Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 914

Efficacious medicine garden. Seventh is efficacious medicine garden. The seventh entrance has the illussion tablet, therefore was not everyone can come. These people see the illussion tablet time, starts the seizing Witchcraft Sect person wantonly, because a Witchcraft Sect person leads to go in five people, as we all know, such strict request, inside has certainly the treasure. In quick seventh has come in many Expert, after they come, had been shocked. Snatch! The person who first movement coming in snatches! They must all rob these herbal medicines. But they do not know that here over six levels herbal medicines they were already given harvesting not to have by Xia Tian. All Maoshan disciples obeyed orders, give me to go forward in turn, passed by all herbal medicines to harvest, large surface area harvesting, did not need to care about the loss, saw that some people snatched kill to me.” The blood old monster shouts loudly. Looks at front these herbal medicines, he can recall partial loss finally. The compounded drug in Maoshan were not many, these herbal medicines happen to can refine the new compounded drug. He does not allow anybody to snatch these herbal medicines with them absolutely. After these North Korean Expert get down, does not dare to rob, because they saw a weaponry of Maoshan . Moreover the person who they get down are not many, therefore went round directly goes forward. Although the people in Maoshan want to control, does not make others rob, however here herbal medicine was really too many, they were impossible to take away directly, therefore after these people went round them, has picked the front herbal medicine directly. Ninth!

„Is this several?” The vision of corrupt wolf took a fast look around in the surroundings. He does not know one walked several, he only knows one got down was very deep. Child, congratulates you, you are first enter the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure ninth person, you will obtain Spirit Tool Feng Hunyin one, if you want to carry forward Witchcraft Sect wholeheartedly, you naturally can obtain other treasures.” The sound conveys from stone wall together. Ninth, my unexpectedly arrived at ninth directly, ha ha ha ha, it seems like my luck also is really good.” Corrupt wolf excited laughing said that he is first enters the ninth person, in other words he has the sufficient time to seek for in ninth the genuine most precious object. Moreover his present unexpectedly obtained Spirit Tool. Feng Hunyin! On his front stone platform is placing a palm that big little seal, a hand happen to can grasp it in the control. Any ghost attacks to the user is invalid, and can in the inside seal 100 ghosts, the fight time, hundred souls are uneven, suppresses all.’ Treasure, the good treasure, Xia Tian, this time I to kill you.” The corrupt wolf has gotten hold of Feng Hunyin in oneself hand, afterward he looks directly to the surroundings, ninth is Witchcraft Sect buried treasure deepest one, should also be the buried treasure position. He believes Witchcraft Sect all treasure definitely on this. Therefore he starts to seek, finally with is the same, ten steps can see the same treasure that he thinks, here treasure many innumerable, but he has not gone to take, because he cannot take away these many things, he only looks for the treasure, the genuine most precious object, he must to himself fully-armed, in this anything has, moreover is the most precious objects. The eighth entrance. Town soul stele. ‚A Witchcraft Sect disciple can lead into two people, other people must accept the test of town soul stele.’

„A person can bring to go in two, we have two Witchcraft Sect people fortunately.” Xia Tian said that to the present he knows the original Witchcraft Sect disciple enters inside later is really the treasure. The seventh entrance, the eighth entrance. Specially gives the Witchcraft Sect disciple to prepare. Without person who the Witchcraft Sect disciple guides, will accept the test, this so-called test, is very likely consumes, making the person have very big consumption in, like this enters the next time, how cannot speak the Witchcraft Sect person. All during the computation of Witchcraft Sect old ancestor. Boss, the seventh so many treasures, haven't we wanted?” Han Zifeng has the question to look to Xia Tian. Below has a better treasure to wait for us, these rank high herbal medicines had been all plundered by us, if also went with they snatched the rank lowly on the gain does not equal the loss, let them for these low grade herbal medicines went all out, we continued eighth to plunder.” Xia Tian and the others have walked into eighth directly. Witchcraft Sect buried treasure. Altogether nine. Entry that this time Xia Tian their succeeded to eighth. shit, the blade, (spear|gun), sword, halberd, axe, yue, hook, fork, whip, mace, hammer, wo, tang, stick, spear and stick, turn, the meteor hammer 18 types of weapons, your Witchcraft Sect resells the weapon? These weapons your Witchcraft Sect person little can use.” Xia Tian took up a handle weapon, finger shoots the ball above. dāng! Afterward he double refers to the weapon that makes an effort strokes to go. Ka! The weapon broke!

It seems like I guess right, we go forward, this follows one to be the same, the good treasure in behind, these weapons of entrance to be only in Witchcraft Sect the most common weapon.” Xia Tian takes the lead in flushing away to front directly. Boss, you said right, these weapons our Witchcraft Sect can use are not truly many, these are all previous weapon master build, is not a small wealth, can be used to change money.” Han Zifeng answered. Your Witchcraft Sect old ancestor thinks is very complete, but also knows that leaves behind these things to you, this is knows really you are short of money.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration. Previous these herbal medicines, this weapon. Each same is the most precious objects. Also is reconstructs Witchcraft Sect to the treasures. At this time seventh. Hateful, why over six levels herbal medicines do disappear?” Blood old monster angry shouting. They continuously in collection of going all out herbal medicine, but after just collected part of Rank 5 herbal medicines, he discovered that over six levels herbal medicine unexpectedly have been missing, moreover looked that was is just unearthed. These many herbal medicines can carry off, only then nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, Xia Tian, is you, I must kill you.” The blood old got hold of own fist then to say strangely afterward: Did not need to dig, went to next, grasped Xia Tian, caught his our anything to have.” Yes!” These Maoshan disciples stopped the movement in hand. Before the Maoshan old ancestors him told Xia Tian probably had the Witchcraft Sect most precious object nine revolutions of universe cauldrons time he has not believed that now he believes finally, besides nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, but also who can carry off these many herbal medicines directly? Boss, this has stone wall.” Han Zifeng ghost confiscates, the ghost towed him a moment ago, therefore he approached nearby stone wall.