Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 904

Soul hauling! Right, Witchcraft Sect cultivation method and Maoshan, although seems probably same. In fact the disparity between both are big. Maoshan pays great attention to single Hun, pays great attention to a minute of soul with Witchcraft Sect, Maoshan pays great attention to raise the soul, but Witchcraft Sect pays great attention to swallow the soul, the people in Maoshan think, only then controls the single soul is authentic, moreover they have the good thing to give the soul to take, however the Witchcraft Sect person thinks that is the soul many are the top priority, moreover they let the soul strengthen big method are to swallow other souls. Disparity between this Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan. Therefore the Witchcraft Sect ghost will receive the hauling of some strength on this sixth. This is the plan of Witchcraft Sect old ancestor, he knows person who definitely will have Witchcraft Sect enters sixth, in the past although ran away is the strength low disciple, but the Maoshan old ancestors believe that after these twenty years time, in the Witchcraft Sect disciple some people can certainly intrude sixth. Enters will obtain the approval of old ancestor to the sixth disciple. Obtains person who the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor approves to have the opportunity to obtain the treasure that the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor leaves behind. The Witchcraft Sect old ancestor naturally also knows that what each thorough crisis is, therefore he will be the Witchcraft Sect disciple will leave behind the thing of maintaining life guard in this, allowing the Witchcraft Sect disciple to enter next sufficiently even to the ninth treasure. Child peak, with the hauling of soul, I had nosed a moment ago, other here Witchcraft Sect disciples, you should not be first, the treasure that the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor leaves behind have certainly the quantity limit, you arrive to be able first to have the opportunity of choice.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Em.” After Han Zifeng nodded, hurries to inside direction with ghost directly. Xia Tian and the others followed directly. The Han Zifeng speed is fast, Xia Tian and the others closely follow behind them, sixth some people have come, person but who does not have Witchcraft Sect, now Han Zifeng first. Xia Tian knows that first forever can attain well, therefore had other Witchcraft Sect people to come, Xia Tian will directly also block them, making Han Zifeng elect first.

Because Han Zifeng is his person. His person must attain well. Boss, was getting more and more near.” Han Zifeng excited saying. Steals the day, Great General, one will watch, who comes, cannot approach, lets the child peak and is slightly red they to take the treasure to say again.” The Xia Tian direct order said. He has decided that the seasoned person expels, dares dissolutely kills. The sixth person were getting more and more . Moreover the Witchcraft Sect person also appeared, Xia Tian can feel that periphery had the ghost to approach, is the Witchcraft Sect ghost. Moreover is one team of Witchcraft Sect person. The Witchcraft Sect person troop comes, after this is Xia Tian comes, has seen the biggest Witchcraft Sect team. More than 20 people. The people who past war Witchcraft Sect altogether lived were less than 100 individuals, but in this team unexpectedly had more than 20 people, Witchcraft Sect that more than 100 individuals can enter the sixth person not to be definitely many. Xia Tian starts to think that can have ten people to enter sixth to be good, ten save one. Moreover has the treasures of other people. Outside person knows, person who wants to obtain the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure to have Witchcraft Sect, therefore in the common team will find a Witchcraft Sect person to come in together. But in this team unexpectedly has more than 20 Witchcraft Sect people.

Actually thus it can be seen this team is what. Can build up the teams of 20 Witchcraft Sect people, that is definitely extraordinary, moreover can escort sixth more than 20 Witchcraft Sect people safely, the strength of this team cannot be underestimated. Moreover definitely is not North Korean Expert, is not the person in Maoshan. Because the people in Maoshan and North Korea should still mutually slaughter now, captures. Their wars do not die continuous. Boss, arrived immediately, but I felt the Witchcraft Sect person, many.” Han Zifeng said. I know, one regardless of what happened, do not worry, slowly selects in that.” Xia Tian said directly that his words are very simple, is telling Han Zifeng, has me in this, your free to choose is only good, nobody dares to snatch with you. To!” On Han Zifeng face one happy, they arrived in front of huge stone wall. On stone wall is carving a small cauldron, is nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. Seizes spirit Kui! Here altogether 15 spirit Kui, only then the person of Witchcraft Sect can obtain, other people bump into are swallowed the soul directly, in 15 spirit Kui altogether two nine levels of spirit Kui, three eight levels of spirit Kui, remaining ten all are seven levels of spirit Kui. Only the disciple of Witchcraft Sect most elite can obtain nine levels of spirit Kui. Child peak, what seizes spirit Kui?” Xia Tian saw that the character on stone wall asked. Most precious object, the Witchcraft Sect most precious object, Witchcraft Sect also two big protector in the past, nine levels of spirit Kui is the ghost that two big protector, eight levels of spirit Kui is slightly poor, seven levels of spirit Kui also absolutely is the most precious object, even if the person majority of main rank also merely only has six levels of spirit Kui.” Han Zifeng afterward continued saying: Seizes the people who the spirit Kui's meaning is this time enters the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure to have the opportunity to rob spirit Kui.”

How long takes to need nine levels of spirit Kui?” Xia Tian asked. I take three minutes, slightly red takes four minutes.” Han Zifeng said. Good, now starts, regardless of hears any sound do not stop.” Xia Tian said. Em!” Han Zifeng not artificial, but was Zhong Chuhong pats the hand directly on stone wall, pure strength continuously inflow their bodies. At this moment, these Witchcraft Sect people came, their this teams altogether have more than 80 people. In these 80 people have 25 is the Witchcraft Sect person. Other these people are also uniform Expert, these Expert from different influences, but they actually turned into an influence, Xia Tian first time sees the coherence such strong influence. Their this influences with former Xia Tian has seen the difference. The beforehand these influences are the same with this influence goal, they for the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, the strength and team that but other these combine are mob, one dozen dispersed. However in front of Xia Tian the team is different. They fully realize the disease of that team, therefore they establish has decided that living is the brothers, died buried treasure branch family person, this has established the Witchcraft Sect blood oath. The blood oath of Witchcraft Sect is the most poisonous blood oath, if these people are not completed, they will die like a dog, their family members will not be having the good end. Xia Tian has not spoken, right hand golden light flashes dodges to divide directly.