Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 90

You are my~ oh my big apple~. Hey, hello.” I am Li Ying, tonight has free time?” Tonight.” Xia Tian looked up to Zeng Ruo. I must make a plan in the evening.” Zeng Ruo low voice saying, the meaning will be she will be very busy tonight, does not have the time to accompany Xia Tian. Has the time.” In the evening I asked you to eat meal, was regarded as I thank you have saved me.” Good.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, sees Zeng Ruo that meaningful smiling face. Your charm is that big, is the female student.” Zeng Ruo looks at Xia Tian to show a faint smile. „A female student who I saved couple days ago.” Xia Tian answered. Goes, this card gives you.” Zeng Ruo has put out a card. I do not want your money.” The Xia Tian rejection said. This is not my money, is your wages, management ability such strong the special general manager like you, one month 20,000 was really too cost-effective.” Zeng Ruo said that solely was a moment ago processing of Xia Tian to that matter, lets full of admiration that this work place senior official admires. But I have not gone to go to work.” Xia Tian shook the head.

I am not every day go to the company, you are the special general manager in company, so long as there is a matter time you can appear have been OK, how our general managers accompany the female student to go out to dine can not have money.” Zeng Ruo entered in Gombe the Xia Tian pocket. After eating meal together, Zeng Ruo has delivered to Ye Qingxue there Xia Tian, Zeng Ruo was Xia Tian has bought ten sets of clothes pants and shoes, most matched. People by clothing horse Kaoan. Puts on western-style clothes the flavor of Xia Tian also somewhat specially general manager, has the faction compared with that he puts on the morning in any case. Before going out, Xia Tian has changed another sportswear, looked above marked price Xia Tian to stare slightly, these clothes bought was the cards that Zeng Ruo brushed, therefore he did not know how much money. 18888.” Saw that time Xia Tian of this clothes nearly collapsed, he before outside worked, one month more than 1000 point, this clothes he must gain for one -and-a-half years. Also looked at shorts: I scratch, this is gold does, such short 8000.” Finally looked at shoes, Xia Tian had the impulsion that one type wanted dead. After having worn this heavyweight clothes, Xia Tian does not have to feel one have anything to change, but puts on is comfortable. Li Ying with Xia Tian approximately place is outside Jianghai University, is very near from his here, is a common people restaurant, Li Ying is not the rich man, afterward Li Ying chatted with Xia Tian with SMS has mentioned. Reason that she will appear there is because she is the temporary worker there. After having that matter, she again has not gone back there. Arrives in the restaurant time, Xia Tian saw Li Ying, the restaurant is not big, in the room only then 12 small tables, have like restaurant Jianghai University outside. Prepares for the common people student.

„, You are good to lead today.” Li Ying whole face smile looks at Xia Tian. You are also very attractive.” Xia Tian can look, although Li Ying clothes are not the sign, is is very clean, moreover she also earnestly dressed up herself. „To eat anything, I treat.” Li Ying has placed the Xia Tian front the menu. I invited, where had to let the truth that the woman please eat meal.” Xia Tian light saying. „It is not good, must be I invites, otherwise you look down upon me.” Li Ying very earnest saying, she wants to thank the day of Xia Tian to save her, if not Xia Tian, behind she does not dare to imagine will have anything. Good, that gives me the buying offer shelled peanut.” Xia Tian knows that the Li Ying living condition is poor, otherwise cannot go out to work, like him before, he knows that came out to eat a time hotel regarding that time luxuriously how. You , if not select, I selected.” Li Ying understands the meaning of Xia Tian. Boss, a shelled peanut, an element pats the cucumber, these two, thanks.” Xia Tian is shouting to Boss. „Do you do?” Li Ying puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I am not hungry, the casual main point thing on the line, sits here chats on the line.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good.” Li Ying nodded, has not demanded. These two simple vegetables have come quickly up, in the hotel is quite quiet, the position of this hotel is not good, this is also Li Ying chooses here reason, because here is quiet enough. Boss, gives me to come four your here most expensive vegetables.” Entrance that table sat a man and a woman, the sound was that male shouting. Good.” Boss is also very happy complying.

Well, aren't you Li Ying?” Entrance that table of females of as if very surprised looks at Li Ying. „.” Li Ying as if did not like responding this woman just simply to comply with one. Beautifulness that the women dress up, although Li Ying is not willing to manage her, but she initiative arrived at Xia Tian their this tables: Oh feeds, how on such two vegetables.” We are not hungry.” Li Ying replied. „It is not hungry goes to the cafe to sit well, here has anything to be good to sit.” The females sat in the Li Ying side directly: Army, this is my high school schoolmate, you come we to eat together, this we invited.” That man walked directly directly, his entire journey is on the rise to walk, from the start does not have been seeing Xia Tian. I heard on your also Jianghai University, mixed how is it?” The females looked that asked to Li Ying. I am going to school, is not mixing.” Li Ying expression ice-cold saying. On such good university did not look for a good partner on Bai Xia, what you had a look at you to put on was such poor, you had a look at me, I put on was the army buys for me, my this clothes were more than 700.” The females sized up Li Ying to continue saying: Our family armies love me, likes giving me to go shopping, I said that buys an ordinary ring to wear on the line, he must buy the [gold/metal], this ring also takes 4,000-5,000.” You are my woman, I naturally loved you.” The army color eyes of often takes a fast look around on the body of Li Ying. Has saying that this woman compares with Li Ying radically is not a scale, she is just makeup is very heavy, therefore the distance far looked that can take a look, once the distance near can see the freckle of under her thick base hiding. Whoops feeds, this is your boyfriend, puts on is so poor.” The women shifted the body of Xia Tian the vision, in her eyes their man of this ages put on Ardee Nike that is the good sign, Xia Tian clothes looked are not these two signs.