Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 908

Giant sword air/Qi pounds to Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to finds out directly. Bang! Gripped. Finger of Consonance Second Layer gripped void Swordsmanship. Inner Strength manifestation and Inner Strength manifestation collide in unexpectedly not to demolish together, but gripped. What?” On void old person's face has written all over inconceivable. His void Swordsmanship unexpectedly by Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation gripping, if this others told him, he cannot believe. The void old person has taken back own sword! Does not hit! Void old person's meaning is very simple, he does not hit, he does not come to go all out with Xia Tian, but compares notes, now his goal has been achieved, he also understood the Xia Tian strength. Finished. This imposing war such ended. Without the victory or defeat. However everybody understands that Xia Tian had the superiority. Also who?” The Xia Tian vision looks to the surrounding these people, anybody has not gone forward. Nonsense. Who dares to go forward?

That is not moron, cannot hit him including Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage, they come up with bringing death to be the same, the present Xia Tian imposing manner nobody may keep off. Child peak also takes one minute, slightly red takes two minutes, was quick.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, so long as after Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong absorbed, they immediately go to seventh, cannot delay absolutely, otherwise the blood old monster will pursue. Xia Tian does not want with the blood old on compatible. Positive protector is not he can cope, say nothing of the blood always blamed. Now periphery these people have been shaken completely by Xia Tian, they do not have anybody to be able with Xia Tian to contend. Bang! At this moment sixth has broadcast the sound of vibration, Xia Tian hears the vibration sound the time, his complexion changes, such big sound can only have two situations, the first type is Maoshan, second is North Korean Expert. Came. That sound was getting more and more near, surroundings these people are also the complexion change. Mr. Xia Tian, you also heard, some people came, if has not made us absorb, that perhaps without enough time.” These Witchcraft Sect Expert said. I also take two minutes, I promise you, after two minutes, I give back to your two minutes, I help you block these person of two minutes.” Xia Tian said directly that he knows is away from home is the loyalty. He such strong blocks these people outside, does not make others come , the opposite party also very much shows due respect for the feelings, has not flushed, this was morality and justice. Since the opposite party spoke morality and justice, that Xia Tian must speak morality and justice. Comes out to mix, the favour is the need. Since he owed the favour of opposite party, that must, the opposite party not rush, that Xia Tian naturally must give back to the opposite party. Two minutes. Good, Mr. Xia, we believes you.” That Witchcraft Sect Expert said. Now was Xia Tian did not say that they did not have any means that because they do not dare to rush, Xia Tian was one including the fellow who Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage can win.

How they dare to rush. Now Xia Tian said that they naturally complied. They believe that Xia Tian is the person of that a promise that can be counted on. Time little passed, that large quantities of person is catching up to here, but Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong fast are also absorbing. Boss, I completed.” Han Zifeng excited saying. Feels how is it?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Han Zifeng. Good, is very good, unprecedented good.” Saying of Han Zifeng face smiling face, he was very really happy that before regarding him was only the dream same matter, now he achieves. He understands, if not Xia Tian, he even continually enters in the buried treasure difficult. After he arrived here , discovered that here imagines him is more fearful. If not Xia Tian, his anything is not. Now was but different, he now was Earth Grade Expert, moreover obtained nine levels of spirit Kui, he has the self-confidence to his present strength, he even thinks one have surmounted Xia Tian. However he also understands, only then can live to the person of Xia Tian such heavy loyalty in this world, otherwise has the strong skill also to be useless, the life is alive, the righteousness character works as first, therefore he decided that regardless of become strong, Xia Tian forever is his Boss. Boss! I was also good.” Saying of Zhong Chuhong face smiling face. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he has lifted the head: To you.” Bang! The enormous and powerful 300-400 people appeared in Xia Tian and the others the front, was North Korean Expert, these North Korean Expert arrived, they were still fighting with Maoshan before, being heavily engaged that the twin engine hit. However afterward North Korean Expert removed first, because their Expert have not arrived, nobody can old contend with the blood strangely, with words that the blood old monster puts together hardly, that is bringing death simply. Therefore they have chosen strategic retreat.

These Witchcraft Sect people as if reached an agreement were the same, rushed directly 13 people, although they had 20-30 people, but other people prepared to defend in the surroundings, without any, because assigned produces unevenly quarrels. This is the qualities of their this squad. Such situation is Xia Tian has not expected, he has not expected the squad that this looks like forms temporarily, unexpectedly has such quality, he believes that perhaps really can intrude ninth by the quality of this squad. Snort, any treasure is our North Korea.” Person who in these North Korean Expert teams also has Witchcraft Sect, but these Witchcraft Sect people were detained by them obviously. They naturally cannot these Witchcraft Sect to recruit spirit Kui, otherwise may be separated from the control. Our North Korean has more than enough, others do not want to use, to destroy that stone wall.” That three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea order saying that afterward his behind Expert flushes away to stone wall there directly. Bang! At this moment, to flew in more than 30 people of front line directly. One line of five people block the path that they went forward directly. Whiz! golden light flashes dodges, more than ten numbers of people high flies. Draw back! These North Korean Expert have drawn back, but one round fought died more than 40 people, these North Korean Expert were one startled, three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea also slightly gawked. Is you!” Three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea saw Xia Tian time walks up, he remembers Xia Tian. Xia Tian is that with Yang Hufa in the together person, was called by Yang Hufa for brothers' person, therefore he is very deep to the Xia Tian impression, but he still remembers finally the blood old must kill this person strangely. Therefore he does not understand that actually Xia Tian is the friends or the enemies in Maoshan. Right, is I, do you want to fight one with me?” Xia Tian right hand directly [gold/metal] Daoshuai.