations with A'San, A'San removed all enemies and barriers for him. The Xu Dechuan four bodyguards are the specialized bodyguards, all after the special preparation, each can select two to the skilled people of three youth only, usually protects the Xu Dechuan safety. A'San moved toward the Xu Dechuan four bodyguards at a moderate pace, Xia Tian is very curious, A'San this half disabled person is Expert is inadequate, moved in this time A'San, his left leg departs instantaneously, speed incredibly fast, a foot kicked directly above a chin of bodyguard, afterward that foot by the artificial boost, another foot huge sweeping away has kicked one person directly once more. This.” Saw that the A'San strong speedboat kicks, Xia Tian was shocked, such before formidable flying kicks is him, Tae Kwon Do that looks at cannot achieve absolutely. It seems like I underestimated A'San, Brother Xia Tian, perhaps I could not save you, you made your Master act, will not have any good end by the people who Xu Qinghua stared.” Xu Dechuan wants to take this opportunity to make Xia Tian call own Master, like this he had the opportunity to become friends with Xia Tian Master. This old fogy is the idea.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he has been guarding against Xu Dechuan this old fogy, is not definitely good to cope like this old fogy, this person is a handle double-edged sword, with has been able to kill people, uses only unable to injure to oneself well.

Reason that Xu Dechuan is willing for him over, moreover wants to become friends with the friend with him is because he guessed that Xia Tian has formidable Master, such being the case Xia Tian does not pierce: My Master he is very busy, this minor matter he will not act.” This time A'San both feet starts greatly gathers greatly, is only the short several seconds, four people completely by him had been knocked down, but these four people do not have no merit to speak, all endured the grief to stand once more. Snort, but also a little strength of spirit.” A'San has not given the face slightly, both feet departs once more, trampled to fly them directly, then the right foot made an effort to step on, a body tuck dive, the latter heel kicked directly above third the head of person, the body just fell to the ground, a right foot point, more got up above the shoulder of opposite party gently directly. The body seethes once more, that bodyguard was flung to fly directly. Follows me.” A'San vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian, his mission goes back the Xia Tian belt, does not injure Xia Tian, he has not paid attention to as for Xu Dechuan. In his eyes reason that Xu Dechuan also stands now here is because Xu Qinghua read in him is in the share of elder has not moved him, otherwise he already saw Xu Qinghua other brothers. „Did you still I invite you in?” A A'San brow wrinkle, his behind that two black-clothed person moved toward Xia Tian directly, both hands has grasped to Xia Tian. When they must hold Xia Tian, Xia Tian body retreat, both hands held their shoulders slightly afterward, makes an effort, they lay on the ground directly, although his movement was very light, but presented all people to see clearly. A'San also slightly stares, surprised looks at Xia Tian.