Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 95

This time scene resembled the ancient times decisive battle to be the same, they stood there are battling with the thought. „, I introduced to you, he was the Bing Xin boyfriend, called Xia Tian.” Ye Qingxue arrives among them: He called Gao Fu commander-in-chief, was Bing Xin grows up together. Good friends.” „, The good friend of friends from childhood, hello.” Xia Tian extended the right hand in a friendly way. Gao Fu led also to extend his right hand, the look after the body of Xia Tian has sized up: Is a man, does not know that you have not to have skill a little.” Two hands grasp Xia Tian in the same place to feel that Gao Fu leads in unceasing effort. „To play, I accompany you.” The Xia Tian corners of the mouth show a faint smile, afterward his also thrust augmentation, he just a thrust augmentation, the Gao Fu graceful complexion became pale, he has not thought that Xia Tian hand unexpectedly had such big strength, he felt that his hand must be given the crumb by Xia Tian. However he is also a man, has not spoken actually. Oh, is quite sore.” Xia Tian has withdrawn shouting of own right hand very exaggeration. Gao Fu commander-in-chief, do you want to do?” Bing Xin ran over hurriedly, rubs the hand of Xia Tian with own white hands. Xia Tian very pitiful saying: All right, tall the brother just wants to try my hand power, the strength has not possibly controlled, with big a point.” Gao Fu commander-in-chief, I warned you, if you dare to injure Xia Tian, I will not let off your.” Bing Xin angry looks at Gao Fu commander-in-chief. I.” Gao Fu leads to have at this time cannot say painstakingly, what obviously injured is one, but Xia Tian actually thinks of a pitiful appearance, who makes his hand inexpensive, must try others hand powers. You quickly go back, since I will promise you to look that your competition certainly will go.” Bing Xin pointed to the door directly. Volume, good.” Gao Fu leads very depressed turn around to leave. Looks that Gao Fu commander-in-chief left Literature and Art Department, Ye Qingxue has shown the smiling face of victory, saw that Xia Tian and Bing Xin pulled in the same place hand said: Loosens, you have not pulled to suffice.” Bing Xin has withdrawn hurriedly own hand. Xia Tian, dry good, you did not work as actor really Bai Xia.” The Ye Qingxue appreciation said that she has seen the Xia Tian skill, how possibly to suffer a loss.

However a moment ago he installed also really looks like that a matter. You were Ah! of attire Bing Xin then responded a moment ago that she thought a moment ago real, will therefore be angry. Your unexpectedly has not looked, is really too close to the problem.” Ye Qingxue said after a sigh. After Gao Fu commander-in-chief left Literature and Art Department, is not very happy, he truly was wanted to give Xia Tian demonstration of authority a moment ago, but he has not succeeded, instead feels pain by the right hand that Xia Tian pinched. Finally Xia Tian unexpectedly can also fit out the miserable appearance: Shameless, was too shameless, I must reveal his mask, making Bing Xin see his true countenance.” Tae Kwon Do is a Jianghai University independent mass organization, it is the same with the Basketball department, needs to carry on the competition. Today this competition is Jianghai University compares notes to match with one of the Eastern University. Ye Qingxue, Xia Tian and Bing Xin three people arrived. in watched, this was the Gao Fu graceful privilege, he was first Expert of Tae Kwon Do society, asking several people to enter the infield to look at He practices Tae Kwon Do.” Xia Tian looked at a Gao Fu commander-in-chief. Em, moreover is very fierce.” Bing Xin nodded. „Did you know since childhood?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bing Xin. Grows up in a yard, he fought in childhood is very fierce, is our group of children's leaders.” Bing Xin answered. „Do we here look?” Xia Tian asked again. Only can look that do not fight him, his background is not common.” The Bing Xin reminder said. I had not said that must fight against him.” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying. Well good, calculates that I wrongly accused you.” Bing Xin saw that Xia Tian that suffering from injustice appearance persuasion said.

Snort!” Gao Fu commander-in-chief noticed that Bing Xin and Xia Tian felt cold easily snort one there Xiu graciousness. Name on the high-sounding talk, person is so light.” When Xia Tian first time hears the Gao Fu graceful name by the thunder but actually, how his family member at that time actually to have been thought that unexpectedly gave such a name of vanguard. Snort, do not speak others malicious remarks in the back.” Gao Fu leads angrily looks at Xia Tian. Do not be angry, I just am chatting with my girlfriend.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, hugs Bing Xin in the bosom. Saw the Xia Tian action, Gao Fu leads to be angry, has turned the head directly, the eye did not look for only, he quickly by Xia Tian irritating. Gao Fu commander-in-chief, prepares to go on stage.” instructor of Tae Kwon Do mass organization shouts. Gao Fu led to put on one to fight the clothing directly. The Eastern institute has also sent out Expert. „!” A foot, Gao Fu Shuai Zhi used a foot directly to knock down the match. Quite fierce.” Nearby Ye Qingxue surprised looks at Gao Fu commander-in-chief, that foot speed was really fast . Moreover the strength also sufficed, a foot kicked directly the opposite party. Gao Fu commander-in-chief keep it up.” tall elder brother keep it up.” What the People sound of Tae Kwon Do mass organization is Gao Fu commander-in-chief inflates. The Eastern school has sent out second Expert. This match just started on direct retreat, has shunted a Gao Fu graceful foot, but Gao Fu leads the direct maneuver to kick, once more KO a player.

His talent is very high, in childhood with has studied some Kungfu that these became a soldier in the yard, had studied afterward Tae Kwon Do, he two Kungfu fusions in one, the might increased, moreover his background itself was very good.” Bing Xin answered for them. Gao Fu led to go on stage is Jianghai University has taken two points. Afterward the third player, the fourth player, the fifth player was led several feet by Gao Fu completely on KO. Jianghai University person specially excited, these audiences also in loud is shouting the Gao Fu graceful name, but the opposite there imposing manner appeared very low. Bing Xin, you favor, this called the real man.” Gao Fu leads innermost feelings secret saying. The Eastern institute has sent out the eighth player once more. Hello, I called Takeuchi Ichiro.” After the eighth player goes on stage, notified Gao Fu commander-in-chief. You are Islander!” Gao Fu leads repugnantly is Islander. I thought that in your Tae Kwon Do fused China Kungfu, I hope that asked for advice your Tae Kwon Do by the ability of karate.” Takeuchi Ichiro light saying. As you like then.” Gao Fu leads the direct foot to kick, Takeuchi Ichiro draws back the direct shunt backward. Gao Fu graceful attack on continuing, his attack can continuously, not hit suddenly, second follows immediately, is third fourth. Takeuchi Ichiro radically not with Gao Fu Shuai Yingpin, dodging that but keeps. In Gao Fu commander-in-chief used an attractive maneuver kicked Takeuchi Ichiro to stop oneself retreat footsteps, rushed directly, with arm Gao Fu Shuai Zhuangfei.