Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 1000

Saw that Earth Grade Expert of that Qingshan gate had been pounded by Xia Tian crushes. Surrounding person does not dare to go forward, they already by the Xia Tian method deep has shocked, they look helplessly that Earth Grade Expert dies in the hand of Xia Tian, fresh blood from uterus everywhere is. Sets up the prestige! Xia Tian this is setting up the prestige. Hidden Sect these people think to be a cut above other people, strength formidable, therefore they can act bashful others' life and death. However these years Hidden Sect made them forget the death fear easily and comfortably. Will not be dynamic without the pressure. Same has not seen the death, the fear that they will forget dead, Xia Tian made them experience the death at this time, even if is better than Earth Grade Expert also dead, this was warning the surrounding these people, if you want to live that do not meddle. Xia Tian has proven this point with the fact. Can begin, do not kick up a racket as far as possible. At this time the Xia Tian vision looks angrily at the four directions, his vision probably is a greedy person is the same, by the person who he stares at is the whole body chill, this feeling is terrorist, these people do not dare with Xia Tian looking at each other, to lower the head. Jiang Tian raised is also shocked. Earth Grade Expert, in Hidden Sect is also figure of elder rank, but Xia Tian unexpectedly directly stiffly Earth Grade Expert plunging to death. I must meet my woman now, who dares to block me, I want his blood to splash at the scene.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his words are very extremely arrogant, moreover in others entrance shouted that how this Shan Yunzong person again instigated that must stand. Thump! Thump! Thump! Three Zhong Xiang has spread over entire Shan Yunzong.

These three Representative Zhong Xiang some people are invading, must discretely to the war. Shan Yunzong three big elders must go to battle, Shan Yunzong more than 1000 disciples also must go to battle, suddenly entire Shan Yunzong has lived it up. Good, do not hit? My Shan Yunzong hits, your there distance my 100 steps, my Shan Yunzong Expert like clouds, has the skill you directly to hit.” Jiang Tian raises the sound to roar. Angry! Jiang Tian does not raise such angrily, he must kill Xia Tian today, even if the set entire Shan Yunzong strength. Xia Tian was kicks the person Jiashan Yun sect entrance to come now, how the person Jiashan Yun sect possibly recognized instigated, even if were China four big Expert sends out personally, their Shan Yunzong will not recognize instigated. Otherwise Shan Yunzong honor thorough losing completely. Draws an analogy, some people go to your family belongings your surface to hit your wife child, can you bear? Moreover in your family also over a thousand people, the opposite party has a person. Sometimes the honor and spirit can never lose. With the ding, three forms present in Tong the side. Shan Yunzong sovereign and three big elders, this matter unexpectedly continually sovereign and three big elders have also alarmed, three Zhong Xiang is representing besides the disciple who is unable to go out, all people must come out. Yu He and the others also came out, they mix in the crowd. Good play must start finally.” Yu He shakes the feather fan in oneself hand gently. See sovereign.” All disciple together respectful saying. „Are you Xia Tian?” Shan Yunzong sovereign expression light looks at Xia Tian, on his face does not have any mighty waves, probably is chatting to be the same with more than a years of old friend.

Em!” The Xia Tian response said. Since mountain Yun Zongchuang has sent, you are only one catch up to look for a job single-handedly.” Shan Yunzong sovereign said. „Am I honored very much?” Xia Tian smiles. I know that you are the Yin Nie apprentice, the Xia Tianlong son, how? Yin Nie cannot enter Hidden Sect, Xia Tianlong also died, you think that now also who can help you?” Shan Yunzong sovereign very optional saying. However hears his words, the surrounding person cannot be quiet. They think Xia Tian is the Yin Nie apprentice, that sufficed extraordinary, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was the Xia Tianlong son, their names also had difference of the character. His unexpectedly is the Xia Tianlong son, Xia Tianlong China four big Expert, were known as that in the world only has the opportunity to enter step Heaven Grade Xia Tianlong.” He so is no wonder fierce, father a person had selected Mount Tai Sect in the past alone, now the son comes a person to challenge Shan Yunzong, is really one generation compares one generation, Shan Yunzong may probably be fiercer than Mount Tai Sect.” Too extraordinary, what originally his within the body flows is the bloodlines of Xia Tianlong.” On the faces of surroundings these people have all written all over inconceivable, Xia Tianlong regarding anybody is a legend, his 20 years old became famous in the world, that is Xia Tianlong is hits to spread around the world not to have the rival simply. Xia Tian this year 18. Xia Tianlong in the past 20! What Xia Tianlong hits is Mount Tai Sect, in Hidden Sect ranks after the school. What Xia Tian hits is Shan Yunzong, in Hidden Sect arranges the second large amount gate. The pupil surpasses the teacher wins in Lan!

At this time on the seat, the Mount Tai Sect disciple emits the flight symbol to go back the signalling hurriedly, the surrounding these people are also one prepare to look at the good play the appearance, if trades to do is others, they affirmed that the understanding is courting death, so long as stains Xia Tianlong these three characters. They felt the expectation, although they did not believe Xia Tian to be able by a person of mechanical reactance Hengshan Yun sect entire entrance. However everybody hopes to see which step Xia Tian can arrive. I have said that I am a person come, I do not need anybody to help, these 100 steps, who blocks me, I kill anyone, your Shan Yunzong blocks me, I extinguished your Shan Yunzong.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his within the body emerged boundless war intent. He is more ruthless than Xia Tianlong, Xia Tianlong defeats, does not kill, but Xia Tian is different, he kills! If not kill the opposite party never to know the pain. Therefore Xia Tian has been ready that has killed greatly kills especially, all these during his preparation. „The disciple of Qingshan gate obeys orders, presents all disciples to join the fight.” The elder of Qingshan gate gives a loud shout, their Qingshan gate died a moment ago a elder, this regarding their Qingshan gate is the massive loss, although their also three elders, however their elders may with the resources stiffly pounds. That is used to keep up appearances, but now that elder unexpectedly by Xia Tian stiffly being battered to death. Moreover now some people come Shan Yunzong to stir up trouble, this is the good opportunity that they stand, now hits, the majority of main forces are also Shan Yunzong the people, they only need to dispatch a small number to obtain Shan Yunzong the favorable impression. At this time here has the Qingshan gate more than 100 disciples. Surroundings these sect Men also sent out more than ten people to express the meaning meaning, seemed is helping to be the same. I must have a look but actually, who dares to block me.” The Xia Tian both feet makes an effort treads in the ground, both hands have put on a gold thread glove.