Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 97

Saw Xia Tian, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin already by the complete thunder but actually, that had stemmed from the anticipation of all people a moment ago, looked like in their two, Xia Tian met Might to arrive, big show skill. However has not thought that result unexpectedly such dramatizes. A foot, Xia Tian only used a foot to solve the match, this move was simply invincible. This foot pain, only then Takeuchi Ichiro is clearest, the oriental cherry that at this time he has remembered hometown that split open perhaps, his next half a lifetime can only be a companion with the flower. Violates a regulation, his is violates a regulation.” instructor of Eastern institute shouts loudly. What gauge violates? I do not study Tae Kwon Do, is he makes me come up with him to compete with, but he too did not pass through has hit, I had just used a foot.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, instructor of Eastern Institute indignant, this after hitting does not pass through the issue that hits, that foot of Xia Tian was too cunning, regardless of Takeuchi Ichiro had the big skill unable to use. Good that the old saying said that Kungfu also fears the kitchen knife again high, Martial Arts is good, the brick knocks down. instructor of Eastern institute believes that if the frontage resistance, front thin and weak boy radically possibly is not the Takeuchi Ichiro match, Takeuchi Ichiro is his under talent highest student. Unifies Tae Kwon Do and karate perfectly, the might displays in a big way. Mean, your this method was too mean.” instructor of Eastern institute cursed angrily. I have anything to be mean, who said that fights cannot kick the fruit, this is my handed down in the family Secret Art.” Xia Tian very puzzled saying. You, but also handed down in the family Secret Art, that said the name to make us listen, falls the dragon 18 palms, was Toad Style.” The instructor ridicule of Eastern institute said. Dying without a heir foot.” Xia Tian light saying. You.” instructor of Eastern institute felt one must collapse, front boy was really too exasperating.

You have the skill truely on and Takeuchi comes a war, but not with the method of this low.” instructor of Eastern institute shouts loudly, he is not convinced, he does not believe Takeuchi will lose. You looked that he is not very miserable?” Xia Tian looked that asked to instructor of Eastern Institute. You had certainly feared is right.” instructor of Eastern institute continues to shout. Right, I have feared, I feared that he will die.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, this looking oppressive person are really many. Good, since Takeuchi has wound, I replace him to come with you to continue to carry on the competition.” instructor of Eastern institute must go forth to battle personally, he must teach Xia Tian today, is Takeuchi Ichiro leaves this foul odor. Today Eastern Institute can win attractively, but is because front this thin and weak boy, disrupted his plan completely. You must select the face, unexpectedly gets rid to bully a student personally.” Jianghai University instructor is not convinced has stood. Snort, this is between we and him personal grievances, today's competition had ended, Takeuchi has defeated you strongest player Gao Fu commander-in-chief.” instructor of Eastern institute said. But we see, your Takeuchi Ichiro have not actually lost to our Jianghai University student.” Jianghai University instructor said. He radically is not your Tae Kwon Do department, does not calculate, he uses is not Tae Kwon Do.” The instructor argument of Eastern institute said. A moment ago Takeuchi Ichiro used is not Tae Kwon Do.” Jianghai University instructor was responding. That is Takeuchi and Gao Fu commander-in-chief arranges, can at will, not limit only uses Tae Kwon Do.” instructor extremely angry saying of Eastern institute. But I remember that Takeuchi Ichiro also reached an agreement with our schoolmates a moment ago.” Jianghai University instructor shows a faint smile. Snort!” instructor cold snort of Eastern institute, he really does not know that should say any was good, the fact truly to exactly the same that Jianghai University instructor said.

Wait / Etc.,” kneels in ground Takeuchi Ichiro shouts suddenly, only looked that his both feet made an effort to stand slightly directly: Competition had not ended.” Takeuchi Ichiro has stood, sees him to stand, on the instructor face of Eastern Institute one happy, thinks that he restored to come: Takeuchi, wants keep it up, gives me to teach this brat well.” Relax, instructor, I will certainly not let off his.” Takeuchi Ichiro wicked looks at Xia Tian, a moment ago the pain of that foot he to present also clear remembering. Egg broken eldest son gentleman, you determined that can also continue?” Xia Tian looked at Takeuchi Ichiro. I called Takeuchi Ichiro.” Takeuchi Ichiro angry looks at Xia Tian. Excuse me, called mistakenly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward looked continues to say to Takeuchi Ichiro: act high and mighty eldest son gentleman, I continued.” I have said that I called Takeuchi Ichiro.” Takeuchi Ichiro angry was roaring. What did you call?” Xia Tian asked again. I called Takeuchi one.” „” The mouth of Takeuchi Ichiro has exhibited a O shape once more, when he spoke, Xia Tian was a foot kicks in his crotch department, this time he felt clearly broke to pieces. Volume!” Saw the foot of Xia Tian, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin has not known whether to laugh or cry. A same foot, kicks on the same person, the position that plays is also same. instructor of Eastern Institute was also shocked, sees the Takeuchi Ichiro appearance, his anxious shouting: Called the medical team, called medical team quickly.” The competition ended.

The so dramatic competition makes all audiences not know that said any was good, but Jianghai University here audience is very excited, sees this strange male greatly oppressive Islander, this is in itself a very crisp matter. Yeah.” Gao Fu commander-in-chief sighed, although Xia Tian won dishonorable, but he truly won. Is he has revenged for oneself, is he saved face for Jianghai University. You were really too mischievous.” Ye Qingxue has tapped the head of Xia Tian. Other drivehead, will be silly, once I silly could not marry the wife, I could not marry the wife to depend on you, when the time comes you must marry me.” Xia Tian was saying own logic. I am your older female cousin.” Ye Qingxue angry is staring Xia Tian. I was when the time comes silly, which still remembers that you are my older female cousin.” Xia Tian innocent looks at Ye Qingxue. Good, calculates that you suppress.” Ye Qingxue expressed the surrender. You, you are waiting to me, my brother to Jianghai, I must let the homicide you.” Takeuchi Ichiro angry looks Xia Tian sound gentle was shouting. You called the egg broken eldest son, your elder brother must call the egg to love the eldest son, good name, good name.” Xia Tian walks, saying that while thought aloud.