Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 915

Han Zifeng arrives in front of stone wall time, Xia Tian they also followed. ‚The Witchcraft Sect being predestined friends person, you can come here to show that you are my Witchcraft Sect disciples, here has the soul hauling of Witchcraft Sect, others cannot see here writing, you can come here to prove your strength, eighth, had the one pace from the success, I believe the chance, you are first, then the eighth over six levels weapons turned over to you, the Witchcraft Sect lamination was 99 division, the herbal medicine, the weapon, was the compounded drug, from Rank 1 to nine levels, in this eighth, only then below Rank 5 weapon, six levels above. In the secret room, you only needs to promote the upper right stone using the ghost, can enter the secret room.’ After one minute, the handwriting on stone wall vanished. Starts!” Xia Tian said. Em.” The Han Zifeng ghost hit directly to the upper right stone, when the ghost hit in the stone, Xia Tian their front walls presented a dense [say / way]. Bang! stone wall opens directly, Xia Tian they entered in the secret room. I said that your Witchcraft Sect ancestor will definitely not give all people the treasure, on an herbal medicine just to delay time, only then the genuine intelligent person, can enter eighth ahead of time, enters the person of eighth Witchcraft Sect , if not catch up to inside for the small advantage, will arrive at inside time ghost to be towed by here stele, then the genuine treasure on will enter here Witchcraft Sect disciple to obtain.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration. Bang! stone wall has closed, moreover does not have any trace, resembles here is ordinary stone wall is just same, Xia Tian had looked a moment ago, here stone wall is very thick, even if he exhausts is fully impossible to break open. Therefore also nobody can come in again this secret room. Xia Tian several people little walks toward secret room, after they come, flare on stone wall shine. The flare of voice control. Boss, we are walking in the ninth direction probably.” Han Zifeng opens the mouth to say. No, we are walking toward the secret room, eighth and secret room between ninth.” Xia Tian said.

The person who at this time the eighth entrance, can come in temporarily is few, but that 80 people of squad has actually come, because their this inside have close 30 people are the Witchcraft Sect disciples, the remaining average people have 50. These 30 people, everyone leads two, has more than enough to spare. Moreover they are very careful, has gone round Expert of Maoshan and North Korea intentionally, so long as had not been attacked by these two big influences, they were safe, because in their this, but 13 absorption excessively spirit Kui's people, strength of these people had the tremendous changes. They were to choose in the team before the people of strength strongest 13 Witchcraft Sect carry on the absorption, now these 13 person each have the Earth Grade Expert strength, naturally, their main body has not been the Earth Grade Expert degree, but was controlled spirit Kui the time, sufficiently and a Earth Grade Expert war. Brothers, the armory arrived, everybody exchanges one set of equipment, what is main is the armor, then we continue to go forward, these many things we cannot carry off, can only choose the thing that maintains life first.” Witchcraft Sect Expert said. Right that very he analyzes, here these many equipment are impossible to carry off directly, so long as detains the life, that may obtain the final big buried treasure, when the time comes here buried treasure should be able to take away easily. He guessed, after they obtain the genuine buried treasure, other people will be transmitted, that person who when the time comes obtains the buried treasure truly can come and go out this buried treasure freely, that later buried treasure can ship slowly. They main mission enters ninth now. When they leave soon. „Didn't blood gentleman, we wait for the following person?” Yang Hufa asked. „, The strengths of our ten people have sufficed without enough time, first marched to ninth said again, the man-machine meeting that only then arrived at first can be bigger.” The blood old said strangely. But here weapon!” Yang Hufa has referred to here weapon. Relax, so long as after we obtain the treasure that Witchcraft Sect that old monster has left behind, we can come and go out this buried treasure freely, when the time comes, here weapon is our.” The blood old said strangely. Whiz!

Ten forms flush away to the front directly, their speeds are fast, regardless of all the way they noticed that anything does not call a halt. Sir, you have means that unexpectedly thinks that catches a Witchcraft Sect person to guide.” Hongwu admiration looks that Zhuge Wanglang said. Here weapon are really many, did Hongwu, have to be have a liking for the eye blade?” Zhuge Wanglang asked. No!” Hongwu looked at one to say. Good, we go to ninth directly, went not to be late wonderful.” Zhuge Wanglang said that walks toward front directly: That Witchcraft Sect, you walk, you also calculate that helped our two points be small, I did not kill you.” Thanks the gentleman, thanks the gentleman.” Saying that Witchcraft Sect disciple is grateful. Sir, I carry you, you walk was too slow.” Hongwu proposed. Good!” Zhuge Wanglang nodded. Loves invincible Movement Technique really!” The body of Hongwu vanished in directly same place, has fired into the front fast. Bang! Hateful!” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea fought with the fists on stone wall, the person who at this time they came in had four people. Three teacher's younger brothers, you should not be angry first, after we obtained the treasure, exited to kill these bastards.” Earth Grade Expert of North Korea said. These Witchcraft Sect disciple unexpectedly collectives that they catch have rebelled and fled, moreover outside these skirmishers are also the help together rescue, this collaborated from outside with the inside directly killing these Witchcraft Sect disciples.

Three teacher's younger brothers, these two Witchcraft Sect disciples what to do?” That North Korean Expert asked. Puff! Puff! Three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea hold one, flew their head rackets directly: Walks, goes to ninth.” Boss! Here weapon may be the good thing.” Han Zifeng excited traces on the surrounding these weapons, these weapons have part are the Witchcraft Sect disciple special-purpose, a major part is the super weapon. Xia Tian saw here most Advanced nine levels of weapons. Is false Spirit Tool, here altogether has five! Eight levels of weapons are slightly almost, here has 30. Seven levels of weapon 200, six levels of weapon 900! These many Advanced weapons enough have equipped a large amount gate . Moreover the weapon that these large amount gate inside people use majority of is also the ordinary weapon, is outside these Rank 3 Rank 4 weapons. Here six levels of weapons, even if in Hidden Sect, that were also considered as on is the super treasure.