Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 92

Vegetable.” Four vegetables that Boss the army will order a moment ago carried together. Looks at the vegetable on table, army really does not have the appetite: Elder Brother Lin, I suddenly want to eat other, we trade the family.” Elder Brother Lin, I a little am uncomfortable, I must eat the sickness that the stir-fried dish can die.” Li Ying saying of that female schoolmate very exaggeration. Good, we trade one.” Although Elder Brother Lin does not understand how their this was, but nodded to comply. Li Ying, we walked first, money I have handed over, you eat slowly, slowly eats.” Li Ying that female schoolmate ran hurriedly the hotel, was too awkward, this scene made her really unable to treat. They fast escaped from inn. Before Elder Brother Lin just before leaving, greeted with Li Ying and Xia Tian. After three people left, this hotel restored peacefully, looks on the table these four pork vegetables, Li Ying felt that is very speechless. Her schoolmate came to pay for them a moment ago? Your clothes so are really expensive.” Li Ying is sizing up Xia Tian clothes, she truly felt that Xia Tian the clothes and Xia Tian match very much, but has not thought that price unexpectedly is that expensive. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he saw price at that time the time expression and they almost. „Are you Gao Fu commander-in-chief in legend?” Li Ying shows a faint smile. Leads me to acknowledge high, rich? Considers as finished, these clothes are friend deliver.” Xia Tian answered. Can deliver you such expensive clothes, looks is the rich man.” Li Ying guessed. Was right, what specialty you study?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Li Ying.

Market plan.” Li Ying replied. This, I give you to introduce that a work of practice is what kind of? Usually you did not have the class to pass to save the experience.” Xia Tian knows that the life of Li Ying is not wealthy, otherwise a girl each family cannot go to KTV to be the server. Student who my has not graduated, the time is not fixed, can others want me?” Li Ying knows that looks like present this status to hit the work of odd-job besides KTV this type is goes to the hotel to be the part-time job or brushes the bowl. All right, I give you an address and telephone number, after you arrived, dozen of that telephone numbers on line, you said you were the Xia Tian introduction past on line.” Xia Tian has given Li Ying the Zeng Ruo telephone number, no matter what he now is also the Zeng's Group special general manager, making Zeng Ruo arrange an intern people should not be the issue. After having eaten meal, Xia Tian returned to Jianghai University Li Ying. You walk first, I like looking at your back.” Li Ying has not gone upstairs directly, but after is other Xia Tian forms disappeared, turn around comes up. After Xia Tian left Jianghai University, went to that familiar bar directly. Arrives at the bar time, Sister Hong and beauty thief sat there chatted, Xia Tian sat in the Sister Hong side directly. Hey, my doesn't side have place is?” beauty thief discontented asking. Has.” Xia Tian replied. Why you sit side Sister Hong not to sit side me.” The beauty thief is accusing. You have a look at me so to be far from you, your anger has burnt to me, if I sit by you, you must burn me.” Xia Tian looks that the beauty thief said. Good, you meet quarrel.” Sister Hong mediates a quarrel in the middle. Snort.” The small beauty alcohol capacity is very good, drank liquor of big cup directly.

Sister Hong, some people can ask me to trouble, we will compete with here, you do not mind.” beauty slightly peeps to Sister Hong asks. So long as you do not damage here thing on the line.” Saying of Sister Hong very atmosphere. Relax, is my senior fellow-pupil and Senior Sister, they want to snatch a thing with me, what we spell is the technique, does not fight.” The beauty thief answered. Your thieves are very regular, unexpectedly also has Sect.” Xia Tian first time heard that the thief also has Sect, makes is so regular. Saw that the beauty thief quarrelled there with Xia Tian, Sister Hong showed a faint smile. Passed more than half hours, the side of beauty thief has sat down a man and a woman, male long very handsome, female long very attractive, sized up Xia Tian to discover carefully that their this schools also had the request to the appearance probably. Daoxing, the thing prepared.” The men open the mouth to ask, Xia Tian only knows that the name of beauty thief is called Daoxing. Naturally.” beauty thief Daoxing nodded. Sister Hong, we change a position.” Xia Tian is afraid among them the fight to affect Sister Hong. „.” Sister Hong nodded. In the hand of Daoxing presented a red bead, the bead looks from the semblance likely is a bulb, but after Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, had discovered inside clue, this bead is not the glass work, but is the diamond. Can polish a bead the diamond, this simply is inconceivable, what is main is in that faint trace blood line, reason that the bead is the red is because inside blood line makes the bead seem is the red. Xia Tian carefully observed, that absolutely is the blood, moreover is also in voluntarily the mobile blood. In other words bead inside blood is living.

The treasure, sees this thing first time, Xia Tian knows that this absolutely is a treasure. Daoxing held in the bead the pocket directly, afterward his Senior Brother body moved slightly: You play to cheat.” Nonsense, this skill if no, I was not Daoxing.” Daoxing this Xia Tian saw a moment ago, she disguises to place in the pocket the bead, actually clamps in two fingers of middle. At this moment Daoxing that Senior Sister arrived at side Daoxing, the single-handed racket above the arm of Daoxing, Daoxing arm has eaten the pain, the bead in hand falls on her Senior Brother. You make a show.” Daoxing felt own arm already thorough was numb, in her Senior Sister hand definitely has any thing, she felt a moment ago after she a next, arm was lost the consciousness by to bind. Including this skill if no, I was not your Senior Sister.” Daoxing Senior Sister shows a faint smile. Junior Sister, it seems like today was you lost, that thing turned over to us, this was we reaches an agreement beforehand.” Daoxing red bead of Senior Brother in the hand gets rid of high. He is being mad Daoxing. Snort!” Daoxing cold snort. Junior Sister, your skill has not practiced proficiently, next time will see Senior Brother Senior Sister to remember that must greet first.” The Senior Sister lesson of Daoxing said. Daoxing Senior Brother throws the bead once more to airborne is mad Daoxing intentionally. Well, bead?” The Daoxing Senior Brother sudden complexion changes, bead unexpectedly vanished.