Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 907

The Xia Tian words are extremely arrogant. His unexpectedly said that is afraid the strength big point that he uses to kill the void old person. Who is the void old person? Super Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage. If Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage is so good to kill, he was not the Earth Grade intermediate stage. The provocative significance in his words is full. Moreover also in response void old person's words. Your boy, is really lives up to reputation.” Void old person helpless saying, he said is not the Xia Tian strength, but is Xia Tian this opens mouth. You are also good.” Xia Tian has not said other, but looked at the void old person's left hand with the eye. The void old person had also discovered Xia Tian looks at the ring on his left hand, naturally understands that Xia Tian knew his status, because on the Xia Tian right hand wears a exactly the same ring, they are the black market 12 health/guard. The void old person has not spoken again, but is in the hand the long sword punctures directly to Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance! Xia Tian wants to grip void old person's sword. Puff! On the shoulder of Xia Tian had a wound. Puff! When the Xia Tian god, on his arm had a wound. „It is not good!” Xia Tian body fast retreat, the quick, void old person's sword was too quick, but fights one round, his body had two wounds, although these wounds are not serious. However this can injure on behalf of the void old person to Xia Tian. If he a bit faster does not try to find the solution, his wound will be only getting more and more, the void old person hits to be suitable more and more, he actually can only be passive coming under attack that keeps. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! Xia Tian has not used the left hand, but uses the right hand. He knows that he affirmed cannot injure the void old person, therefore this Inner Strength manifestation is not used for the wound void old person, but is blocks the void old person to attack.

Puff! Void old person's sword breaks out Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation directly, afterward attacks once more to Xia Tian. dāng! A Xia Tian backward somersault, the tip of the toe kicked on the void old person's sword, he planned must kick out of the way the void old person's sword, but the void old person's void swordsmanship was really too mysterious. Puff! The sword selected sharp directly on the Xia Tian leg. Xia Tian was injured once more. Bang! A Xia Tian behind person's shadow directly like is shell ejection. Great General, stop.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Is the Great General, the Great General saw Xia Tian is injured could not bear, he wants to help Xia Tian. Cannot meddle.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Great General. The Great General nodded, then walked. You are truly strong.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, then has untied in carrying a heavy load on hand and foot. Bang! Carries a heavy load to throw on the ground, smashed small pit the ground. Carries a heavy load, unexpectedly brought to carry a heavy load with me hits.” The void old person also stares. Xia Tian had not answered, he is Profound Grade late stage time, can defeat the Earth Grade Initial Stage person, now he is Profound Grade was greatly complete, naturally can fight with the person of Profound Grade intermediate stage. He was just wanted to try the void old person's strength a moment ago. The void old person worthily is one of the black market 12 health/guard, strength formidable, his swordsmanship is quick, is Xia Tian has bumped into the strongest sword. Chen azure then swordsmanship also very quick. However Chen Qinggeng lies in the strength and steadiness, but the void old person's swordsmanship like the lightning, drifts from place to place quickly.

Was too terrorist, he fought unexpectedly also to bring to carry a heavy load with the person of Earth Grade intermediate stage a moment ago.” Although occupies the inferiority superficially, but in fact his unexpectedly brings carrying a heavy load that such is sinking, it seems like he also really can contend with the Earth Grade intermediate stage.” Worthily is Xia Tian in legend, today this war, he is doomed to become famous in the world.” Surroundings these person of surprised saying, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, but void old person Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place. Bang! A foot kicked directly on the void old person's body, the void old person has not expected the Xia Tian speed so to be quick, Xia Tian have not expected their speed to be so quick. He had the time of carrying a heavy load to be too long, did him not to know own present speed quick. Moreover added on his strength to promote again. Therefore his speed has promoted, his present first idea is: I and is Bai Yu whose speed faster?” Hold up! Void old person right hand that was kicked flung sword air/Qi to shoot at Xia Tian. Too slow. Xia Tian discovered that his unexpectedly can the exercise path of clear seeing sword air/Qi, moreover his speed can definitely shunt, shunting with hands down. Flickers the body technique! The body of Xia Tian vanished in once more same place, afterward presented in the void old person, double referred to the direct point to void old person's acupoint. dāng! Finger on sword! Void old person's body was curled to fly directly, but has not received any wound, his swordsmanship is very good, the reaction rate is fast. Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian has fired into the void old person once more, his speed to was quickly terrorist, the person who surroundings these watch the fun could not even see the Xia Tian form, only then Xia Tian in the attack, they can see the Xia Tian form reluctantly.

Quick! The speed of person has drawn near inconceivable. The void old person is also the unusual heart startled, he has not thought that the Xia Tian speed can quickly become this, Earth Grade late stage? Is Earth Grade greatly complete? This speed is perhaps faster than them. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! Xia Tian presents when the void old person, a giant finger empty shade attacks directly to the void old person's back of the body. Void Swordsmanship! The void old person turns round instantaneously, a giant long sword pounded in Finger of Consonance Second Layer above. Bang! The formidable air current has swept across periphery all people, these people only felt that gale curls to them, retreat that keeping, is afraid is affected, they do not want among the wars by such two big Expert to go to the volume. I very long have not used the void Swordsmanship, the void Swordsmanship is the evolution version of void sword air/Qi, you are truly good.” Nod of the void old person appreciates. The surrounding these people had been shocked completely. Xia Tian this seems under 20-year-old young boy unexpectedly has with the strength that Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert contends with, moreover just also had the superiority. He starts cultivation from mother 's womb? Even if in mother 's womb starts cultivation, the cultivation speed is impossible to be so fast. I came.” Void old person right hand long sword wields, a giant long sword empty shade pounded directly to Xia Tian. Void Swordsmanship! Is the void Swordsmanship, if Xia Tian against not good these, will directly be ripped by the air/Qi of Swordsmanship crushes. Hold up! Xia Tian opens both eyes directly, the left hand double refers to finding out.