Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 912

Bang! This hit, Xia Tian does not have retreat, what retreat protector the ghost that positive. Won! This round fighting Xia Tian unexpectedly has won, this simply was too inconceivable, the Xia Tian Profound Grade greatly complete person's to fighting others Earth Grade late stage Expert unexpectedly also counter-attacked. That ghost has drawn back more than ten steps. What situation?” Protector whole face puzzled saying positive. He has not thought that his ghost unexpectedly was repelled, he knows that Xia Tian wanted the realistic skill, he had seen the Xia Tian skill before, he does not think Xia Tian, only then such selected the skill. Before Xia Tian also single-handed Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert. Quite fierce, his unexpectedly can fight with Earth Grade late stage Maoshan Yang Hufa, and has the superiority.” Too extraordinary, he was also less than 20, I heard that the people in Maoshan all are the old monsters, these Expert were least over 100 years old, he has the strength that and these old monsters contended with now, after him, unmatched in the world.” He must put out the true strength evidently, was really too splendid.” The people who surroundings these watch the fun all are very surprised, these North Korean Expert also looking at steadily look at their fights, how because they want to find from the body of Xia Tian cope with Maoshan Expert means. Became!” At this moment Xia Tian behind these Witchcraft Sect disciple excited saying. They absorbed successfully. Since has succeeded, you walk!” Xia Tian waved to these people. Obligation did not say thanks.” That 80 people not shyly, they know that Xia Tian asks them to leave now, that definitely has the means of withdrawing, if they remain, will turn into the burden on the contrary. Come!” Protected buddhist law positive has fired into Xia Tian directly, when he flushed, he blinked to Xia Tian!

Bang! Their attacks to one, the body of Xia Tian had been raised to fly directly, these is very far, when everybody who Xia Tian hits thinks Xia Tian must counter-attack, they suddenly discovered that Xia Tian and his several people started to run away. The speed of running away is quick. Rapidness that too all these have, the blood old monster has not responded how he possibly thinks, Xia Tian unexpectedly will run away. Moreover runs away while this opportunity. Ran away quickly, enters seventh to cast off them.” Xia Tian to is stealing the day they saying that simultaneously he turned head to look at one to protect buddhist law positive: Brother, thanked.” Was Yang Hufa put him to walk a moment ago intentionally. Protector that to strike positive seems like might very big, in fact is only the disciple has the empty table, he will be responsible for hitting to fly Xia Tian, hits, everybody thinks like this will be normal. Because fights was hit to fly this is the too normal matter. But they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly ran away with the strength of this recoil. Hateful! Pursues to me!” Blood old monster angry shouting, he had the person to pursue afterward directly. „Do three teacher's younger brothers, we go not to sneak attack the rear area of Maoshan?” Earth Grade Expert of North Korea asked. No, making them fight, we see a play temporarily.” Three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea said that afterward he looked at compass in a hand: Was quick, the Boss and second child soon arrived, the person in this Maoshan will all ruin here.” In the sixth corner. Did not have the meaning, I first walked!” The void old person walks toward outside directly, others walk to inside, only then he walks to outside. Sir, their unexpectedly is all right really!” Hongwu admiration looks at Zhuge Wanglang.

That is natural, from the beginning he has not planned to spell hardly, reason that he lets steal the day their retreat, escapes for the convenience.” Zhuge Wanglang answered. Gentleman predicts with great accuracy.” Hongwu admired Zhuge Wanglang more and more. Don't happy is too early, this just started, good play also in behind.” Zhuge Wanglang said that walks toward front directly, Hongwu followed. In fifth. My luck is as always good, unexpectedly has bumped into these many treasure.” Corrupt wolf excited saying, on present him any injuring, he had not walked, although the treasure had been robbed by Xia Tian, but he believes that he can certainly obtain a better treasure. The luck of corrupt wolf is still as good as the explosive table. He just entered the fifth time was almost tripped by the stone, is hand-held , on the wall, happen to patted above mechanism, the compounded drug in mechanism has delivered to his front. Xia Tian, I will certainly revenge, moreover your treasure will also turn my.” The corrupt wolf thinks Xia Tian time is the hate of whole face, he felt that he must owe simply. Is laborious treasure unexpectedly that comes to make the bridal clothes to Xia Tian. Snort, Xia Tian, I will certainly make you live to might as well die.” A fist that the corrupt wolf makes an effort pounded directly above stone wall. Bang stone wall started to rock. Dense [say / way]! unexpectedly also has the dense [say / way], simply was good.” The corrupt wolf discovered that the staircase of this dense [say / way] is very deep to Xia Tian, in other words he not the looking next entrance that used to go all out, can get down through the dense [say / way] directly, moreover this dense [say / way] was very deep, obviously was not 12. Bang! After he enters the dense [say / way], stone wall closed directly. Meanwhile, several people appear in the position that the corrupt wolf was at a moment ago.

Ping! They make an effort is striking on stone wall, but does not have any function, stone gate as if thorough vanished, will never open. Found.” Xia Tian their several had finally found the seventh entrance. A stele stood in the seventh entrance. illussions tablet, those have the Witchcraft Sect disciple to guide, can not need to enter the illussion, a Witchcraft Sect disciple can lead into five people, must enter the illussion without the person who the Witchcraft Sect disciple guides, if cannot from the illussion person after the buried treasure finished was passed on.’ Five people, we are it seems like safe.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, Han Zifeng summoned ghost to guide in front, Xia Tian they walked directly, their vegetable five people, had Han Zifeng to guide that not to need to enter the illussion. People slowly to seventh walking. The sixth treasure seizes spirit Kui. Then seventh? The treasure will definitely not compare the sixth difference, all people were anticipating actually in seventh to have any treasure, because of the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure altogether only then nine, the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor is always insufficient to pile all treasures in ninth. That cannot put down. Passed through the staircase, Xia Tian and the others had anchored the footsteps, their whole face inconceivable looks at front scene. Was developed.”