Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 902

Front is Maoshan Yu Nie, kills to me.” The People sound of allied armies shouts. The goal that they join up is to resist Maoshan, now sees the people in more than 90 Maoshan, naturally was very excited. Ha Ha Ha Ha, protector positive, today I must make you die without the burial ground.” Three teacher's younger brother excited shouting of that North Korea, he smiles is very excited, today they can make Maoshan pay the deeply grieved price finally. This most is worth their happy matters. These many years, North Korean casualties innumerable Expert, but Maoshan has not actually had the too big loss, this makes the high level in North Korea with such victory very discontented. Therefore will have this war. If their this times can kill one of the Maoshan to protect buddhist law, after that goes back, certainly will be praised. 30 seconds.” Xia Tian saying silently, he can feel that crisis is stronger and stronger, is away from him to be getting more and more near, he knows that 30 seconds enough have done many matters. Expert kills him, one second cannot use, 30 seconds have sufficed him dead dozens times. Brother, we could not shoulder quickly, what to do?” Yang Hufa anxious saying. Came!” Xia Tian has opened both eyes suddenly. Came? What came?” Protector puzzled asking positive. Ah! At this moment the surrounding transmitted called out pitifully. Maoshan secretary, blood corpse big law.” The surrounding hears one to drink greatly. Bang! The surrounding has heard an intermittent pitiful yell sound. Who blocks me who dies!” The surrounding heard one to drink greatly.

Hears this drinks greatly, Xia Tian finally understands how the crisis was a matter, was the blood is old, blood old monster unexpectedly committed suicide, before that special envoy came time, Xia Tian knows one have exposed, but he is unable to withdraw temporarily. He has been waiting for his strength restoration. Good to escape directly. He did not plan that old monster spells with the blood hardly, blood old monster, but super Expert, moreover he also studies the successful new human body, present he simply is the body of half not dying. 20 seconds! 20 seconds. But the blood old strangely has killed the surrounding, can hear from his angry sound, he wishes one could to peel Xia Tian now exactly, his anger arrived at a flashpoint hotspot. Was blood gentleman, blood gentleman unexpectedly comes personally.” On Yang Hufa face one happy. Heard is the blood gentleman came, not to mention he was happy, the blood gentleman came, they were safe. Brothers, kill, aids the blood gentleman.” Yang Hufa gives a loud shout, all Maoshan disciples have killed to that point, they hear some people aid, on face specially excited. Brother, we have been saved, is the blood gentleman rescues personally our.” Yang Hufa passes message to Xia Tian excitedly. Xia Tian may now happy, the blood old monster is not rescues his, but is kills his, he estimated that now the blood old wishes one could to peel him strangely exactly, is away from these many people he to feel the blood old monster anger. 15 seconds.” Xia Tian discussed. The blood old monster strength is very strong, is only the flash, he has ripped open an opening the allied armies, these allied armies nobody are he, as soon as gathering, his strength to going against heaven's will. Brothers, this person is the blood is old, he is No. 2 figure of Maoshan, everybody has killed him, Maoshan ended.” Expert of North Korea shouts loudly, at the same time their people also go to intercept No. 2 figure blood of this Maoshan to be old. All people of this allied armies hope that the Maoshan Faction plays, because Maoshan sends, once plays, that Witchcraft Sect buried treasure they had the share. Bang!

All Expert all killed to the blood was old. Puff! Flash, blood old monster by these Expert tearing into shreds. Killed?” These Expert excited saying. At this moment, inconceivable appeared, the blood always blamed body unexpectedly that broke to pieces to gather in together, this situation has surpassed simply their cognition. Puff! Old monster that several people were ripped from the blood recently instantaneously crush. What? This was also too terrifying, was this person?” „Is this No. 2 figure of Maoshan? He does not die completely, the unexpectedly some bodies of person not dying, how this also hits.” Runs away, we radically are not the matches, brings death completely.” Although the surrounding these people are allied armies, but they bully the person, the people in Maoshan are short of them to hit, now Maoshan suddenly presents super Expert, their allied armies collapsed of itself. The people have the selfishness, especially these for buried treasure person. Their selfishness are heavier. They come for the treasure, is not worthwhile breaknecks, suddenly the allied armies scatter in all directions to go, suddenly only remaining more than 400 North Korean Expert, more than 400 super Expert did not have retreat. Because they have the faith, even if dies, will turn into the hero. 12 seconds!” Xia Tian innermost feelings anxious saying, he already expected this allied armies to be unreliable, but has not thought that they only persisted in such one being able on the rout. Hateful, this fellows, had the matter to run away.” Person angry saying of North Korea.

However they completely not hesitant, fired into the blood to be old directly, this was No. 2 figure of Maoshan, if has killed this person, regardless of they had anything to lose, goes back later becomes the hero, certainly will obtain the above recognition and commendation. This group of North Korean too TM was powerful, insists a meeting again.” Xia Tian relaxed finally. Ten seconds! Ten seconds arrived, when the time comes he had the opportunity to flee from here. Brothers, support blood gentleman.” Protector positive said loudly. Brother, now supports is unwise, although the opposite party escaped few people, but 400-500 people, we could not have spelled now, you lead everybody to walk first, the blood gentleman naturally has the method to leave here.” Xia Tian with sending greetings said. You said also right.” Yang Hufa nodded, afterward he shouts to behind People sound: Brothers, remove.” The blood old sees the Xia Tian close at hand strangely time, pressure plant root that hates straight itchy, he wished one could to kill Xia Tian on the past now, was these North Korean Expert people not awfully is completely same. He finally understood a few words now. The proletariat is any matter does, these fellows clearly know that will die also to clash. Saw his strategic place in the past, but protector unexpectedly to shout positive retreats, this made him hoodwink, protector unexpectedly to retreat positive, this obvious do not protect Xia Tian? Hateful, this Yang is Hufa up to mischief?” A blood old monster brow wrinkle. Five seconds. Xia Tian already several silently. „It is not good, I cannot make you run away absolutely.” The blood old gives a loud shout strangely, his body had the huge change.