Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 93

Bead?” Daoxing Senior Sister also simultaneously stares, actually a moment ago what happened, why the bead will vanish suddenly. This was also too strange, is the hand that Daoxing moves? But the right arm of Daoxing had been lulled, the left arm impossible speed so to be fast. Was party concerned Senior Brother of that Daoxing completely was also shocked, he is unable to believe that own eye, the bead vanished before him really baseless, nobody had anything compared with him clearly a moment ago. The bead again has not fallen after upcasting in him, he has not made an effort, most can also throw 30 centimeters high. Can fall on the ground?” Daoxing Senior Sister asked. Looks to look.” A Daoxing Senior Brother brow wrinkle, although this possibility almost does not have, but also can only do now. They lowered the head to look for quite a while, any thing had not found, finally doubts looked to Daoxing: Small is Junior Sister, the ghost who you do?” Your brains are sick, thing loses in your hands, you added me to be up to mischief, I warned that your this is the most precious object that Master Zu keeps, words that if loses, you died.” Daoxing visits them angrily. Small Junior Sister, the words cannot say that the matter you also had the share, was our three people loses in robbing at most, if the master blamed, you could not escape.” Daoxing saying of Senior Brother look black. What relations has with me? You had won a moment ago.” Daoxing visits them angrily. Small Junior Sister, you said that we have won, is the evidence?” Daoxing that Senior Sister shows a faint smile: Today our two were defeated, waits for us to come next month again, if you lost the thing, master he, once blamed, we asked favor also uselessly.” You were too mean, you have robbed obviously, now also does not acknowledge.” Daoxing knows that their meanings, wish was made this whipping boy by oneself. Mean? I did not think.” After glance that Daoxing Senior Brother disdains Daoxing, they must walk toward outside.

At this moment, Xia Tian turn around, happen to hit suddenly in the Daoxing his senior fellow-pupil's arms, the wine class in hand has all poured in Daoxing the body of her Senior Brother. Whoops, sorry, sorry, I scratch to you.” Xia Tian her Senior Brother bosom one scratches in Daoxing with the hand. „Do you do? Go away.” Daoxing her Senior Brother shoves open Xia Tian. Right, go away, should leave.” Xia Tian turn around returns to sitting place, Daoxing Senior Brother, turn around just about to back down, he suddenly discovered that his leg did not listen to direct probably, the entire body rolled from the staircase directly. Senior Brother.” Daoxing Senior Sister runs hurriedly to her Senior Brother. Daoxing whole face doubts looks Senior Brother of own that rolling down stair, she noted Xia Tian that self-satisfied smiling face afterward, she guessed that this had certainly the relations with Xia Tian. Originally this is leave, the posture is really beautiful, leave is good to be overwhelmed with emotion.” Xia Tian smile looks at Daoxing Senior Brother. You. Certainly is your ghost of doing.” Daoxing Senior Sister angry looks to Xia Tian, a moment ago only then a Xia Tian person has bumped Daoxing Senior Brother. I how?” Xia Tian innocent saying. Junior Sister, we walk first.” Daoxing Senior Brother stared Xia Tian one wickedly, he can determine that the matter was the ghost who Xia Tian did, this gathering place he will certainly look. all Sister Hong watched, Daoxing they several angles could not see Xia Tian here, but Sister Hong can see. Xia Tian that from most starts snatches bead, to afterward intentionally hit Daoxing Senior Brother, these are Xia Tian intentionally, actually how to make Sister Hong that Daoxing Senior Brother tumbled not clear as for Xia Tian.

She guessed possibly is the anesthetic and so on thing. Gets what one deserves.” Daoxing looks Senior Brother and Senior Sister that leaves distressedly was happier. Cannot look, your Senior Brother thing are many.” The Xia Tian right hand raises, throws on the bar dozens types of things, the wallet has eight, in the hand has 12. How do you achieve?” beauty thief Daoxing whole face surprised looks at Xia Tian. But they specialized, her Senior Brother skill she most found that but her Senior Brother thing unexpectedly by Xia Tian stealing, is Xia Tian also person following the same Dao? Thinks a here beauty thief Daoxing face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Secret.” Xia Tian face mysterious saying. „, Did not tell knocks it off.” Daoxing curled the lip, but she had realized immediately another matter, looked asked hurriedly to Xia Tian: „Was that bead also stolen a moment ago away by you?” No, that bead is not continuously in you do capture? Was you put a moment ago.” Xia Tian serious saying. I had not put in the pocket a moment ago, clamps on the finger, but was afterward not robbed by my Senior Brother.” Daoxing answered, she thinks that Xia Tian has not looked at her technique. Sister Hong shows a faint smile: Little Xing, you have a look in your pocket.” Heard Sister Hong saying that Daoxing doubts to own captured to touch: Well, has.” Looks the red bead Daoxing in own hand is excited, this time bead she has preserved, so long as she can preserve this bead one year to go back to study the master strongest skill.

„It is not right, the bead just obviously in the hand of Senior Brother, how may appear in my pocket.” Daoxing had realized suddenly this issue, turns the head to look afterward to Xia Tian: I knew, certainly is you do is right?” Any I do, I do not know.” Xia Tian in that bunch of things optional is turning. Well!” Xia Tian saw a picture suddenly, on this picture nobody, but is a small bamboo slip appearance, if the normal person noticed that this picture definitely conveniently will discard, what the online this type of picture are many, but Xia Tian has actually gotten hold of own fist. Thing Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll on this picture, with his exactly the same. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll appeared, if he has not guessed that wrong, the thing that couple days ago that Islander said possibly has the relations with Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. To know that father true past, that must take Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. You how?” Sister Hong sees in Xia Tian to grip a picture to be in a daze. „, Nothing.” Xia Tian restores to come: Sister Hong, these things you process, I have the matter, first walks one.” Right, certainly is he does, he is so fierce, if he is willing to help me, I certainly can preserve this bead.” beauty thief Daoxing saying that thought aloud there, when she gained ground Xia Tian has disappeared.