Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 98
Xia Tian they have not returned to Literature and Art Department with Ye Qingxue, but left Jianghai University directly. The young nurse had called him a moment ago, said that has the matter to ask him to help, Xia Tian goes to and young nurse Bai Yiyi directly the approximately good place, is a cafe. With me.” The entrance of cafe walked a man and a woman, the female was small nurse Bai Yiyi. „, I asked you such for a long time to find you, was I very attentive.” The men do not pay attention to the Bai Yiyi words, has followed in Bai Yiyi. Bai Yiyi saw the Xia Tian form, on the face one happy, sat in the Xia Tian opposite directly. That man moved toward Xia Tian directly: Makes way, had not seen that my family does like this place?” I, if doesn't let?” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. I throw you.” Male manner extremely rampant saying. Zhao Tianyu, he is the friend of mine.” Bai Yiyi looks at the man angrily. Your friend? Your unexpectedly comes out the male who sees me not to know, this how, you will be my future wife.” Zhao Tianyu whole face disgruntled looks at Bai Yiyi. Zhao Tianyu, I warned you, I did not have any relations with you, if did not look in your father's face, I already reported to the police.” Bai Yiyi has also gotten angry, she has the matter to see Xia Tian today, but this Zhao Tianyu wants brazen-faced and shameless with, moreover one looks for trouble. „, Our two betroths children before they are born, is your father kiss pledges.” Zhao Tianyu looks to the Bai Yiyi vitality, said hurriedly. Is he complies, is not I, you marry him.” Bai Yiyi has been lowering own sound, she does not want to quarrel with Zhao Tianyu here. „, You cannot say the uncle, the uncle also to hello, you marry I not to treat unjustly me your.” Zhao Tianyu looks at Bai Yiyi to say. Is moron.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Whom did you say? Definitely is because you are right, certainly is because your will speak this words with me.” Zhao Tianyu angry looks at Xia Tian, he all blamed all responsibility on the body of Xia Tian.

„Here our three people, you think that whom I can also say?” Xia Tian helpless shook the head to continue saying: It seems like is not only moron, the IQ also a little issue.” You dare to scold me!” The blue vein on Zhao Tianyu face sticks out suddenly, vision torching. You have misunderstood, I did not scold you, moron was the sickness, must govern.” Xia Tian serious saying. It seems like I do not tidy up you well, you do not know that who my Zhao Tianyu was.” Zhao Tianyu has gotten hold of own fist, hits directly to Xia Tian, he has not managed here is any situation. Bang! Together form but actually, but is not Xia Tian, but is Zhao Tianyu. I remember that you must throw a moment ago me is right?” Xia Tian direct mentioned Zhao Tianyu to walk toward entrance single-handed, makes an effort to throw, threw outside directly. Volume!” Sees so Xia Tian of violence, beauty young nurse Bai Yiyi slightly stares. Was then quiet.” Xia Tian returned to the seat. No, then you pure.” beauty young nurse Bai Yiyi shook the head to say. Now isn't good?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Zhao Tianyu this person mind is specially small, having a grudge must report, you must be careful.” The beauty young nurse Bai Yiyi reminder said. „.” Xia Tian very optional should say. Yeah, what I said is real, you must be careful, his such.” The beauty young nurse noticed that Xia Tian has not perceived her words helpless sighing. No matter what matter also because of her.

„.” Xia Tian should say once more. My this time asks you to have the matter to ask your.” The beauty young nurse looked that continues to say to Xia Tian: You had heard a weird disease does not have, feels cold on the whole body on the night of moon/month circle, regardless in warm room useless.” That that you said is called Cold Yin, this sickness is inherited, this patient 80% lives is about 30 years old.” Before Xia Tian, hear of fathers have mentioned this sickness. You know.” beauty young nurse Bai Yiyi surprised looks at Xia Tian. Has heard some.” Xia Tian nodded. You know how this sickness does govern?” The beauty young nurse Bai Yiyi whole face anticipates looks at Xia Tian. Knows.” Xia Tian hear of fathers have said that this sickness truly can govern, but is only the suppression, does not eradicate, the basic reason of this sickness appears in the blood, only if has all traded the blood, otherwise can only suppress. Really?” The eye of Bai Yiyi opens the eyes big, whole face joyful looks to Xia Tian. Volume.” Sees the Bai Yiyi exaggeration the expression, the Xia Tian slight bow. „Can you help me? My mother that generation has this sickness, my mother is because this dies of illness.” Bai Yiyi anticipates looks to Xia Tian. Good, but you want, when my concubine.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. I agreed.” Bai Yiyi very decisive complying. Volume.” Xia Tian stares slightly, this little was also too simple: Such simply complied?” Em, I complied, but you must they also cure the sickness for my grandmother.” Bai Yiyi nodded. I can only suppress, cannot cure.” Xia Tian answered.

I know.” Bai Yiyi knew about the sickness of own family. He, is he, you give, calls me, hits, dies individual is not 1.8 million matters.” The entrance of cafe came 56 to grasp the guy of club, they behind were standing a moment ago by Zhao Tianyu that Xia Tian threw. Sees such scene, other people in cafe hide distant, the service person in cafe is warning of quietly. „, You hides distant point, do not injure to you.” Zhao Tianyu is shouting to Bai Yiyi. Zhao Tianyu, do you want to do?” Bai Yiyi kept off in Xia Tian front directly. I long such greatly had not been bullied, his unexpectedly dares to hit me, I want him dead today.” Zhao Tianyu angry roaring. I in this, I do not allow you to do.” Bai Yiyi looks at Zhao Tianyu to say. You a moment ago not very good B? How now to hide the woman behind, is male you stands, looked how I tidy up you today.” Zhao Tianyu has not paid attention to Bai Yiyi, but looked that said to the Xia Tian ridicule. Zhao Tianyu, you were insane, he was the friend of mine, I will not make you injure him absolutely.” Bai Yiyi angry looks at Zhao Tianyu. „It is not good, today no one is easy-to-use, I must kill him.” The Zhao Tianyu anger was unable to be put out, he had not been hit from infancy to maturity, including his parents. Yeah!” Has stood in Bai Yiyi behind Xia Tian sighs, has knocked it off own Bai Yiyi: Woman is used to protect, but is not used to treat as the shield.”