Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 910

Hears this sound time, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Blood is old, you came finally.” Xia Tian already expected the people in Maoshan to come . Moreover the blood always blames them definitely also to pursue, but he has not thought such quickly, shortly after North Korean Expert just arrived, they pursued. The enormous and powerful 500 people of teams appeared. Team of Maoshan. Blood of lead old strangely and protector positive, they behind are the people of these main ranks. My good pain that Xia Tian, you deceive.” Blood old monster face hate looks at Xia Tian. Looks at Xia Tian old, the blood monster has not worried to begin, on his face has written all over the hate, he does not have to think own unexpectedly playing runs around in circles by a young boy. Blood is old, I help you complete the present perfect body, you help me obtain these compounded drugs and materials, this transaction is very fair.” Xia Tian static looks that the blood is old, he old has stolen the compounded drug using the blood strangely, moreover mixed the position of deputy general director. But if not he, the blood old monster is impossible such simply to complete the present perfect body. At this time here gathered the strongest three parties. The first side, Maoshan Faction, the second side, North Korean Expert, third party, Xia Tian their five people. As for these scattered people. They do not match to call a side influence, because in them does not have super Expert. Even if their people are many, but majority is also only mob, once makes war, will be routed instantaneously. Xia Tian, I must kill you today.” The blood old has not wanted with Xia Tian to investigate that strangely who to the issue that who was wrong, he must do saved face, if Xia Tian such safely left Changbai Mountains. That the face of Maoshan lost completely. Therefore he must kill Xia Tian, and retrieves these compounded drugs. Must kill my person to be many, you are what.” Xia Tian said. Three teacher's younger brothers in these North Korea under waved to person, their teams to retreat ten steps, he also wanted Xia Tian dead, but he actually cannot spell with Xia Tian hardly, currently has the blood old to act strangely, he is also glad idly.

He guessed that the blood old monster definitely does not know Xia Tian they five people of fierce. He naturally will not say. He wants to look that the blood always blames with the Xia Tian internecine strife, then he reaps profits. Now the blood old clarifies strangely did not die with Xia Tian continuous, even has not looked at the person in their North Korea from the start, thus it can be seen his hate to Xia Tian deep, but this he wants to see. Hits, intensely is better, best is mutually wounded.” Three teacher's younger brother innermost feelings excited saying of North Korea. Xia Tian their five people send that five hundred Expert with Maoshan thoroughly to holding. 5 people of VS500 people. Xia Tian, I want to ask.” Yang Hufa frowns to look to Xia Tian. Did not need to ask, which day if you have been separated from Maoshan, I asked you to drink.” Xia Tian knows that Yang Hufa wants to ask anything, Yang Hufa wants to ask that actually Xia Tian has worked as the brothers him. Good!” Protector deep expiration of positive: Blood gentleman, making me come, I want to make to mediate with him.” You?” The blood old looked at one to protect buddhist law strangely positive: Good, but do not kill him, I must kill him personally, this can solve hate of my heart.” Xia Tian, can you dare to accept my challenge?” Yang Hufa walks up to say. Protector positive. Maoshan sends topest Expert. In Maoshan sends one of the status highest figure. The Maoshan old ancestor's right-hand man, he officially has issued the challenge to Xia Tian now. The surrounding these people hide by far, although they know that here might turn into the battlefield very much, they will also be involved in the crisis, but they want to stay behind watch the fun. Because this is once in a thousand years opportunity. Is for a lifetime impossible to see several large-scale fights.

Protector positive! Strength strongest Maoshan Expert. Xia Tian. Leading figure of younger generation, might substitute for Xia Tianlong in the future, becomes new Western Hidden. Protector VS Xia Tian positive. This is an unrivalled decisive battle, strength that protector positive but Earth Grade late stage, that three teacher's younger brothers with North Korea is a rank, but Xia Tian is Profound Grade greatly is just complete. If Xia Tian the frontage direct spells hardly, must die without doubt. Even round cannot receive. However he cannot go to spell absolutely hardly, he must use his complete card in a hand. I accept!” Xia Tian knows that this war is unavoidable, to occur sooner or later. Lives dies, I take you to become the brothers, if you died, I set up a stone monument to you.” Although Yang Hufa knew that the Xia Tian time is not long, but he is the sincerity regards the brothers Xia Tian. Although he lived close 200 years, person but who he contacts truly. The disciples in Maoshan do not dare to speak to him, these main are also respectful to him, therefore besides cloudy protector, he did not have other brothers, after knowing Xia Tian, just started him to think that the Xia Tian strength was good, value appropriate brothers. The time of afterward contacting grew, he felt that Xia Tian a meeting of minds with him. The temperament compatibles very much. dāng! Xia Tian received the [gold/metal] blade on stone wall. Boss, cannot spell hardly.” Han Zifeng goes forward to console hurriedly. Was needless saying that your several withdrew, regardless of I encountered any danger, no one can go forward, this was between I and him the fight.” Xia Tian said.

„It is not good, the Boss, I cannot visit you to receive any danger.” The Han Zifeng manner is strong. Han Zifeng, you thought that your wing hard has been able not to listen my?” Xia Tian looks angrily at Han Zifeng. No, you forever are my Boss, is.” Not anything, but, if you also called my Boss, the withdrawing scope went.” Xia Tian said directly. Han Zifeng also wants to say anything, but had been stolen the day to draw, moreover stole the day to cause a look to Han Zifeng, Han Zifeng understood the meaning of Xia Tian immediately, has not spoken, their several have fallen back on very far position. The war of life and death. The surrounding these people have all turned very quiet, actually they also want to take a look at the result of war of this life and death how, three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea are also an anticipation of face. Sir, don't we pass to help?” Hongwu looked that asked to Zhuge Wanglang, they have hidden in the corner. Naturally does not use.” Zhuge Wanglang shows a faint smile. But he will have the danger, the strength of that person is very strong.” Hongwu said. You look!” Zhuge Wanglang self-confident saying. Heard Zhuge Wanglang words, Hongwu nodded, has not spoken. The front that at this time Xia Tian fully-armed standing has been protecting buddhist law positive, has protected buddhist law also directly to summon his ghost positive. I most do not think is you fights.” Xia Tian looked that toward the sun protector to say. His left hand double refers to directly aims protector positive. Finger of Consonance Second Layer!