Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 91

The manner of female is very clear, she comes act high and mighty, she and Li Ying are the high school schoolmates, but she and Li Ying are different, Li Ying receives everybody to like in the high school, because of the Li Ying long attractiveness, she is actually the female who that nobody responds. She envies Li Ying, after going to college, she is beautiful, afterward also really fished army rich son-in-law who will start to dress up. Just entered the hotel time, she saw Li Ying, she just to praise under Freshman, therefore used that tone speech. Looks that on Li Ying also puts on that type of stall goods, her innermost feelings raised the infinite pleasant sensation. Also right, I believe that your boyfriend to you also certainly is very good, what a pity he does not have money, can only make you endure hardship with him together.” Female contemptuous saying. Xia Tian sat there a few words had not said that like this looks the female entertained there. Brothers are big several?” The armies looked that asked to Xia Tian. Began school on Freshman.” Xia Tian replied. „, Is very young, later will perhaps have to be good to develop.” The armies said with Xia Tian with a manner of occupying a commanding position. Li Ying, your boyfriend puts on the taste of clothes to be good, although is not the sign, but matches to look also well.” The females took a fast look around Xia Tian clothes. Is good, now stall goods can make such effect really to be good.” Army same nod of. How hasn't Elder Brother Lin come?” The females looked at the entrance to ask. Quick, Elder Brother Lin Tiantian is so busy, how possibly to speak.” The armies answered. Li Ying, meets me to give you to introduce that big figure, we called him Elder Brother Lin, in the Elder Brother Lin family was to have the company, after waiting to graduate, did not have the local work to go to Elder Brother Lin there, Elder Brother Lin looked in our faces, definitely will look after your.” Females arrogant looks at Li Ying, resembles her is looking after Li Ying to be ordinary.

Reason that she said that to demonstrate her present personal connection is broad. Li Ying had not spoken, like this is listening to the female and that army they sings a duet there. Excuse me, I came late.” The entrance presented a big man, man had one meter probably about eight, long fair and clear. „It is not late, we also just came.” The armies said hurriedly. These two are your friends?” After Elder Brother Lin sits down, saw Li Ying and Xia Tian. Elder Brother Lin, she called Li Ying, was my high school schoolmate, that was his boyfriend.” The females answered. „, Since is the friend together eats.” Elder Brother Lin but actually is also very natural. Each time Elder Brother Lin, you put on is different, on you this clothes are not definitely cheap.” Although the females did not know on that Elder Brother Lin puts on is any sign, but she knows that Elder Brother Lin is impossible to put on the bargain-priced goods to come out. „, The price is good, 1800.” Elder Brother Lin nodded. Elder Brother Lin is Elder Brother Lin, each clothes so are expensive.” The females said. Elder Brother Lin showed a faint smile has not said anything, vision took a fast look around Li Ying, nod of silently, saw the Li Ying first time he could see the opposite party is beauty, sat to look carefully, absolutely was big beauty, although useless any cosmetics, but the skin was very good. Afterward he turned the head to look to Xia Tian, what of he wants to have a look at such attractive female boyfriend long, when he saw Xia Tian can only sigh that this was the handsome fellow matches beauty, but he has not thought that after all this society ate meal by the strength, but not by face. Looks to the Xia Tian clothes, his brow wrinkle, he felt slightly this clothes special looking familiar, which in has seen probably.

Puts out the cell phone, flipped in the photo album, finally had found this clothes, after has contrasted one carefully next , his whole person was shocked. Elder Brother Lin, Elder Brother Lin? You how?” The females noticed that the Elder Brother Lin god hurriedly shouts. Volume.” Elder Brother Lin was such called to restore by the female, he uses the hand to point at the Xia Tian clothes to ask: Your this clothes are that limited editions of XXX sign, entire Jiang Hai City that?” I do not know that others deliver.” Xia Tian shook the head, this is just Zeng Ruo for these clothes in one that he buys, he does not know the origin. Elder Brother Lin looks once more to own cell phone, then 11 contrasts, this is his previous time goes to that exclusive agency to photograph surreptitiously, hopes one one day can buy it, after contrasting has met: Right, is it, certainly is it.” Elder Brother Lin, what you said is what?” The armies have doubts looks to Elder Brother Lin. What I said is he wears the clothes that I have wanted to buy, was too expensive, wanted 18888, therefore I planned that contributed money buys again.” Elder Brother Lin answered. 18888.” Time another three people who hears this digit were all shocked. Inconceivable of that female whole face, she was still ridiculing a moment ago what Xia Tian puts on is the stall goods, said that own clothes are several hundred, is expensive, but opposite party clothes unexpectedly is 18888. This radically is not a scale, she understood finally, why looked a moment ago the when clothes of this man felt that does not look like the stall goods. Armies surprised, he did not have been seeing Xia Tian, educated Xia Tian with the manner of occupying a commanding position a moment ago, but has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has worn such expensive clothes. Elder Brother Lin, did you misread?” The females have the final hope to ask. Right, will not be certainly wrong, this clothes I looked do not know that many returned, I close one's eyes to draw.” Saying of Elder Brother Lin very confirmation.

Hears the Elder Brother Lin so affirmative response, the female wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into, this really lost face. This is just like sells fried cake with Li Ka-shing was boasting an own day can make how much money is a truth. Shows off meager skills before an expert, the female understands finally these words were any meaning. Li Ying is also surprised looks at Xia Tian, she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so rich. „Can the A goods, be the A goods?” The armies looked that asked to Elder Brother Lin. „, I will not have looked at the A goods, with differed too, although in the semblance looked that truly very much looked like, but with really simply was not a level.” Elder Brother Lin shook the head, looks at Xia Tian that envies. Hears Elder Brother Lin confirmation of once more, the heart of army sank to the lake bottom, he wishes one could to look for a wall to kill itself. One may really be act high and mighty installs in a big way. Turns the head to look to Xia Tian time he discovered one have made a mistake, oneself have thought one very meet act high and mighty, but saw that Xia Tian sat there a few words has not said B installing. This is act high and mighty highest Realm.