Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 99
Good, calculates that you plant, give on me, killed has calculated my.” Front Zhao Tianyu angry shouting, he must make this man die, this is not only because were hit by him. The Zhao Tianyu clear feeling the relations of Bai Yiyi with this man is not ordinary, he does not allow others to rob Bai Yiyi absolutely. His anything matter can be done for Bai Yiyi. He he.” Xia Tian coldly smiles. That several guys directly clash to Xia Tian, they are the goons who Zhao Tianyu hires, they know that Zhao Tianyu is not cracking a joke, moreover they really kill front boy, Zhao Tianyu also has the means solution. Therefore their several were has prepared to kill Xia Tian. Kneels!!” Xia Tian showed a faint smile, has put out a kneeling character, afterward the knee of that several guy one soft, knelt on the ground directly, because inertia their faces pounded directly above the ground. The time of once more crawling, two made an effort the fierce front tooth to knock to fly. „Are you doing, calls me.” Zhao Tianyu saw that their several all fall to the ground to shout hurriedly. That several guys do not know why one will drop down suddenly, but after hearing the Zhao Tianyu words, all stands up once more, flushes away to Xia Tian. Kneels again.” Xia Tian said again, afterward that several guys neat knelt on the ground once more, the face has kissed the ground once more, that several people who these time escaped by luck a moment ago also all fell down. Coincidence? Also can be called the coincidence twice continuously? Saw that lies also stares in ground several people of Zhao Tianyu, afterward angry shouting: Your several are doing, quickly gives me to get up, don't you who who forgot is raises.” That several lay in the guy of ground really does not want to stand again, but after hearing the Zhao Tianyu words, their several have stood, they supported by Zhao Tianyu, at this time although on each face knocked had the wound, but all has still stood. Gives on me, who has managed him to me, who can care for the aged.” Zhao Tianyu shouts loudly, under the generous recompense must have Isao.

Heard Zhao Tianyu words that several guys to come the spirit immediately, was waving club in the hand, pounded to Xia Tian. Yeah, acts recklessly.” The Xia Tian right hand makes a fist, hit directly on one of them 's face, afterward both hands also attacked, was only one round, that several guys were folded in the same place. Pounds folding in the same place, Xia Tian sits on their bodies. Volume!” In the coffee shop all people were all shocked, this was also too fierce, coped with five hands to take the guy of club unarmed. Zhao Tianyu was also shocked, this matter has surpassed his expectation, how he had been considering to process a moment ago kills people the later matter, but matter unexpectedly had a big curve. Hey, you are what kind , a solution.” Xia Tian looked that asked to Zhao Tianyu. „Who are you?” Zhao Tianyu whole face panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian, body retreat cannot help but. Is the police who who reported?” At this moment the police came. Is I.” A service person walked gingerly. That is any situation, you give me to get down.” The police saw Xia Tian there. „.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, folded on the chair that from that several people. Police comrade, is he, he fights, what you had a look at him to make into that several people, quickly caught him.” Zhao Tianyu as if saw the liberator is common, shouts hurriedly. „Are these people you hit?” That police frown to look to Xia Tian. Is.” Xia Tian nodded.

On face is the blood, do you are the heavy injury know.” That police saw the pitiful condition of that five person ground said. „The blood on their face have not related with me, that is they falls, possibly was here ground is too slippery, I a moment ago was just the justifiable defense, did not believe you to ask these service people.” Xia Tian answered. Falls? When you I am silly, did five such big people walk the flat land to fall this?” That police think that Xia Tian is deceiving him, looks at Xia Tian discontented saying. I speak the truth, you have not believed.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Do not quibble, if ground is too slippery, why they fall, I not.” Bang! As if is confirming his words to be ordinary, his both legs one soft, sat on the ground directly. Volume.” That police stare slightly, he does not have to think one also really threw down. I said is too slippery.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. „.” That police coughed awkwardly: Is falls, is impossible to fall this, you had a look at their faces, the front tooth not to have.” That. Police comrade, they truly are fall, moreover was they brought the weapon to hit this gentleman a moment ago.” The manager in coffee shop goes forward to explain: Here has the monitoring.” Hears the monitoring, Zhao Tianyu secretly thought is not good, he this matter forgetting, therefore his turning the head quietly, walks toward outside, so long as he flees from here first, the following matter naturally some people will process. „The boy, why you must go, how you have not told my following matter you to solve.” Xia Tian shouts to Zhao Tianyu, Xia Tian such shouted that immediately the vision of all people centralized on the body of Zhao Tianyu, the footsteps that Zhao Tianyu walked outward also has framed there. Goes back their all belt, comes out to carry off the video recording also copy.” That police also done was muddleheaded, he must lead to investigate the person.

You cannot catch me, you know that who my father is?” Zhao Tianyu shouts hurriedly. Whoever, has any relations with me.” That police very impolite saying. You spoke carefully to me, I remembered your numbering, if you dare to catch me, I ensure you will come off sentry duty tomorrow.” Zhao Tianyu very wild shouting. I was the police for a long time, has not done any has violated the discipline the matter, you said that made me come off sentry duty to come off sentry duty, I must lead you to walk today, that the person of five committing murder was you brings.” That police at this time finally wisp clear a clue. I said that is not good is not good, my father is a section chief, Bureau Chief of police station is my Uncle Li.” Zhao Tianyu saw that police must lead him to walk, shouts hurriedly. Li Bureau Chief?” That police looked that asked to Zhao Tianyu. How is it? Feared.” Zhao Tianyu complacent saying. Snort, even if were Li Bureau Chief has violated the law, I was also same the photo to grasp.” That police kept a serious look saying: I am the People's Police, is not the security of his family.” ! Xia Tian applauds in the one side: Good that said that said was good.”