Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 905

Spirit Kui, is spirit Kui, the old ancestor was good to us too, unexpectedly has left behind spirit Kui to us.” Two nine levels of spirit Kui, three eight levels of spirit Kui, ten seven levels of spirit Kui, was really developed, before these things, only then figure of gate advocating peace hole main above rank had the opportunity use.” Nine levels of spirit Kui it is said only then protector the rank to have the qualifications use, eight levels of spirit Kui also only then the strongest gate lord can use, our time was really developed.” These Witchcraft Sect people specially excited, sees spirit Kui time, they understand that the old ancestor's meaning, entire 15 spirit Kui, this was equal to all of a sudden made them have been able even to protect buddhist law the person fight of rank with the gate main rank. This is the spirit Kui's function. Had spirit Kui, they had entered the ninth strength. That two people are recruiting nine levels of spirit Kui, a bit faster organizes them, otherwise nine levels of spirit Kui did not have.” These Witchcraft Sect people have discovered Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong's goal. Because they stand by stone wall, the hand pats on stone wall, the position that their hands put is nine below. There is nine levels of spirit Kui. After these people saw Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong's movement, directly flushed. Bang! At this moment the golden light flashes through together, the stone of ground presented a trace immediately. Xia Tian left a line with [gold/metal] Daohua. Committing a footfault dies!” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. This suddenly such as the change makes those present stare, that more than 80 individuals can entering sixth, definitely also has experienced the person of wind and rain, moreover their senses of purpose are strong. Has made the soul blood oath. Although is the god, but they have not gone to leave the Xia Tian movement again. Immediately some people flushed insistently, they had said that has the matter to rush to the first person, regardless of the life and death, the treasure obtains is most, if who dares the greedy for bribes, that must receive the retaliation of soul blood oath.

Puff! To cleft in two in the first that Profound Grade intermediate stage Expert body directly. Committing a footfault dies!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout once more, this these people have all anchored the footsteps, they do not have to clash again, because the strength of this person was too strong, that route is really Gate of Death seems to be same. This 80 people of team can rush to here. Had proven their strength, they are not the weak ones, reason that not because of Xia Tian a few words on retreat, they will stop to discuss how to massacre Xia Tian. Boy, you are what kind, you think that a person does cope with our 80 Expert?” And Witchcraft Sect Expert shouts loudly. That Witchcraft Sect person said that 80 Expert walk toward Xia Tian directly. I said that who this line, who dies.” The Xia Tian sound seems came from the devil of hell to be the same. You think that does hit 80?” Saying that Witchcraft Sect person disdains. Expert that many, I want to try!” Xia Tian light saying. Courts death, I am blade Wangtian am broad, I come to be able you.” That team of person inside some people have put out quarrying a mountain blade, has fired into Xia Tian directly, he is blade Wangtian is broad. In his hand the tool mark flings, creates an incident tigerishly. Has the potential of opening and closing greatly! In the hand the broadsword chops Xia Tian face, he is Profound Grade late stage Expert, becomes famous on Jianghu for a long time. dāng! The right hand of Xia Tian double refers to stretching out, gripped the blade Wangtian broad broadsword directly. Ka!

The broadsword broke off directly by Xia Tian. You have not committed a footfault, have saved a life.” A Xia Tian foot trampled to fly blade Wangtian broadly. Finger of Consonance, you are Xia Tian!” On the blade Wangtian broad face has written all over inconceivable, before present Xia Tian was not that obscure individual, he cut Yin Fu , defeated Chen azure, hit remnant Wudang Earth Grade Expert. This each same is the extraordinary successes. His statement already disseminated on Jianghu. Right, I am Xia Tian, that two nine levels of spirit Kui is they, who dares to commit a footfault I to kill anyone.” The Xia Tian left hand double refers to stretching out, the whole person stands the online head, powerful. This is true one man guards the pass Yorozuo opens! His reputation was not low, shock that in addition a moment ago twice got rid, that 80 people of also nobody again clashes now, because before them, has studied, although the treasure is good, has the life flower to be good. Now Xia Tian stood there has clarified, who passed, did not die continuous. If they the present pass, that is courting death simply. Here person were too many, people some gradually were also attracted. There has the treasure, is any spirit Kui, but probably only then the Witchcraft Sect person can use.” Manages it is any treasure, could not snatch not to be good.” You had not discovered that a little doesn't suit? How that side that 70-80 people look motionless, moreover person who in them also has Witchcraft Sect.” The surrounding these people were discussing in a low voice, they also want to rush come to see are any treasure, but they discovered immediately the situation is not right, because there was having one person to forward at this time single-handed, very charming standing there. But his opposite has 70-80 people, actually nobody dares to clash. Good, we give you face, nine levels of spirit Kui was your, but eight levels of spirit Kui must be our.” Witchcraft Sect Expert opens the mouth to say.

You can attain several levels of spirit Kui I, no matter, so long as disturbs their absorptions.” Xia Tian light saying. Daunted. Xia Tian stood there daunts the opposite 80 people really directly. That 80 people have compromised, they also know that wants to spell with Xia Tian this becoming famous Expert hardly, that absolutely is unwise, finally some casualty many are uncertain, their these 80 people are the elites, will die to affect to enter the next several speeds. Moreover Xia Tian behind is also standing two people, how can possibly lower with the person strength that Xia Tian mixes up. They such do now, can sell a Xia Tian favour, but can also reduce the loss. At this time periphery these people were getting more and more, moreover some odd dealers also came, person who in their teams also has Witchcraft Sect, but most also has 1-2. The person of this team are not many. Is spirit Kui, is really spirit Kui, has sent, so long as there is a spirit Kui, our teams can rush in ninth.” Small team inside Witchcraft Sect disciple excited saying. That also waits for anything, snatched not to be good.” In their team person of very optional saying. This hole is I opens, this is I digs, if wants this line, to praise me to lead.” Xia Tian light saying, but he changed a statement immediately: No, must leave behind life to come.” You the idiot who which ravine from child in comes out.” In a that team person walked directly. He committed a footfault.