Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 901

That North Korean Expert has discovered existence of Xia Tian. A moment ago when second he has discovered that this person came back, these people removed, thus it can be seen the difference of this person, moreover this person unexpectedly called a moment ago protector for the brothers positive. Who Yang is Hufa? Maoshan one of the two big protector, the status is high. But now this person unexpectedly calls protector for the brothers positive, he called to protect buddhist law positive, protector unexpectedly also to pass positive, the words that he spoke protector positive also very much listen, this sufficiently proved this person was not simple. Moreover he can look, this person is poisoned now. Because he lies down on the sedan chair, probably does not have any strength. This condition he is very familiar. Sad crisp cool breeze.” That North Korea saying of three teacher's younger brother coldly: This person was too dangerous, does not hesitate at all costs, before he restores kills him.” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea have issued the dead order. After hearing this order, that 50 North Korean Expert all killed to Xia Tian. Protects the deputy general director.” Protector positive shouts loudly. All Maoshan Expert all spell by loathsome appearance, especially before , with Xia Tian these people, Xia Tian has the graciousness regarding them . Moreover the Xia Tian status is in their mind high. Bloody battle! A side spelled by the loathsome appearance must kill Xia Tian, another side was the doom must protect Xia Tian, both sides fight immediately in one, first round fought some people of casualties. Brothers, pledge to fight to the death to protect the deputy general director.” The imposing manner in Maoshan is very strong. Kills! Who has killed him, I layer on layer enjoy.” That three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea shout loudly, at the same time his under foot dodged to kill directly, his speed was too fast, moreover settled on the opportunity sneak attack.

The person who these Maoshan send has not responded. Saw Expert that Maoshan sends must kill the Xia Tian front, he has thought one can certainly kill Xia Tian. Bang! At this moment a huge ghost hit on his body. Is protector positive. Protected buddhist law to block positive this has struck. „To kill my brother, courts death.” Protected buddhist law positive has fired into three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea directly. Is you, protector positive, I already heard that your given name, how I must have a look at you dead today but actually.” Three teacher's younger brother coldly of North Korea looked that toward the sun protector to continue saying: I heard that you are the person of that Maoshan old monster most trusted friend, if I have killed you, he will be perhaps insane.” Has the skill you to come.” Protected buddhist law with that North Korean three teacher's younger brothers positive fights in one. Xia Tian shuts tightly both eyes, he at countdown, the toxicant of sad crisp cool breeze in little neutralize, but also remains for five minutes, after five minutes , the toxin of sad crisp cool breeze can the complete solution. Now Xia Tian is burning with impatience, these North Korean Expert strength very formidable, Maoshan, although person are many . Moreover the treasure are also many, but these North Korean Expert probably specially to restrain them trains. Therefore the Maoshan present situation is not good, positive protector also retreats in defeat again and again. Protector, definitely is unable to start, the opposite party three teacher's younger brother's fighting method of positive such aggrievedly not having hit is very strange, probably suppressed his ability completely, he completely powerful nowhere causes now. Hateful, what fighting method is this?” Yang Hufa deeps frown. Snort, any nonsense protector, is mediocre.” Saying that three teacher's younger brother cold snort of North Korea, disdained. Brother, how long you also need, I am about unable to block.” Protector to send greetings positive to Xia Tian, what he uses is a paper symbol, does not need to speak, thinks with the ponder directly that can reach in the ear of Xia Tian.

Two minutes, give me again two minutes, this person knows that weakness of Maoshan, you receive the ghost, then attacks his below plate, his footsteps are very chaotic, probably is not familiar with this fighting method.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, Yang Hufa at present one bright, he admired Xia Tian. Closes one's eyes can discover these slight changes. Protected buddhist law to receive ghost positive instantaneously, then in the hand presented the paper symbol, the attack that North Korea three teacher's younger brothers' below plates that the paper symbol kept, such attack was not strong, but made that North Korean three teacher's younger brothers be thrown into confusion. The Movement Technique that he uses is not he is familiar, but uses forcefully, was very chaotic, now one was attacked by Yang Hufa, was more chaotic. Ha Ha, went well.” Yang Hufa excited saying. Hateful, how do you see through?” North Korean three teacher's younger brother complexions change, retreat. Present Xia Tian, the innermost feelings worry, he has an intense sense of crisis, this sense of crisis is unprecedented, this sense of crisis is pressing on step by step, is getting more and more near to him. One divides in half, is certainly quick.” Xia Tian innermost feelings anxious saying. At this time protector with the fight of that three teacher's younger brother positive is getting more and more intense, protector positive had the superiority, but three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea step by step retreat, the people in Maoshan also obey the suggestion that has protected buddhist law positive, started to attack these person of North Korean Expert below plates. Bang! At this moment a bang transmits, the surroundings mist and dust rises from all directions, the ground rocks, the person, many people gathers to come from the surroundings, the aura is very chaotic, any people have. Came, finally came.” Three teacher's younger brother excited saying of North Korea. Flash 700-800 Expert gather to come, to have Expert of North Korea from surroundings, Witchcraft Sect Expert, tomb raider wait / etc. all influences have, they as if were form allied armies to be the same. Has encircled together. Was bad.” Protector the complexion positive changes, here person was really too many, their this less than 90 people radically insufficiently killed.

! The distress signal has sent, but this distress signal only then the fifth Maoshan disciples can see. Now actually he does not know other Maoshan disciples where. Suddenly, these 90 people of teams of Maoshan beset with a crisis. Protector with two gate hosts positive, in addition these Expert. This is the Maoshan present battle efficiency. But the opposite party had Expert of 50 North Korea, now came these many people, looked that early is prepared. Brother, what to do now can?” Yang Hufa deeps frown. I also take one minute.” Xia Tian secretly thought. Good, I find the way to delay for one minute.” Yang Hufa saying silently. This time Xia Tian worried, that sense of crisis has not been weaken, the crisis that in other words Xia Tian feels is not this group of people, but is other, actually is what? One minute. But this crisis was away from him to be getting more and more near. At this time the fifth entrance. Xia Tian, I thought that which you toward run!” Saying of blood old monster coldly, he pursued to fifth finally, at this time he happen to saw distress signal that Maoshan sent, corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, he knows that he found.