Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 94

Xia Tian guessed that Islander goal possibly is Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, such being the case Xia Tian will also insert one, the time also remaining two days, he will hide when the time comes in secret. After returning to residence, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin were waiting there. Volume.” Sees such weaponry, Xia Tian stares slightly. Came back, sat down, I had the matter to tell you.” Ye Qingxue kept a serious look looks at Xia Tian. What matter? Does is so grand.” Xia Tian sat in their opposite. Is such a matter, we need your help.” Ye Qingxue very earnest looks at Xia Tian. older female cousin has the matter to tell freely.” Xia Tian very happy saying. Good, you will go Jianghai University with us tomorrow, there has Tae Kwon Do to compete, when the time comes you fitted out are the Bing Xin boyfriend are OK.” Ye Qingxue said her goal directly. „? Also is this.” Xia Tian felt that own destiny cannot escape this, before was older female cousin, when shield, now turned into the Bing Xin elder sister. What's wrong, do you dare not to agree?” Ye Qingxue both hands fork waist, aggressive four shoot looks at Xia Tian. Agreement, agreement.” Xia Tian sees Ye Qingxue that terrifying appearance, nod that has to keep. This also almost.” Ye Qingxue satisfied nod of: Was right, you this clothes very well looked that today, puts on it, which day waits for I to have the time to lead you to buy several sets, avoid your Tiantian puts on that several.” Xia Tian returned to own room hurriedly, Ye Qingxue was really too terrifying, the Ye Qingxue vision was good, saw that this clothes were nice. As for Ye Qingxue said that must lead him to buy the clothes, Xia Tian looks in own closet Zeng Ruo for these clothes hearts that he buys in the drop blood.

Yeah, was too luxurious.” Xia Tian closes the closet, he was not really cruel enough to look. After returning to the bed, Xia Tian continues cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake. Next morning, Xia Tian was two females buys the breakfast, because must go to Jianghai University today, therefore Xia Tian has not walked is too far, but was exits to run jogging. You , if not my cousin, perhaps I also really will have a liking for you, was really too intimate.” Ye Qingxue looks at compassion breakfast happy saying on table. Eats the breakfast later three people to walk toward Jianghai University together. The Tae Kwon Do competition at 10 : 00, heavenly noon does not have the class now, after Ye Qingxue they came, went to Literature and Art Department directly. Elder Brother Tian.” That several mother artillery saw Xia Tian time threw hurriedly. Leaves depart from me to be so near, my allergy.” Xia Tian hides, has shunted their several directly. „The matter that Elder Brother Tian, Family previous time said you considered, Family continuously and other answer.” Literature and Art Department starry eyed female loving looks at Xia Tian. Elder Brother Tian, do not listen her, I am a place.” Another Literature and Art Department starry eyed female is direct. You were violating sex-madly, I told you, today Xia Tian is Bing Xin, no one permitted to let slip to me, otherwise I wanted her to be attractive.” The Ye Qingxue vision 11 have swept people, the people naturally yes what's the matter. Since Xia Tian has mission in body, they naturally cannot gather round Xia Tian to transfer, finally can only the hidden bitterness looks at Xia Tian, some also clash Xia Tian to make eyes. Xia Tian, will you play weiqi?” Bing Xin tender feelings looks at Xia Tian, in look has been full of the love.

Xia Tian sees the Bing Xin vision, nodded, in his opinion, the love in Bing Xin look for a need of meeting. We play chess.” Bing Xin has put out the checkerboard and board game piece. You may probably be careful, Bing Xin Chinese chess technology that has been equal, she was our Literature and Art Department is fiercest, she once had played chess with the national champion more than 100.” The Ye Qingxue reminder said. Has played chess with the national champion!” Heard here Xia Tian to come the interest, he played chess with the father since childhood, he one time has not won his father. Does not know that my present Spiritual Force has stiffened, can look at several board game pieces.” Xia Tian Spiritual Force was getting stronger and stronger, before he used X-Ray Vision eye one minute to have the dizziness feeling, now his long-term usage three minutes also accomplish a task with ease, after resting 1-2 double-hour, can continue. Woman first, you first come.” Xia Tian looks that front checkerboard he raised suddenly a feeling, here probably is own world is ordinary, how oneself want to be able how. Bing Xin not polite, has gotten down the first board game piece directly. Xia Tian has placed the middle the board game piece. „Are you doing?” Bing Xin puzzled looks to Xia Tian, she had not seen like this plays chess. Xia Tian, can you play chess.” Ye Qingxue sees below law discontented saying of Xia Tian. „Under continues.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. After ten minutes. Forehead upper reaches perspiration water of Bing Xin, although the time passed for ten minutes, but the board game piece on checkerboard altogether is also less than 60.

She once had played chess with the national champion, that also loses after 100, but she has gotten down dozens with Xia Tian, she feels the endless crisis, regardless of under her board game piece where, she felt that will be encircled kills, on the entire checkerboard does not have any safe place. I lost.” Bing Xin is unable to continue, although three-fourth on checkerboard do not have the board game piece, but Bing Xin will know under there result also with here exactly the same. Lost? How such quickly to lose.” Ye Qingxue whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Where regardless of under me does not have the security sense, I felt that the entire checkerboard is his world.” Bing Xin answered. Has not looked, your unexpectedly is so fierce.” Ye Qingxue has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, gave him you to have the development expression very much. He he, fortunately.” Xia Tian awkward, he had experimented a moment ago, he calculated the step of board game piece more than one time before, he can see all changes in 15 board game piece. Xia Tian believes that even if under is goes with own father, he also certainly has the opportunity to win. Bing Xin, Bing Xin.” Literature and Art Department outside has heard the shout. He came.” Hears this sound time, the Ye Qingxue expression becomes serious, Bing Xin also directly stood the Xia Tian side. Bing Xin, I must compete immediately, today I will certainly win the champion.” A man rushed in Literature and Art Department directly, when he saw when Bing Xin is pulling the arm of Xia Tian the sound bursting out laughing stops. The man expression of a smile also directly turned coldly. „Who are you?” An intense hostility sends out from in within the body of man, does not have slight covering up, his vision faint trace is staring at Xia Tian.